Friday, 24 April 2015

'if' i had my way ...

they sang long ago -

'if i had my way
in this wicked world
i would tear this building down ...

well many moons later

the 'if' has ceased to exist

for yours truly

i have my way


i can bring this whole building daaaaaaaoowwnnn



suki s said...

" the 'if' has ceased to exist " is the most Powerful line. wow. You do seriously have Your way.

asha said...

i bow ! oh yes You can !! so so so glad You are here !! excellent choice of sounds to convey this too !!

love how even any religion of the world has some immediate and non dogmatic references to the truth of You and Your might. there are somethings too Powerful for muggles to muddle ... even science has caught up to who how and why of it all ! so exciting to be here in these times ...

also love the line 'and when Your done we're done' ... gives one chill bumps !!

only those that are busy doing what's prescribed here are not worrying about Your way ... You lay it all out so that one can align and not be on the wrong side of the Phorces of Divine !!

i bow !!

vintish said...


vintish said...

I bow

vintish said...

what a game! everything collapse! speechless

vintish said...

I bow

vintish said...

amanda v said...

This is so Powerful!

'i have my way
i can bring this whole building daaaaaaaoowwnnn

Your way is Divine's way! There is no refuting it! You can and You are bringing this whole wicked building down! It is astonishing to witness the very real judgement taking place on this Earth. You are the dissolution!
it is comPleTely humbling and awing to see how insignificant one is and all else are in this world!
You are the omniPotenT Phorce.
i bow!

missmriggy said...

Absolute Power!

P3AZ21 said...

grateful to You my Lord that you are sharing the info with us
its great to hear that You have started the cleansing now more intensly

You are an ultimately Powerful being in the multiverse
its amazing to see Your interactions with this & the other world(s)

one needs to listen carefully to all You say
& agree with You

that is the only way for our redemPTion

PsingulariTy said...

bold and beautiful !

You are The Martian
'born on a Tuesday night'

neelang tiwari said...

There are no conditions for divine.

sarah anne said...

You definitely can !!!!!!!!!!
You are amazingly Powerful !!!!!!!!!!

Ujjwal Sharma said...

Connecting and reading these Plogs gives me courage and hope.
i bow to the divine PT avatar for the support and shelter he is providing to all of us.

07 08 said...

Whoa! That's mighty! You surely can bring it all down! You can break all hells loose yet You are the most comPassionaTe! You are The Almighty :)
i bow /\