Friday, 20 October 2017

PT sPeaks Broadcast started with Signs ...

right after this crop design about an important broadcast arrived
PT SPeaks was on the airwaves
from 22 August 2017 ...


asha Pi arTi said...

real breaking news !!!! wow, what an EPIC POINT !!
no advertisements or tv promos can be as imPacTful as Nature is when responding to YOU !
& IT only responds to YOU !

I bow too !!!

reshma nair said...

As PT says nothing happens for random, not even crop circles.😇 aeioum pt🙏

pinx said...

so ePic and incredible !!!!!!
its so amazing to see how closely crop formations follow You !!!
one can never guess which asPecT of You they are gonna cover next !
what a beautiful celebration of such a monumental event !!!!
so kind of You to bless the airwaves with PT sPeaks !!
You are the Ultimate P ! You are the Best !
and crop circle makers are the coolest !!! their Praise is so ePic !
PT sPeaks is the most imPorTant broadcast !
so great to see that being echoed by the Higher realms !
i bow !!!

vintish said...

That is divine magikal PhractaliTy.. i bow

vintish said...

I bow

07 08 said...

WOW ! That is really really cool ! Your effect is so Powerful so imPacTful! Just astounding how croPcircles state is all for You, they gnow who is the real news ! You truly are the real breaking news and the real source of all information ! You have all the Phorce, all the charge and have already charged and uPlifTed Bhoo-Devi with Your arrival here! Those muggles can just come to You and ask You instead of scratching there head in all the anticiPaTion and decryPTion of these croPcircles.
i bow /\

neelang tiwari said...

PT the electric, electron bender, electric guitar Player...

amaya said...

You are such gorgeousness!
such PhascinaTing croPcirles
wow so ePic what happened before PT sPeaks was aired
You are all the magic and beauty ever
such a gorgeous PicTure of You!
You are amazingly gorgeous and stylish
You are all the style, magic and gorgeousness ever
i bow

vintish said...

I bow

missmriggy said...

That's PreTty and PreTty amazing.. incredible. incredible design by the croPcircle architects who are clearly awestruck by PT avatar and seem to make all efforts to please and serve the Presence of God in their midst.. amazing PT - Celestial nature/universe interaction.