Sunday, 28 December 2008

A Typical Modern Age-ing Timeline




so what is one supposed to look like at 50?

no wonder than that many of the hippie generation

didn't want to live past 27

all this talk about growing old gracefully

when one has hardly any grace to begin with

the horror of looking at the mirror to see

a postdead-vampiric-mummy that stepped out of the crypt-vault ...

no need to be alarmed

if it is dead carcasses that one eats

a dead carcass is what one will look like

too many takers now for the role of cryptkeeper

in 'tales from the crypt'

* Imp: none of these images are from the
neanderthal era


Anonymous said...

This is ageless wisdom and unconditional knowledge which can make anyone eternally youthful.You are the very fountain of youth.Thank-you for being you.

sreelatha said...

aap sahi poshan ki mukyata baata rahe hai

chahe voh khana ho

yah Phir dusre indriyon se hum joh bi grahan kare vo

joh kuch prani grahan karta hai, uske hisab se badal jata hai

aap ko dehkar aap ki umr ka pata nahi chalta

aap Mahendra hai

aap ParmaTma hai

aap ko mera Pranam

pinx said...

Rolling on the floor laughing right now !!! So brilliantly and wittily have You illustrated the typical modern ageing timeline. better images could not have been found - the ones You chose are PerfecT ! very revealing, very hilarious and well quite scary and disturbing too !

"postdead-vampiric-mummy that stepped out of the crypt-vault ..." what an ace description ! thats really what they look like ! and Your note about these images not being from the neanderthal era ! LOL ! soooo Phunny !

and such a profound PoinT about talk of growing old gracefully when there is no grace to begin with, and so PerTinently do You put into PerspecTive the consequences of the dead carcass diet !

I Bow !

sarah said...

It is so hard to tell which image is nastier. The contrast only makes your beauty more striking.

Anonymous said...

Lol! dhanyavad for a closer observation and realistic look at what the masses worship. Your objective PersPecTive can not be denied. dhanyavad P. i bow. Narayan! Narayan!

PsingulariTy said...

You are 'PeTer Pan, the forever kid'
You are the nature boy.

Science Spirituality said...

Your sarcastic humour is commendable! Nature is beautiful and mother earth provides almost everything to human but, I don't understand why they still feel a need to eat the living animals or birds and kill them for their own selfish reasons. Not just for that animals gets killed for many other reasons like for fur, animal testing for beauty products and medicines, etc. Hope the Divine gives them enough of compassion to understand and feel what animals go through, else they will only become "the dead carcasses" as you said PT, the divine!!

neelang tiwari said...

i bow to your divine grace.
i bow to your discipline.
i bow to your beauty.

Astro-Healer Roop said...

Bow to u.

May common mass could also understand this

Astro-Healer Roop said...

Bow to u.

May common mass could also understand this

Anonymous said...

Your humour is so great, classy and soPhisTicated..You are awesome..You make awesome PoinTs and You Prove them so effortlessly and with such awesome humour! You so effortlessly show one how hilarious the modern ageing timeline can be because of ones own stupid can't help but admire Your word usage..You use words in such a charming way..You enthral one.i bow

jganesh said...

goodness ! You are so phunny and so right ! "all this talk about growing old gracefully
when one has hardly any grace to begin with"... wow ! there is so much truth in this statement ! You always see the reality of things ! You are so right many seem to want the crypt-keeper role !

Swati said...

Thank you my Lord for taking me out of this dark through your knowledge, wisdom and compassion.

!bow to you.
!bow to your kindness!
!bow to your compassion!
!bow to you.

Ajay Kapoor said...

You have so beautifully explained what beings currently look upto.. as you stated with the amount dead carcasses they eat no wonder they look in a bad state. I bow

undecided said...

I bow. Quite frightening to say the least..explains why "they" need the illusion of bright lights to drown out what they truly look like! aeioum

The Dasher said...

wow ... if one eats bad - one looks bad ...

PT gnows much more than one can find someone outside... aeioum....

lana_33 said...

You really did choose the best pics to illustrate Your very imPorTant PoinT! such a great PoinT about how eating dead carcasses will make one look like a dead carcass! You overstand everything!

"all this talk about growing old gracefully
when one has hardly any grace to begin with"

what an ePic and greaT quote! You are so ultimately gracefull and gorgeous!

You are such a refuge of sanity and beauty! i bow <3

Unknown said...

you are the embodimenT of the PlaneT of beauTy- venus.

you are beauTiPhully slender, Tall, eleganT, brighT, aTTracTive.

There is grace in your walk and Talk.

you are the divine shukraacharya.

ॐ shri shukraay namah.