Sunday, 16 August 2015

the Matrix

there are

now ( as consciousness wave sweeps out from lotusocean )

many out there

who are trying to figure out

( not a bad thing in itself )

the Matrix


most just end

up blaming



Sun to Saturn

to Numbers to ...

the term

is actually quite



Matri stands for Mother


so its all to do with a Mother Field

which is actually a Divine Mother Field

when the whole omni-verse

is taken into account

what people don't get is that

things have gone so bad here

not because of some outside machination

the Matrix here sucks


this planet has become

a playground


beings called females

running around trying to play

Mother role (which has a teacher role within it anyways )

without actually gno-ing anything

or trying to learn anything

treating life as an infantile joke

this Ma really Trix (tricks ... sucks more like)

this attempt/behaviour

is the only & real

going against Divine

there is no other satan or evil or whatever

they call it

so the

Breaking out is

required from

the current unholy 3-d confined Matrix

which has has been temporarily created

against actual Divine Mother principles


a pari said...

wow P ! i bow ! i bow ! this is so Profound !!! never has anything been explained so Beautifully and so thoroughly !

Your consciousness waves have such immediate effects !

You are the only One teaching what the Divine Mother Principles/Pure Principles of the Multiverse actually are !

You are the complete coherent clarity required for breaking out the matrix ! one can never see the matrix or oneself the same again ... Your PerspecTIve is so Real fully observant logical and helpful !!

without You it would be such a confusing mess even with the consciousness wave bc no one observes the world so objectively and compassionately !!!

You are the best, so glad You are here P !!!!

i bow !

a pari said...

'this Ma really Trix' ... brilliant P !! You go where Nietzsche and co. can not bc You deal with real facts !!

You get to the facts of female functioning so well... all relationships from babies, kids to adulthood is tinged with this feeling superior to the other, always going for where the ego is safe, where one can teach not where one can learn !

You are truely the alternative to this Matrix !!

i bow !!

vintish said...

kya baat hain ! laa jawab

vintish said...

Doom is surely for muggle/ignorant.

vintish said...

I bow

vintish said...

vintish said...

sarah anne said...

You are a fountain of wisdom, there is so much here to absorb ! Your inclination to observe confusion and provide answers is a total gift.

it is shocking how many people get along with their parents and also choose to procreate, especially with all the consciousness waves sweeping out from LotusOcean.

it is also cool how You are not at all reluctant to hold women accountable for bad taste and irresponsible moves.

just have to meditate on this for a while, it is so Profound.

Anonymous said...

i bow!
wow! what an unPrecedenTed dePhining of what the Matrix really is!
that it is
'actually a Divine Mother Field when the whole omni-verse is taken into account'
only You have the ability and gnowledge to see and Perceive the True PhuncTionings of the totality of the omni-verse!!!!
Only You can exPlain it so succinctly and scientiPhicly!
only You can clearly PoinT out why the 3d matrix here is so hellish!
and who and what are really to blame!!!
The trix of Ma! You are the most intelligent P! so witty!
and so Phunny the way You blatantly exPress that Ma here really sucks!
it's undeniable!
You are really SO kind to continue to helP females here recognize the Truth and Truth of their state P!
to give females the oPPorTunity to stop trying and playing at being mothers and teachers!
to stop lying to themselves and others!
to stop going against Divine!
You are so kind to show that they can choose to consiously align with Divine!
to behave naturally!
to bow down, to serve, to learn from the only One who is qualiPhied to teach!
the only One who gnos!
You are SO sweet to continue to break it down and offer the only chance and way for beings to break out!
to break free of the confienment of this 'unholy 3-d Matrix'!
to clearly exPlain over and over again that this is what is necessarry in this life!
It is just amazing that You maniPhesTed here P!
That You oPenly share the incomParable beauty of Your Divine being, and the many gorgeous ways Divine Plays and expresses itself here in 3d!
i bow!

P3AZ21 said...

no one here understands the Divine mother PrinciPle as well as You do
Your offer of the first roti made at home to cow shows Your resPecT for cow as a mother

cow ~ bhoodevi ~ milkyway ~ multiverse ~ omniverse

Your resPecT to the Divine mother PrinciPle resounds in the skies
skies dance, Aditi is haPPy

P3AZ21 said...

wow ! what a great Plog !

such great exPlanaTion of the Power of the Mother PrinciPle
You are a grand being, the All Gnoing One who gnos the minutest to the comPleTe detail of every thing to be gnown

Tri~gyani ! Tri~vedi !
comPleTe gnowledge You have !
You are Peace, the Peace symbol comes to mind
You are PrashanT !
how PhracTal !
Divine is 'comPleTe full PhracTality'
You as P Avatar give a glimPse of that

You are the Mystic P ! the One who comPleTes the crystal. the one who has a crystal clear mind !

You are Grand ! way beyond what words can describe !

Anonymous said...

You used the word 'omni-verse' for the first time in lotusocean Plogs
Your diction is grand !

Shahid said...

You are truly the one with the open eye.
You are the suPreme gnowledgeable one.
A Zillion pranamas to you <3

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Real Guru
Your Plogs are Profound
You are the All Gnoing One
You gno the way out

Roopa P Jadhav said...

Breaking out is

required from

the current unholy 3-d confined Matrix

which has has been temporarily created

against actual Divine Mother principles

I bow to thee PT... Aeioum..

Anonymous said...

wow..You really over stand us all..amazing Plog..You get to the root of the matter..You are brilliant..You are Divine
i bow

neelang tiwari said...

One should break out of unholy confinement.

sarah anne said...

You are so gnowledgeable

07 08 said...

Truly its only You because of whom we all can get any understanding of our reality and get correct guidance on how to break out of this matrix. It is only You who can see and discern for what every word truly stands for. Your gnowledge is all encomPassing. You are the reason behind the consciousness expanding!
this Ma does suck!
we finally have a chance to learn from the source ~ You! Your comPassionaTe grace on us is the greatest PhorTune. Your Plogs are the most imPorTant scriPTures, most valuable giPhT for us! Your teachings are the foremost!
i bow /\

Indrajeet Khadey said...

Following your the only way out of hell..

I Bow to you O Divine One.

jganesh said...

wooow ! Matri = mother ... You are so right ! You always Provide the full and total insight about each thing ! this matrix sucks only because of beings moving away from Divine Mother Principles ! in the end its beings fault and beings responsibility to turn toward Divine ... i bow respectfully

The Dasher said...

Yes, most mothers of todays world dont gnow anything and they try to preach their children the same nonsense ... People must phollow divine mother principles to get out of this matrix ... I bow to PT for all this gnowledge which is enlightening ....aeioum.....

veena iyengar said... really trix..
nobody can explain things the way you do..
i bow to you..