Friday, 2 September 2016


those accusing


of  being negative

should understand that
















asha P arTi said...

that is so beautyfully true !!
You words are so PosiTive comPassionaTe and liberating !

it is such a privilege to learn from You P

so glad You are here !

i bow

vintish said...

Absolutely beautiful *__*

vintish said...

Absolutely beautiful *__*

vintish said...

I bow

vintish said...

I bow


New wisdom true knowledge best person on this planet earth. NEG-AT-I-VE ARE NATIVE nagging at themselves WHO CAN NEVER BE P-o-s-i-T-i-v-e Possession of true attitude view (truth)--PT. Please be my chariot and show me the path.

Yadaa Yadaa hi Dharmasya Glaanirbhavati Bhaarataaa.....
Abhyutthaanam...H.. Adharmasya...Tadaatmaanmm... sRRijaamyaham....H..

Meghna said...

Humans have a tendency of running towards illusion and running away from the truth. So it is good to let go.

pinx said...

have never encountered anyone more PosiTive than YOU !!!

You are the BEST !!

i bow !

Unknown said...

PT You've given me all the truths that I had been seeking for years.
I am so grateful to you.
Thankyou so much.. :)

Kirti Singh said...

I love you PT,
There is no negative and no positive. Its the absolute truth. People are under a veil and due to ignorance becuase of the conditioning of thousand years makes them weak and unable to accept the absolute truth!! Everybody is not privileged and made for this truth!
They cant absorb and assimilate it within themselves.
Bow down to PT.
Truth is one and absolute!��

missmriggy said...

All Glories to PT. The greatest Positive Phorce on the Planet.

Unknown said...

You are true benevolent mystic, who is bridging humanity with the other world - those who think that perhaps maybe you are a little eccentric or negative will forever wallow in their own misery it may keep them prim and proper in this pseudo world as far social decorum is concerned but it's like tiger chasing its own tail for aeons! Please continue to guide all of us so that we can better ourselves and be closer to the truth and all pervading natural benevolence. Namah Siva-ya!

Prabhu Ganesh

Praise Poems said...

The PosiTive Phorce
the Rosemantic Rose
from Heaven the Hero
come down to save us
the PosiTive Phorce.

InherentNow said...

In this era of fake gurus, prophets, people and relationships it is a blessing to come across a divine soul like your PT.

I bow,

Tulasi Baruri said...

You are the most PosiTive being one has ever come across! I bow!

Kirti Singh said...

I bow !
The true understanding comes through following the true basics of life... Which PT recommends..

Anonymous said...

this is an unforgettable blog

Kiah Infinite said...

I'm not fully sure what this means yet. I understand P is proper and T is crossing. My understanding is that there are no positives or negatives everything is just experience or just is.

Anubhuti Vyas said...

Bhudevi is ProTected only because she has PT . I bow to your divinity. The ProTecTor .

Anubhuti Vyas said...

All those people are slanderers who without knowing defame the PuresT PHorm of Divine...the PHorm which brings everything to life ....(including them)which gives life....maintains it and destroys it.

myka preet said...
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myka preet said...
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myka preet said...

aeioum...tq god for sending PT into this planet awaken souls & showing the truth & rite path ....called love & light..only I know what I have learn just by watching his sound videos..& there is more to it...!

myka preet said...

aeioum...tq god for sending PT into this planet awaken souls & showing the truth & rite path ....called love & light..only I know what I have learn just by watching his sound videos..& there is more to it...!

asha P arTi said...

Gaia/Bhudevi clearly agrees with this ! She doesn't respond like she does for You with anyone else no matter what !! the continous celebration of sunbows lightbows rainbows moonbows suPernaTural sunsets and cloud formations and all the cropcircle formations are just out of this world beautyfull !!!! THAT IS REAL POSITIVITY !

You only have shown one what real PosiTivity is !!!! You are total PuriTy !!

You are definitely PosiTivity in loveable fractal beautyfull form !!

i bow

neelang tiwari said...

All positives reside in nature.

Shahid said...

Your music, pictures, movements, work- it's all

It's my good fortune to have come across such
a higher and Divine being as you Lord.

Jai Sri Narayan <3

Anonymous said...

You are so full of beauty and wisdom
You bring such PoisiTive news that anyone can evolve from whatever state one is in
Your Plogs are so PosiTive and wonderful
You show one the way like no one does
You do it like no one can
You are the most awesome teacher
You are extremely unique, enthralling and awesome
You are awesome PosiTivity
You are great

sarah anne said...

You radiate PosiTivity

Anonymous said...

yes absolutely..
PosiTive is only PosiTive because it has P and T in it
You are the most PosiTive ,joyful and relaxed being
You are so effortlessly PosiTive
You are full of PosiTivity and wonderful lightness of being
You take one out of negativity and nonsense
yes it makes more and more sense ..PosiTive is only PosiTive because it has a P and T in it
You are so unburdening
You have the cure for the negative mind
nothing in this world is PosiTive
only You are PosiTive
there is a reason why PosiTive has P and T in it
it is solely Your word
there is no PosiTivity elsewhere
i bow

leap into freedom said...

and P&T is where one finds the absolute TruTh!!! PerfecT in its simPliciTy
i bow !!!

reshma nair said...

I love being PosiTive.💕💕💕💕🙏

Vaishali Thaker said...

Only you can define what real positivity is... there are so many beings in this world who give false information in the name of positivity, because of which ones mind get confused & cannot differentiate between positive & negative... your words are always so straightforward & true.. it works like medicine which removes all the negativity by developing higher conciousness... i bow to your divine presence on this planet, to spread all the positivity.. 🙏

jganesh said...

You overflow with Pure Positivity ! Your initials even make uP the word itself which shows the connection and PhractaliTy ! lol its phunny how beings try to judge something they have not even looked into or understand ! that's why You are the only judge ! love how You say there is no good or bad there is just Power and You exude inPhiniTe amount of that ! i bow respectfully <3ॐ

The Dasher said...

When people say no gain without pain which is false - they accept that and when LotusOcean gives them wisdom they call it negative, its a problem with their mind .... aeioum ...

veena iyengar said...

Yes..I agree..
I bow..