Saturday, 4 June 2016

the Biggest Addiction - only Real Epidemic

contrary to 

the general  belief

its not










getting attention

from others

( for no apparent rhyme or reason )





out here

it takes them all

straight to hell


giving attention to

higher & divine

Praise with Proper diction

is the only







vintish said...

I bow

missmriggy said...

These words can save the world. Awesome PT

Roopa P Jadhav said...

giving attention to

higher & divine


Praise with Proper diction

is the only

cure. True. I bow to thee PT.

neelang tiwari said...

Speech is important.
Attention should be towards higher.

APari said...

wow . . . Beautyfull words
blows my mind how PerfecT Your diction is ... You speak even more eloquently and PassionaTely than You write
inspires one to never stop speaking Praise of You !

sarah anne said...

what a relief that there is a cure !!!!!!!!!!
You are so caPTivating and comPelling
You are infinitely fascinating !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your words are so awesome. You are such a knowledgeable being and Your cure is so simPle, beautiful and doable..dhanyavad for making the cure so understandable and accessible..You are a great and wonderful being..i bow

sarah anne said...

Your diction is immaculate

leap into freedom said...

'Proper diction is the only cure for addiction'- one is constantly amazed at your mastery of language!!! Praise of high and divine coupled with centerd, proper speech is the way out of hell!!! You give one all the tools for freedom & in the most comPaasionaTe manner~ Jai PT!!! aeioum

reshma nair said...
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Vaishali Thaker said...

So true.. attention for self is addiction!! attention to self actually doesnt make any sense as beings are never satisfied by ones own self & so its harmful & devolving.. the more the attention the more disappointments & feeling of incompleteness..
your words are so impactful!! attention to divine can only liberate, you are so beautiful, graceful, powerful, peaceful & grounded.. your words hold the gravity, your words affect the conciousness, you are totally praise worthy. praise of divine with proper diction dessolves the ego, makes one centered in speech & actions, makes one realize ones own state & decide the true goal in life, gives peace, an opportunity to rise, its ones in a lifetime opportunity when divine incarnates on the earth.. i bow to the divine, the rishi, the guru who teaches us the right way of living, the true purpose of birth on earth.. i bow 🙏

Indrajeet Khadey said...

Attention is given to one when one can teach something not just cause.....
You are the center of attention of this world...You have all the gnowledge...
You have all the amazing abilities....
Only you are awakened among'st 8 Billion beings...That's why you are the one...Truly the one..
The only one who can take women out of this world...
The only one who can impart gnowledge...
The only one who is one with the multiverse...
The only one who is perfect inside-out and in every aspect possible......

I Bow to you O Obi-Wan Kenobi... :D I Bow.

jganesh said...

amazing ! seeking out the Higher takes care of any addiction or disease ! its really mind blowing that putting attention on the Higher works every time for any kind of illness compared to the multitude of pills that are given in muggle world to 'manage' all kinds of ailments ... i bow respectfully <3ॐ

veena iyengar said...

PBS is the only way..
i bow..