Saturday, 14 November 2015

PerspecTive ...

beings here

might not be

good at much

but they

are good at


getting to any real


when they do get to some


they dont act by it


they don't really work to

hold onto



they remain

rats trapped in




life after life


vintish said...

You have the coolest PerspecTive

vintish said...

I bow

vintish said...

Divine has the most beautiful PerspecTive & is the only way of freedom ! I bow ♥

vintish said...

Divine has the most beautiful PerspecTive & is the only PaTh of freedom ! I bow ♥

Anonymous said...

i bow.
You are the only One with real PersPecTive!
You are SO generous to share it P!
to give one chance after chance to come to real PersPecTive through You and Your Grace!
to helP one see how imPortanT it is to always and only act by Your PersPecTive!
never by ones own faulty perception!
it is SO generous the ways You helP one see how vital it is for one to work constantly to hold onto Your PersPecTive!
to hold onto You!
'if one lets up even for a second one looses it!'

It is SO comPassionaTe of You to help one face the Truth that one is a
'rat trapped in a hell-cage'
and how serious this life is!
and that one will remain this way 'recycled life after life'
unless one changes ones ways!
You always PresenT the Truth in the most straightforward way!
You are SO kind to Provide the only way to really change P!
the only way to break out of this painful cage!
i bow.

sarah anne said...

Your reality checks are so necessary and brilliant.
so embarrassing to recall how often this happens.
Your comPassion in the face of excessive stupidity is unfathomable.
You are so smart and so sincere.
if any words can penetrate a thick dead mass, or override the premise of a spirit, they are Yours.

a Pari said...

i bow !! what a P~specTive !!!!!!! Your words are so imPacTful and effective P ! its so true, one has to work harder at holding on to Your PerspecTives and staying on Your wavelength at all times !! You make the consequences of not doing so, so very clear !!

Your description of rats in a hell cage being recycled life after life is so PerfecT so True and so scary ! You can condense the entire Gita in to one line !!! That is how Powerful You are !!!! You are so compassionate to share this

You provide the way to learn from Divine allow everyone to evolve,& eliminate all confusion ! You are so encouraging and the only real comfort in a world gone mad !!

You are the refuge for everyone ! You are always winning always liberating !!

i bow !!

P~raise Poems said...

ghambir, divya rang bara
adbhut alankrit akash
teesri ankh khuli jinki
unika jadu bara
prajvalit drishy
hai kaun vah mahan
joh hai aab darti par
dikhata hai yah sach
kahta hai, nahi hai swapn

a Pari said...

i bow. Your comPassionaTe Truth is so Beautyfull and so comPleTe !! i bow !

neelang tiwari said...

Adaptability to higher is good.

amaya said...

Your writing is so awesome..You are so kind of You to share Your wisdom with us..Pranam

Z X said...

I bow! /\

Your blazing words of truth Pierces through and keeps one reminded of one's resPonsibiliTy of deciding where one's PhuTure will head!

You are so benevolent to keep giving amPle oPPorTuniTies to change ones way and be mindful of one's action at all times!

You are unboundedly comPassionaTe and mercyful to keep one aware and alarmed of the consequences of staying a b-rat through your unceasing Plogs full of real education and wisdom! Your PerspecTives are of ParamounT imPorTance !

"when they do get to some
they dont act by it
they don't really work to
hold onto

You are so benevolent and considerate to Precisely and clearly state that one has to continuously imPlemenT your PerspecTives in ones action , keeping up with your teachings always! And you Provide with the right insPiraTion and motivation for the seekers to keep working their way up, rewarding with real Phun and bliss!

Your PerspecTives are clariPhying and liberating... Your firm stance on being humble and sincere in ones approach for real evolution is made imPacTfully crystal clear through your numerous Plogs and Philms, you are the highest example of sincerity and doer of consistent coherent actions for one to learn from and inculcate it ! You bestow one with a correct and sensible mindset and ways to apply it properly...

Dhanyawad for all that you so abundantly and graciously provide to the beings... Only you have real limitless love, comPassion and goodwill for everyone's betterment! So grateful one is to have come across you...

I bow at your glorious triumPhanT lotusfeet /\

sarah anne said...

what an accurate descriPTion of the situation.
You are so Precise.
i bow.

reshma nair said...

Noone has really gained any kind of PersPecTive except PT because of the fact that it is only PT who has opened his third eye. Rest of the world is busy in serving the corrupt. Aeioum PT 😇🙏 I bow.

Vaishali Thaker said...

Only those who have vision can have Perspective.. People on this earth have gone blind, they have lost all the awareness about right & wrong, have forgotten about difference between heaven & hell, so they are trapped here forever... like rats in this cage...

Your perspective is only reliable, you look at everything with your birds eye vision, you are totally complete & perfect in your perspectives, you consider the situation as a whole, you are always right, your decisions are accurate, only your words are reliable & sensible, only your perspective is trustworthy.. rest all change as the time changes, in the muggle world everything is based on selfish conditions. Real bliss can be experienced only in the world of divine.. i bow 🙏

Indrajeet Khadey said...

Putting efforts for evolution is necessary....
Just thinking does not count...One has to do correct actions which evolve one...

I Bow to you O Divine One.

jganesh said...

You come from the Highest level of PerspecTive every time and always hold the Highest PerspecTive ! continuously phocusing on You leads beings to a higher consciousness ! i bow respectively <3ॐ

The Dasher said...

Yes, people have no sense of what's good and what not good for their existence... Everyone needs to gain PT's righteous perspective and phollow it so they can evolve truely ...