Tuesday, 25 August 2009

good and bad qualities

there is a whole lot of
discussion and confusion regarding
what exactly are good (positive) qualities and
what exactly are bad (negative) qualities

the answer is quite simple
the qualities which allow one
to behave appropriately infront
of a being higher than themselves
are good qualities
and those that don't
are bad qualities

there are of course the minions of evil demiurge
who would propagate that
there is no good and bad
but than they will also say that
there is no such thing as evolution either


sina said...

you give so much clarity! you really set the priorities straight, you show what really matters, you give the multiversal, all-encompassing frame of reference for this life and the afterlife! your teachings are priceless!

SI'TA RADHA said...
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P3AZ21 said...

my lord, the words You say as Plogs are not just simPle words
they are classy Truths that are so intense & Profound
one in ones own muddled uP existence doesn’t see much of it
but if one is honest, one can’t be untouched for any long !

You have shown me that i lack virtue
it is but a good thing to see that, so that now i can develoP virtue

that lack is in behaviour for sure
i need to disciPline myself

there is so much work to do
grateful to You

amanda said...

i bow.
none can give a clear and True dePhiniTion of these words but You!
in ones lowly state one never understood the concePT of a lower or higher being
equating good with those qualities pushed by others with limited perceptions and no real gnowledge!
falling for and propogating evils lies!
one can clearly see now how bad those qualities actually are! like equality!
it is most generous that You have created a Place where nothing but the Truth is offered.
That the One who sees and gnos all, the One with the ultimate objective view and PerfecT logic, the highest being there is,
is here untwisting the lies and all that has been misunderstood to reveal the Truth.
The only Place worth being in this life is in Divines Presence and at Divines feet
an imPossible task if one lacks actual good qualities.
i bow.

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Pious One

Science Spirituality said...

You always show it by your words WHAT IS? by you words quite clearly!!

neelang tiwari said...

i bow

asha P arTi said...

such comPassionaTe words !

so gratefull You are here to make this abundantly clear albeit comedy for You !

i bow

Tulasi Baruri said...

love how everything is in respect to behavior in front of higher beings even ones qualities are to be evaluated in those terms only ! what a clarity You bring to everything ! without Your divine Presence and guidance one would surely be misinterpreting and behaving wrongly all the time ! You are so sweet to clarify what is important again and again !! i bow

sarah anne said...

You are the source of objectivity and truth

jganesh said...

You are so right ! i bow !

Swati said...

Thank you again for throwing light on Positive and Negative Qualities.

Truly beings do have weaknesses and negatives too but do they put forth those when they need favour from others - Interview,Boss,Party,Girlfriend,Boyfriend,Client,Customer,Government.

But otherwise they are Ok because they have been trained like to be ok,a its Ok attitude is something which is ok. Not working towards their negatives but to hide them. All OK.

Nothing is good and bad, Ok
But being a being,being a imperfact, one can choose to be in Lower state by not Praising, following and bowing down to higher Virtues.
Who don't understand Divine Virtues, what are those, how to enhance oneself towards. No knowledge, No evolvement and expect others to behave nicely with them,will always end up only fake superficial behaviour from both side.Nothing Permanent,Pleasure,Peace.

Maintain their indivi-Duality and be in Dual inDecisive state.

O Lord!! Your Presence is sufficient for lifelong.it feels so much Pleasure and Peace to spend a days the way you mentioned in your Plogs. To Savour the nectar of your Divine knowledge, Compassion and being spectator of your divine plays here on earth.

It is the ultimate joy of my life. I am so thankful to you O Master for being in my life!!

! bow to you for your presence !!

sarah anne said...

just adore Your Mercurial version of morality, so much nicer than the dogmatic religions, and so much more sensible also. You exude so much suPerioriTy that trying to behave in front of You feels like the most natural normal sensible thing.

veena iyengar said...