Monday, 4 July 2016

Praise Phacts


Phacts  ( asa Facts )








leads to






so if




roll along with

Phact Phlow











a Pari said...

Praise is definitely just saying what is the obvious truth about the Higher and Divine ... Your words are wow !! they just are !!

they inspire one to face PhacTs ! one has gone through life not facing any properly so reiterating was not really an option before ... one can see how absolutely natural that is to do though !! a.k.a alcohol tastes bad and makes me feel sick ... and so on ... so much nonsensical time waste can be avoided this way !!!

one is so fortunate that You are here P ... You make it so much easier to face anything ... You make the PhacTs irrefutable and proove them in the coolest musical EPIC ways !!

so gratefull one is allowed to see so much and learn from You directly !! i bow

pinx said...

what an amazing and insightful teaching !
Phact Phlow is just the coolest term !!!
one definitely wants to simply roll along with Phact Phlow !
no more devolving from lack of PHACT facing !!
such a beautiful opportunity that You have created for beings
to get in touch with PHACTS for a change !
such a clear elucidation that Praise is a reiteration of PHACTS !
You always reiterate PHACTS !
it is so imPressive !

Your Presence itself Phorces one to face many PHACTS !
the PHACT that Divine can and does incarnate here, and that THAT has occurred right here right now !
the PHACT that that is the most amazing occurrence that there could ever be !
the PHACTS of one's own state and reality and the PHACTS of how one can change and improve that state and reality !

You are the Ultimate PHACT facer and PHACT revelator !!

i bow !

vintish said...

I bow

Anonymous said...

Your Plog is so awesome.
You're the One who shows the way
so kind of You to teach one how to praise

neelang tiwari said...

Facts flow naturally.

sarah anne said...

what a cool PhacT Phlow

Anonymous said...

it's so great that One like You is here on earth
so awesome of You to share such beautiful words of wisdom and beauty
Your words are so decisive and awesome
You are such a great being

Anonymous said...

You give such an awesome and beautiful way out ..
Praising someone Praiseworthy like You ..
it should be such an easy and beautiful thing to do
it's a pity that one lets ones unnatural conditioning get in the way of such a beautiful oPPorTuniTy to be natural by Praising someone awesomely beautiful and wonderfully knowledgeable like You who is such a beautiful blossoming of a being
You Provide one with so many awesome and eye oPening PhacTs to roll along with
You are so benevolent
Your words are so awesome
You are such a beautiful blessing to this world
i bow

Anonymous said...

You are always giving such great insights
one should not think that ones notions and part knowledge are PhacTs
You are so helpful..You help one roll along with PhacT Phlow and You teach one so many ways to be able to do that
this is a very beautiful Plog ..Your teachings are so comPrehensive and so great
Your words are very Powerful and beautiful
i bow

Anonymous said...

You write so clearly and beautifully
Your teachings are so insightful
You show one the real way
You know how things work
You help one understand how imPorTant it is to look at PhacTs and go along with the PhacT flow
Your words are invaluable
Your Plogs are the best ever
i bow

Anonymous said...

You make so much sense
the PhacT is that You reveal the truth about this world like no one else
You have such great overstanding
You are Phenomenally wise
this is an incredibly helpful Plog
You are beyond all nonsense of this world
You show one the true PaTh
it was all senseless and goalless before one came across You
only You can guide one
whenever the mind creates nonsense one can always come back to Your words of wisdom and knowledge
You are truly knowledgable
You are so PosiTive
i bow

leap into freedom said...

'simply roll along with Phact Phlow'...a humorous yet instructive directive to repeat Phacts using your own words...You are the best teacher because ones mind tends to complicate & Your words are crystal clear! P raise for one who is full of Humor and Divinity (asa) PT the axis.

reshma nair said...
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Anonymous said...

You are so kind to help beings face PhacTs
You are so kind to help beings stick to PhacTs and not get into a confused state
You are such a great teacher
You make the best PoinTs ever
i bow

Vaishali Thaker said...

One has to know the difference between facts & fake.. the words uttered straight from the mouth of divine are only facts... all the other things are fake.. i bow to the only real source of facts... ☺️🙏

lana_33 said...

Such a beauTiPhul P-log. i want to roll along with the PhacT Phlow, not futilely try to run away from iT. Luckily, we have You here to Provide that PhacT Phlow for us - how exciTing! i bow to Your suPerior Phact Phlow.

Indrajeet Khadey said...

I Bow.

jganesh said...

it really is that simPle ! if one cannot sPeak phacts continuously one cannot praise either which would lead to hells ! You always have the most Progressive solutions to everything ! always speaking phacts = evolution ! i bow respectfully <3ॐ

ankita said...

Your Plogs clean the mind of its mess
You have all the clarity
You write and sPeak so beautiPhully
You are so kind to show the way out
i bow

veena iyengar said...

I bow to you..