Tuesday, 23 August 2016



vintish said...

I bow


New wisdom true knowledge best person on this planet earth.

I am ready to follow the laws of nature you are talking about but were are those laws what are those laws truly speaking I don't like the rules formed by this society and governments I feel as if I am trapped in such an environment that will take my breath away guthan hoti hai aesi life se jabardasti law which are very fake. Society misuse such laws and break there own man-made laws they even don't follow that and modify according to there comfort. I want to get out of it as soon as possible--PT. Please be my chariot and show me the path.

Yadaa Yadaa hi Dharmasya Glaanirbhavati Bhaarataaa.....
Abhyutthaanam...H.. Adharmasya...Tadaatmaanmm... sRRijaamyaham....H..

asha P arTi said...

Your 'Divine Intervention' is so so so comPassionaTe !

Your words are so simplifying, ProvoacTive about all the things one needs to be intolerant of inside and out !

it is so so clarifying, soothing, cooling, calming, uplifting, and strenthening to hear Your Voice, so gratefull one can, learn from You directly !!

You always gno what one needs to face first before one can even run to the Laws and apply them.

You clearly gno what You are talking about and are the ULTIMATE ROLE MODEL AND EXAMPLE OF A BEING FULLY IN THE LAW !! people have so much respect for 'law abiding citizens' yet have no idea of the Multiversal Law and have no proper respect for anyone who is abiding by those Laws ... You are so kind to make it so clear which laws matter !!! it is totally bratty and shame inducing that one did not have proper idea or interest in Multiversal Laws before either ! You are so kind to ignite Real Awakening !!

You take things out of the realm of speculation and belief ... hell is real, it is pain and torture, it is here in this realm, it is what one wants to escape once and for all... and You clearly have so it makes sense for You to be the one to speak about it !

so gratefull one can escape slavebrat-ness and learn about being-ness bc of YOU ! no one else has ever simplified things like this !!

Divine makes the complex simple !!!!!

i bow !!

Kirti Singh said...

I bow down to you PT. The krishna of todays world. He will guide us, protect us and show us the true light and help us evolve to our true self.
Love you my lord��

missmriggy said...

I love that you start from the very beginning. It is a most practical teaching that way, and what the world needs - Absolute Common Sense. All Glories to PT.

InherentNow said...

PT, you are the true Gopala in the world of sishupals. Your divine knowledge is open in this world but only the chosen ones are able to able to find you. Even when fools come across such divine knowledge they shrug it off because of their brat mentality.

Bharat vansh is proud of your service to mankind.

Kiah Infinite said...

Such wise words. The truth is so powerful it shatters ones whole perception of the world. (I bow) PT

Shahid said...

You are the most wise being in this multiverse.

To hear you speak one sentence is bliss and
to have a video where you speak for more than
10 minutes ..oh what a joy...cant help but

You show the way for anyone sincere to get out
of this 3D Matrix. What Compassion !!!

Jai Sri Narayan <3

reshma nair said...

It is PT who made me realise that:
1) I am a being.
2) I exist.
3) I am inside something that has laws
which exist.
4) I am embodied here.
Thankyou PT for waking me up. I bow to the Divine PT. Aeioum PT.😇🙏😘

VC said...

Thank you so much for enlightening the man kind. Your teaching can awake one from the deepest sleep. You are the saviour on this earth. No words are enough to express my gratitude !! ��