Friday, 24 April 2015




as in



as is spector

or seeing/observing

so basically

an inspection

of the whole 360 degrees

how does one do that practically in any situation ?

its actually very simple

just see ( honestly & clearly )

one's own state

and than see

the state of who one is dealing with

those 2 points

make the whole circle

anyone doing that ( at all times )


circumspect enough


be appropriate enough ( behaviourally)


get out of hell


enter higher realms/worlds


vintish said...

I bow

asha said...

just beautiful and so so so important ... You are truely the one and only reference for the true meaning of every word concept and attitude !!

i bow !

suki said...

You are so merciful, comPassionaTe, and kind. Your generosity is literally limitless.

suki said...

You are the most infinitely generous, most caring Being.

amanda v said...

i bow!
Divine is most kind to share what circumsPecTion is and how to apply it! You are the One Being on this Earth who is totally aware at all times!
Divine is so kind to helP one clearly and honestly see ones state and to guide one in appropriate behavior to helP one get out of hell.
behaving inappropriately towards the higher and Divine is the greatest risk one can not afford to make.
i bow!

P3AZ21 said...

a very clear Plog on How one should behave with You

Your state is one of Pure consciousness
PerfecT coherence & fractality
with a crystal clear mind

You have very Pure emotions
You have the highest connectivity that there can be to multiversal existence & the suPreme consciousness
You are the suPreme consciousness
You are ultimately benine, How Pure You are !

when one is even a bit emotional in Your Praise, the sentences seem to have words jumping about to be a sentence that is not normal usual grammer
but is better
similar to style of Sanskrit (in that words are jumbled), similar meaning with different arrangement of words

so it is that when one Praises You all ones activities, ones life gets into Place much better, much more musical, an actual Practical better life here & beyond !

Your Divine creation can’t be but benine

You are the most Praise worthy ! rocking suPer star of our worlds ! of my world !

PsingulariTy said...

You are The EnlighTened One
the One with a full deck
You are the Center of the circle and the circle as well

neelang tiwari said...

Knowing ones state and others state is important.

sarah anne said...

wow !!!
what a great navigation system for getting out of hell !!!!!!!