Sunday, 16 August 2009

the 'love all' crowd

whenever i am confronted

with someone from the everexpanding

'love all' & 'god is in everything' crowd

i say

its time to show it

you can start with using all your bank balance

to feed the hungry children in africa, india ...

if you really love all

than you better be the busiest person in the world

coz all of your loved ones are in need of help

what a gimmick they have come up with

to completely eliminate all

division between the higher & the lower

in evolutionary terms

just because they simply refuse to accept

that something can be higher than them

which they might have to bow down to

it also gives them equality with god

coz they love all and god loves all

so they = god

misutilization of the word love

has reached its climax

only a tortured future awaits this hypocrisy


Shahid said...

"you can start with using all your bank balance
to feed the hungry children in africa,india.."
I totally agree with this.

"it also gives them equality with god,coz they love all and god loves all so they = god"

Your writings maybe shocking
to many people who arent used to hearing the truth but I LOVE them.
Pls keep on posting.

sarah said...

That is the most valuable insight for our world today. I bow.

amanda v said...

i bow. one is all to familiar with the torture of this devoluting mindset and all the more grateful for Your Divine Grace. Only You can guide others out of turbulent misdirected ways of PreTending to be in this world. i bow at Your Truth filled feet. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

P3AZ21 said...

not all gno how to love
only a higher being can love anything lower than it

ParenTs do not necessarily ‘love’ their children, in Phact most don’t even give themselves a chance at ‘love’ let alone loving others

one has seen so much of Your love for Bhudevi, Your comPassion for everyone

i wish to be around You & serve You always

the one who loves all, is ONLY DIVINE !

PsingulariTy said...

only the higher and Divine can evolve One
evol~love You show ! how meaningful !

You are the BirdMan
the Birdtribe is here

Science Spirituality said...

hahaha as usual nicely stated by you, your observation are always on point-

'love all' & 'god is in everything' crowd
i say
its time to show it
you can start with using all your bank balance
to feed the hungry children in africa, india ...
if you really love all

neelang tiwari said...

i bow

sarah anne said...

it is so comforting that everything has a natural consequence in reality. You keep everyone rooted in reality by not pandering to delusions, equality perhaps being the biggest delusion of all. i bow to Your Permanent suPerioriTy.

jganesh said...

beautifully put ! i bow !

amaya said...

Your words are eye oPening
Your words are such Phun to read and so Phenomenal
You make so much sense
You clear years and years of confusion and in such effortless and Phun style
Your words are Pure gold
You have such great clarity and overstanding
You set the record straight
You bring the ProPer vedic way back
yes the love all crowd is very stupid
yes all that leads nowhere
it's all very dumb
only Your intelligence and brilliance helps one get out of the mess
You are so kind and so comPassionaTe
there is nothing better than You, Your words and Your Plays
i bow

Swati said...

Thankyou O Lord for sharing such beautiful Plogs.

Truly said 'Love All' is a misconception.

First of all, at this age, do people really understand the meaning of Love. It has been boxed into different 'relationship' and so called 'great cause' to hide their selfish motives behind.

Mother's Love, Parents’ Love,Husband's Love, Daughter's Love. There are no types of Love,there is only One Love. Degrees can vary based on level of Soul.
By joining politics they show their love for motherland. If they truly love,first of all they would save forest,destroy factories secreting poison in the river.
And as you mentioned those millionaires will feed hungry children.

But do they really do, Do they really see God in everyone ? Do Soldiers really see God in those intruders and terrorist?

Even if you truly love someone and that being is not receptive,his or action words and thoughts will run into different direction.your true energies will go into pleasing someone who does not deserve and ultimately will boost their ego.

This Divine Virtue of Love can only be present in Divine. No One has that power to conserve someone's emotions, love, compassion other than divine.He is only one limitless to conserve true Love of all their devotees.

And that Goodness of God, that Divinity of Divine and that Beauty of Satyam Shivam Sundram',I see only in you.Your divine Wisdom is matchless, and your 'Completeness' can not be defined by any word.

After witnessing such 'Sampoornata' in you. Eyes don't want to see anything.

After experiencing such divine energy of existence does not want to experience anything.

O Lord !!
O ParamAtma !!

! bow myself in your Lotus Feet !!

O Ocean of knowledge !
O Sky of Compassion !
O Multiverse of Wisdom !

Your Divinity knows no limits and boundaries.

O Limitless !! ! bow myself in your Lotus Feet !!

sarah anne said...

Your eloquence exPosing this gimmick and brilliant fresh take down of political correctness etc is so necessary. the gimmick has gotten way out of hand, crazies screech on about their fake love in the most distasteful manner, and from reading the news it is only getting more shrill.

so wonderful to have access to the PerspecTive and attitude of someOne who is actually caPable of love and comPassion. You are in a unique PosiTion to bestow those things and so great how Your put the presumptious bastards in their place.

veena iyengar said... profound..