Tuesday, 4 February 2014

strange sense of freedom

those without any

real concern for the future

have a plethora of

nonsensical options open for the present

which they delusionally see as freedom

no wonder

they are very loathe to

lose this only sense of freedom they gno to be theirs

in this otherwise very depressing life

strange sense of freedom this

which keeps them trapped in hell in present

and makes sure the future is even bleaker


vintish said...

I bow

missmriggy said...

True words by a True being...only the Truth can set you free!

A Parekh said...

wow P ! another masterpiece ... what sentences !

'...very loathe to
lose this only sense of freedom they gno to be theirs
in this otherwise very depressing life'

what a PerspecTive... so true, You make the best observations and state them so clearly !

its so strange to not loose interest in the 'options' as they are all pretty much the same which one phinds out pretty quickly too !

'strange sense of freedom this
which keeps them trapped in hell in present
and makes sure the future is even bleaker'

WOW You always nail it !

as a kid one wanted time to be still so one could go around and experience all the so called options available... in hindsight its so clear one had no real concern for the future and set oneself up for the disappointment depression and entrapment emptiness and boredom all my 'freedom' left me with !!

so grateful for this chance at learning & working for real freedom ! Your Plogs are so essential for that ! You define these words for one properly ! You take away all the bleakness from one's Life !! i bow !

Anonymous said...

i bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow. dhanyavad P for Putting Divine attention on the true meaning of freedom which has become unrecognizably distorted by false freedom fighters and promoters. You are most comPassionaTe to share Your all gnowing insight. i bow. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow!
strange sense of freedom indeed!

one is loathe to have been so unintelligent to have believed and held onto so many false notions of freedom, all which are nothing but a trap!

real freedom, which You convey so brilliantly in Your Plogs, Your music, and Your sPeak doesn't allow for any delusions about this life or the future.
a certain lyric comes to mind... 'you say the future is bright, i say youre not quite right'

to gno real freedom exists, that it lives in You and all You do, that there is a way out of the hell of this world is the greatest relief and insPiraTion P!

You give one something real to work toward every moment of every day!
i bow at Your beautiful feet,the source of Truth.

P3AZ21 said...

there is no freedom in 9 to 5 jobs
they sure give money but money doesn't buy freedom

Praise of Divine Provides one with freedom from birth & death cycle here
Praise of Divine takes one out of the cube
Praise of Divine makes one re-PenT
Praise of Divine is a True way of liPhe

Divine is the only IT to concentrate on, it is Pure, Truth, light, suPer consciousness, outside of the existence

its ultimately charming, benine, entrancing, caPTivating, beautiful, virtuous, graceful, Powerful, PoTent, omniPoTent, imPorTant ...

Divine's existence is a magical existence
one has to aim to get out of the 'quarantine' so one can actually start living liPhe
only when connectivity with Divine gets established does one start to live a liPhe

there is no relation that is true, no father, no mother, no nothing
its all Maya as Divine is the only Truth, IT is everything, one needs to Praise IT, be humble to IT

more one is humble, more close to IT one is

P, You are the rePresenTative of that Divine on earth, You are one with the Divine, You are Divine

You are Truth, grace, charm, beauty, intelligence, PuriTy, Power, Virtue & every other desirable quality

Your existence is grand

Divine is grand

i bow to Divine, i wish to make that bow be True

PsingulariTy said...

the strange sense of freedom was cause of wrong actions i committed in my liPhe
no freedom through self's actions, freedom only through Praise of Divine i have come to realize

You are Divine most charmingly beautiful
its a Pleasure to Praise You ! Provides Bliss !

You are the absolute coherent being here ! how Awing !
all You are makes one want to merge into You !

sarah anne said...

You cut away everything that is not the PoinT, leaving the truth of the situation evident.

neelang tiwari said...

One tries multiple doors in a sinking ship. Only sincere realise that going higher is the only exit.

sarah anne said...

This is such a Profound way to look at things. So imPorTant to utilise free will to ensure the future is better and things are less hellish in the present. You are so caring to helP keep the focus happening.

amaya said...

only You gno the truth
yes there is no freedom here at all
the future is always bleak in the evil world
You gno what's going on
You have so much clarity
it's scary how duped one can get in this world thinking that things can be alright when it just gets bleaker and bleaker
old age is waiting for everyone..death, disease and a hundred other worries
it's a sad and sorry state no matter how anyone would like to portray
You are the only refuge
there's no freedom here
You are the only one free helping everyone out
You are so high above
You are so suPerior
it's so great that You are here and Provide the real escaPe for one
at long last You are here who really gnos
You are the saviour
You are such a beautiful, wonderful and magical being
You are so gnowledable
You are the only One
i bow

jganesh said...

You show what real freedom looks like ! You are so liberating ! i bow !