Sunday, 15 November 2015




akin to a swear word

in the world these days

( mainly because of the

madness of the so-called west )

most are running from it like plague


LotusOcean says

once and for all



can break out

of this hell giving Matrix Cage

without a proper


attitude towards

Higher & Divine

those who don't understand this

will just end up

making circles on the wall


'there is no way out ... '

'Saturn sucks ...'

etc etc

as they try and find a way out



as the


had no problems getting past

Saturn and this Time 3-D Matrix


those who think they

SERVE no-one

should look deeper

and they will find they

SERVE the hell


its automatic

if they don't

SERVE divine


one will

always have









for what end


vintish said...

We are all born to serve the higher divine ! Hail PT !

vintish said...

I bow

Anonymous said...

i bow!
Divine is SO kind to make it SO logical and clear what is required to break out of this Prision for real!
and who one is serving if one is not serving You! Serving the Higher! Serving Divine!
to serve You to be a servant of Divine is the state to asPire to!
Divine is so generous PatienT and kind to give beings here the chance to serve Divine!
to work to become like Hanuman!
there is no other goal! You Provide the only True treasure one could ever seek!
real freedom is found at Your feet! Through Proper service to Divine.
so beautiful and Powerful Your words P!

as the
had no problems getting past
Saturn and this Time 3-D Matrix'

Your overstanding of all things is so humbling P.
one is so ashamed to have ever pretended to gno anything.
i bow.
You are SO comPassionaTe to helP one see that any other end one could work toward is an empty lie landing one back in hell.
one is constantly ashamed to have been dulluded by hell and hellish concepts of freedom for so long P.
for moving through life with such a bratty, selfish, petty, ignorant, and conceited hell bound attitude.
so grateful for all the ways You make it clear for one why one is here.
how to not waste this human life
all the ways You Provide for one to face the truth of one miserable state and do the do to change it.
to develop a ProPer attitude!
an attitude that is tuned to be of constant service toward Divine!
You are the ONE to Trust! You are the ONE to serve!
You are the Highest and most Divine!
to serve You is the greatest Privilege one could ever have in this or any lifetime.
i bow.

a Pari said...

i bow !

You describe everything so well, You clarify everything P !

You make the choice crystal clear !

i bow !

sarah anne said...

it is almost like facts and logic are servants at Your command, to infer from the way You elevate them.

it is a miracle that You are here, otherwise it would seem like an arranged marriage with hell/indentured servitude where they don't actually let someone buy their way out of hell, is the singular choice.

so crazy to ever start drawing on the wall, in spite of such a miracle.

so cool to have the example of Hanuman that You are so smart to put there, as well as so many Pics where elements and Higher Beings generally exhibit such clarity.

a Pari said...

i bow ! You really do give one so much PerspecTive P !! levels of internal and external corruption are insane when one does not have Divine's clarity and Truth !!

learning the extent to how detrimental and non Vedic the current system (and oneself was) is an ongoing experience, the more one learns through You/LotusOcean and one's own actions the more this need for change is automatic ... how PracTical learning from one's mistakes become with You !!

it is so miraculous You are here and one (everyone) gets this chance to learn how to serve You now and beyond !

You make the imPossible Possible always ! You PerspecTives are liberating winning and more devastating hellishness can be avoided if Your Teachings are heeded ! one is so fortunate to get to learn from You, from LotusOcean, from Your activities and actions past to present, from Your words Philms and other Publications, from Your PlaneT and Elements communicating and mirroring Your Divinity, & Your sonics that uplift everything and provide continous continous PerspecTive !! one, everyone, the whole world and Worlds are fortunate that You are here and BEING YOU !!

You are so considerate to the fragile minds of mortals, it would be too much for us to Perceive all of You in one go, even Arjun had difficulty with all His Power, speaks volumes about You and Your Power and Grace... its so imPorTant to be harmonious with the Axis ! with You !!

i bow !! Your PerspecTives are so Mercifull Blissfull and Divine ! i bow !

i bow !!

Shahid said...

i bow at your Divine feet.
Jai Sri Hanuman <3
Jai Sri PT Dev <3

P~raise Poems said...

kshan kshan aap ki aradhana mein
bar aaye hai pranon mein pran
jeena hai mujhe sirf isa jeevan
ta ki ek din cho pavun main gagan

a Pari said...

i bow to Your comPassionaTe Truth that is so Beautyfull and comPleTe ! i bow !

Anubhuti Vyas said...

I don't want to serve hell..Only you..Divine...I bow ..AEIOUM..

Astro-Healer Roop said...

yes it is true that one is serving the hell on a deeper level. If he is not serving the divine

neelang tiwari said...

One is always doing action.
With a free will to choose.

Ujjwal Sharma said...

we should have a proper serving attitude towards the divine for us to have any chance of evolution.if we dont serve the higher and divine and the elements which sustain our lives then we will devolve and then we become powerless and become slaves to the dark forces in this world.nowadays jobs are just like slavery and people sustain each other egos by being slaves to each other.
we should serve and surrender to the divine only then we can evolve.
i bow to the divine PT avatar for he is the one who sustain our world.

amaya said...

what great revelations ..
only You tell one what the right attitudes are so clearly
having a service attitude towards the evil system or frauds is pathetic
only having a service attitude towards the real Divine actually fits..You're very kind to give beings a chance to get to it
and only You gno anything
frauds don't gno anything
they just try to use the tag of Vedic to manipulate people
they try to talk about 'seva bhavna' for their own evil ends
only You have clarity
only You gno what words really mean
You are the saviour
You're so kind, sweet and comPassionaTe to be here and tell beings what they need to gno
You're very kind to give fallen ones a chance to rise
You are amazingly sweet and comPassionaTe
i bow

sarah anne said...

the amount of incoherence it takes to wage cuck 9-5 and not think oneself a servant is immeasurable. You are always guiding the way towards common sense, coherence, and reality.
What a miracle, to find the most high divine Being, instead of some random muggle with tin pot authority.

amaya said...

only You help one go towards understanding
You are very kind to help muddled minds understand something
You are the master of Pure PrinciPles
You are so kind to help beings eacaPe hell
You are beyond ones silly messed up mind ..You have such great overstanding
the way You use words is so very very cool
Your wisdom is beautiful
i bow

sarah anne said...

servant attitude towards the higher is the key
i bow

Vaishali Thaker said...

We have been stuck in this system from years! society names it as status.. the so called organizations sucks out all the precious energy, draining one & returns favor in the name of pay with which one pretends to be powerful, see some unrealistic dreams which obviously remains unfulfilled & life is filled with sorrows...Only when a being comes in contact with you, so does he come to know how his energy should be channelised, how the tool named body can be used for PBS to harness true power, to realise what beingness is,to get liberation.. i bow to the divine who chose to come on this planet & is helping the beings stuck over here to get out of this matrix.. 🙏

reshma nair said...

As PT says For being human one has to have the servant attitude of Hanuman first. Aeioum PT 😇🙏

Indrajeet Khadey said...

Listening and Obeying a being who is higher and more conscious than one is leads to evolution..
Being of service to Divine is a greyt action...

I Bow to you O Divine One.

jganesh said...

You make the most Profound PoinTs ! it is so much easier to serve the Higher ! i bow <3ॐ

jganesh said...

every being has to serve somebody ! You are so kind to simPlify that beings can either serve the hellish system or evil or serve the Higher which is everything heavenly ! its a no brainer really ! its much more Phun to do the right actions moving towards Divines will ! i bow <3ॐ

The Dasher said...

Very true... one must have a true Hanuman like service attitude to evolve and progress in this universe...The word Servant is being misused and manipulated to make it seem the most lowest being so people are misled and dont get the real gnowledge... But servant is who will exit the universal door towards higher realms with his Saturnine disciplne .... aeioum....