Wednesday, 22 June 2016

taking care of one's own interest


take care of

one's own interest


a basic urge


all beings

and there is nothing wrong with it

no matter how many out there

try to induce guilt trips about it


only starts

when beings feign

that they


how to

take care of their own interest


really gnoing it



a Pari said...

You are so right and so kind to clarify what one's past and decisions meant ... one did have so many interests that slowly refined into interests and goals of naturality sexiness beauty coolness rocknroll and escape from mundane but definitely one did feign gnowing how to attain it (always from outside in) instead of phinding out from Higher and Divine who is clearly outside of it all and the EPITOME of all of the above and so much more !

could never do it without You bc only You have done it ! You are so clearly gnowing how it is done and outside of it all !! YOU ARE SO IMPRESSIVE !

it is so great to be able to learn from You directly, You write the same way You speak ... clear succinct always to the POINT !! so love reading these Plogs !!

i bow

vintish said...

I bow

missmriggy said...

Yeah the ego never knows. God is Supreme. PT is Supreme.

sarah anne said...

there is no limit to how bratty, petty, and intense female competition gets (and even very absurd by muggle standards when compared to how much more money shemales make) one is thrilled to find out that those games have nothing to do with looking after ones own interest for *real*.

You are so kind to navigate the way out of the swamps gene-pools have created for themselves. only with Your education is it possible to discern what ones own interest is, and it is fascinating. You show what the real game is (which has not monetary anyway), and how to win.

neelang tiwari said...

Pretention causes trouble.

sarah anne said...

only Praising the higher will really look after ones own interest !!!

reshma nair said...

If one PuTs aTTenTion Towards the Higher & Divine then one's inTeresT will be taken care of by the Divine iTself. Aeioum PT 😇🙏

amaya said...

wow You are so kind to take beings away from their complicated minds that can be guilty about taking care of their em interest
You are the only saviour
You overstand beings so well
i bow

Vaishali Thaker said...

Interest as you have mentioned before is "in-the-rest"... the thing which is not inherent can only be the interest, which is temporary, devolving, hellish... how can that lead one to higher state!! real knowledge only lies in-here-and-now... in PT... 🙏☺️