Tuesday, 25 August 2015



on this planet

find themselves

not qualified

for a lot of


without appropriate training etc



they all

feel qualified

for surfing the timewave

called life

without any






a pari said...

❤ i bow !! so TRUE !! everything else in this world demands one to consider qualifications ! this is just so Beautiful ... the reality of a Timewave in front of one is so impactful and impressive ... only Your words wake one up to what is !!!

You are the only one qualified for surfing, as all Your activities and Being show all the time ... You are the ultimate TimeLord !

so glad You are here to Navigate P ... the results and consequences of unqualified surfing of the Timewave are definitely impossible to ignore ... its so clear where one's future was heading before ... nothing was going well at all, no sense or real sacred in one's life !! so glad to have this chance for a better PhuTure !

i bow !!

vintish said...

Your words are just beautiful *__*

vintish said...

I bow

amanda said...

'surfing the timewave called life'
wow P! i bow!
You have the most eloquent way of exPressing Your Divine observations!
You are clearly the only One here qualiPhied to surf the real wave!
The only One who gnos how!
The only One who has had ProPer Preparation and Training!
lotusocean is the only One who can helP one PrePare, Train and learn the only imPortanT thing in this life there is to learn!
i bow!

sarah anne said...

Your comPassion and PosiTiviTy are miraculous. and You made such a great PoinT that even drugs/alcohol are telling the multiverse that someone gno's what to do with their life, so it is not as simple as "look at the fact that you can't get out of bed without drugs and do the math". it's like, no matter how broken down things get, the capacity for logic gets broken down at a corresponding rate, so guidance is non-optional.

i just cannot get over how caring this is. Your step-by-step patience and helP towards people who have, against all odds, gotten themselves into a certain state is the kindest thing ever.

P3AZ21 said...

glad You are incarnate on earth
real changes have begun and are sure to change what haPPens here
You are P AvaTar

its amazing that for the first time in many thousand years, real gnowledge is widely available to access by multitudes

'everything sPins around the axis'

'ignore at your own risk' was/is a warning

andakar ab tak, ab ujjala kaisa
kshan mein chand hai ubar aaya
adbhut bhavya ujjala vah bar laya

darkness until now, bright how suddenly ?
in a moment the Moon has risen
wonderful grand glow it has brought

PT wave has come now 'for surfing timewave' in form of LotusOcean maniPhesTations online, literal waves of vibrations sPread everywhere and the grand Presence of an absolute charge,Yourself now here

gahre gahre rang bare
kaisi hai ye lehrein
bavara, madhosh bane
panchi, ud ud jaye
kitni madh bari lehrein
prakash mai dhule huey
Param Pavitr PT lehrein

deeP and intensely coloured
what are these waves ?
intoxicating bumble bee
making birds fly high & high
how bliss-filled waves !
bathed in lighted,
most Pure PT waves

pinx said...

"surfing the timewave called life" ~ wow P no-one can put things as exquisitely as You ! & it is continuously amazing to witness how You surf that wave ~ with all Your vast gnowledge You still exemplify the way of not acting until prepared ! You show what true humility is ! You are so imPressive and insPiring ~ there is so much to learn from Your example and Your teachings ! one has been such an unhumble fool, and so audacious in one's approach to life ! i bow to You who has saved one from one's self !!

PsingulariTy said...

You are Mahakaal
with full gnowledge of how to surf Time & sPace

Shahid said...

GLORY to the true avatar who is here on earth now to
guide those interested back home.

Jai Sri Narayan <3

a Pari said...

i bow !

'they all

feel qualified

for surfing the timewave

called life

without any




i bow in shame and embrace Your Words that are so Beautyfull Powerfull and comPassionaTe ! i bow in gratitude. i bow.

neelang tiwari said...

One should prepare.

aastha pudasainee said...


sarah anne said...

it is self evident that only You are qualified
(such great phrasing also ) to surf the time wave called life