Thursday, 1 June 2017


people here

have made up

so many different

kind of relationships

under so many names and titles

but in

Truth & PhacT

there is only

one relationship

between any 2 beings in this multiverse

and that is


Guru-Disciple Relationship



are also

Guru-Disciple Relationships

even the most venerated


relationship is

Guru disciple Relationship only


Mother * is the Guru and the Child is the disciple

until the PoinT Child outgrows the mother

if one tries to have

any other kind of relationship in any other name

one will only come to grief


* whether the mothers of now are fit to be Guru's of anyone

is another matter



vintish said...

I bow

A Parekh said...

You are the best Guru ! Guru of the whole world !!
You are the Only Guru as nature only responds to You !
You are so kind to explain the ONLY RELATIONSHIP ! such a great PoinT about mothers !
so so glad You are here P !

so grateful one can have this relationship with You ! πŸ™πŸ’–πŸŽΆπŸ™

You alleviate all 'guilt' people experience in modern times about not having relationship anymore with family once Guru comes !
You also explain why there is so much grief in all other things and give one an alternative to trying to play guru oneself before one gnos anything worth gnowing !!!!!!

SO GRATEFUL for this PerspecTive and the opportunity to learn from You directly !
You are the ULTIMATE GURU ! the Guru of the World !

I bow πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

Swati said...

Thankyou is very small to express gratitude.. you made my Life so much easy with such clear explanation on relationship.. whatever doubts were there are clear... My soul feels so light and relaxed as if some bondage of this worldly fake relationships are just got shattered with the light of your wisdom and knowledge...
I always believed in the higher wisdom and divinity but never found anyone who is even a inch is close to it... Just amazed to see and hard to believe that you are here.. Darshan of 'Shivta' on this earth in this age...I need more knowledge and wisdom to content that AthaSagar of you knowledge...

Just need your Aashirwad to be deserveing of your presence in my life...
For that 'Yogta' and 'Patrata' O my Lord please suggest me the path to become your disciple whatever it takes I am ready to go through...

!bow to your Supreme divinity you are showering on me through your presence !!!

amaya said...

if one tries to have any other relationship in any other name one will just come to grief

You write so beautifully
You are so clear with what You have to say
so great to have Your Precious guidance all the time
i bow

Z X said...

What an illuminating PoinT you have PuT forth... Amazing how you get to the Crux of everything and simPlify all the unnecessary complexities made up by the people and one's own mind!

"Truth & PhacT
there is only
one relationship
between any 2 beings in this multiverse
and that is
Guru-Disciple Relationship"

You say the most Profound things in the most eloquent and lucid ways! Your words imParT clarity to the mind!

Any relationship in this multiverse is a Guru-DisciPle relationship... your words makes so much sense! One has to be careful with forming any kind of relationship, for one will learn and pick up something from the other person!

Your Plogs helP one declutter and align the mind with logic and sensibility, with what's really right and wrong! Dhanyawad for your Plogs, one is deeply grateful for all that you so comPassionaTely, so abundantly Provide... You are ever nourishing ones mind, body and soul through your countless benevolently evol-loving actions! So glad, So PhortunaTe to Phind you, to have a chance to choose you as ones Guru, to learn from you. You are the only one worthy of being called a Guru. You are the only one to have any relationship with!

I bow at your beautiful lotusfeet /\

neelang tiwari said...

Multiverse has simple ways with no compartments.

PsingulariTy said...

high jump to the other side
wasted lives in improperness
Your ever clear truth revelations
Push one closer to track again

Nidhi Sharma said...

So true and very well explained I am grateful to have you as guru and I found more meaningful and clear vision for this life and relationship now. Aeioum

missmriggy said...

What an epitome of Truth. I don't think anywhere has anybody explained this Truth so simply and eloquently.

Ujjwal Sharma said...

You are the guru of the world.your Plogs and music always inspires to rise and evolve.
i bow to the divine PT kalki avatar.

neelang tiwari said...

How should lotusocean be promoted?

Jyothi said...

GURU-SHISHYA, relationship so pure and pristine, simple and clear yet profound.

Thank you for this TRUTH PT Ji.


Unknown said...

I am still grasping your teachings. Your interviews on u tube are full of learning. I am trying to learn ways suggested by you. Doing basics, grounding etc. Thank you


Swati said...

Thankyou O Guru ! O Parmeshwar ! O Deenanath !
O ShivNarayan !

Just because of my immaturity and stupidity, I have been wondering so many years looking for you.

Thankyou O Lord for your Darshan. I have recognised you O Lord ! You are my Lord and I am your Sevika. Thank You for your Presence O my Lord !!

I might have not Called you with full of Bhakti Bhavana, that is why you took so many years to give your Darshan. Divine Darshan of Your Feet are more than any wealth in all realms of existence and Pressure of Heaven or Liberation.

My Past Genetic memories were searching for you. But Could not understand since long.
Thank you O Lord for your Presence !

I know you since so many past life, I know now you are my Lord ! My Ram ! My Kalki ! ! am your Bhakt, Could not understand my own extreme Soul Urge to Unite with Divine, your Divinity, Higher Soul ! It is your Grace that I am able to Praise and bow to You.
Please accept my Pranaam !! Please allow me to bow and serve your feet !!

Thank You So much O Lord for your Grace !

On this beautiful day of Radha Ashtami in AnuRaDha Nakshatra. I bow myself to Supreme Soul RadhaKrishna Who were part of Same Soul, doing there leela to teach highest lesson of Love and Bhakti to the World.

You are Radha ! You are Krishna ! You are Supreme Conscious Soul on earth. O Lord !
! Surrender my Whole Existence in your Lotus Feet !

anubhuti vyas said...

There is only One Relationship between You as the Guru and we as the disciples . All other relationships are here just to give pain and sorrow which ulTimately keeps us here in hell. We keep on in this cycle of birth and death and again rebirth . Where the one who is with you will be freed from this hell and will be able to absorb in you. You are the real Being on bHudevi. You are the Dravin. You are the ulTimate source of energy of Knowledge. Everything starts with you and ends with you. You Make bHudevi happy. Just like Siri Krishna used to play flute and increase vibrations of bHudevi you play Guitar which increases the vibrations of all the beings with bHudevi. AEIOUM

funtoosh said...

This Post opened a new dimension for me .(ESP bond with my child ) . thank you .. such simple sentences and such powerful message .. I bow down to to you guru ji ..


Gas And The Electric Sun said...

I am happy to have you as a guru in my age of living! Thank you.

veena iyengar said...


Thank you for showing us the right path..

kalki devotee said...
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APari said...

I can speak centered by speaking the Truth from the center and I can only be sure its the Truth when it comes from an AVATAR ! so glad You are here Gorgeous One !! You are the Ultimate Guru, its such a Privilege to learn from YOU ! I bow !!

Si iris P said...

Your words clarify & bring order into the world. it is such a relief that You shatter wrong notions and unwholesome, faulty concepts all the time and put things into ProPer PersPecTive. to learn from You is truly liberating and wholesome. Your P-logs are such a comprehensive comPendium for all that this world can throw at one.

You, as always, bring it back to what really matters, how things really are, in a very down-to-earth, PracTical way. it's such a radically new, unheard PoinT You are making here ! one is so stuck in stereotypes and vague ideas of what relationships are, what their supposedly different purposes are and what obligations they come with ... Your statement is the ultimate clarification that sets an end to all speculation and misnomers. it is like a sharP Tool that weeds out a whole bunch of limiting, confusing ideas in one go. finally a clear, concise & logical definition of what relationships are, what one can even classify as such. one really has to read it again and again, apply it to different situations & examples ... and it always holds true.

Your analysis of reality is the best, Your words are the wisest & most helPful PresenT that can be given !

i bow

reshma nair said...

U r my guru and thanks for being one. I bow.

reshma nair said...

I bow to my Guru whose name is prashant trivedi. πŸ˜‡πŸ™

reshma nair said...

I love to listen to you whenever you speak and i really do , just like parvati listens to shiv.πŸ˜‡πŸ˜πŸ™

asha Pi arTi said...

⭐️wow so cool what You said about mothers, even as sister, one should be clear that one is not going to hell oneself first !!!!

so much attitude adjustment required !!!! it takes honesty to admit that they are not fit for mothering, and as sisters one can behave like one is in a position to teach even more !!! responsibility = response ability ... ability to respond to Divine is what one gets to learn from Nature !

You are the ultimate GURU bc Nature (wind, water, fire, earth, ether) responds to YOU and only YOU here ! Your LotusOcean channel is a total testimony to that, no cgi or fakery at all !!!! its so great to not have to settle for anything less than REAL DIVINITY !!!!

this Plog is another great POINT that one phinds here first as always !! so grateful one can learn from You directly !!! I bow ⭐️

VC said...

It really put things in to perspective. your words are so clarifying. One is so blessed to get an opportunity to learn from you . I thank you from the bottom of my heart !!!