Monday, 11 July 2016

All People Speak Only 2 Sentences their Entire Life...

it might seem

people are saying

a lot of things

with their

words, sentences,
action, inaction
etc etc


no matter what they think

they are saying

they are always

just saying


' i want to go to hell '


' i dont want to go to hell '



vintish said...

I bow

vintish said...

Muggledom with nonsense activities

vintish said...

I bow

a Pari said...

i bow

wow P wow !!

it is so natural to just go 'wow' about everything You say ... and just doing that alone would take anyone out of hell :) so great that You are here !!!

You make the Truth crystal CLEAR and take it outside of all religious contexts and once and for all link it to real Divinity !!!

i bow

a Pari said...

i don't want to go to hell !

i bow

pinx said...

wow P that really puts things into PerspecTive !

that is the most Profoundly Clear & Unequivocal Truth one has ever read/heard !

only YOU get to this clarity !

it is seriously irrefutable !

it is the final word !

i bow !

InherentNow said...

I don't want to go to hell.

I bow,

RJ said...

I bow to my Guruji. You are my inspiration... Aeioum...

neelang tiwari said...

Omniverse is simple.
One should keep it as is.

N B said...

I'm lost

bindu ravikumar said...

I bow /\