Saturday, 13 September 2014


when one

misuses all the


( things which are in one's hands
also known as choice, freewill etc )

one has in this  life



the non-optionals like




for good reason


the consequences are


more frightening than any

horror movie


suki s said...

this is terrifying enough to scare anyone straight. You are so real, direct, and helpful.

Anonymous said...

i bow. dhanyavad for sharing the only True oPTion P. Your comPleTe honesTy is the most comPassionaTe quality to exist in this world. i bow at Your generous feet. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

vintish said...

Great PoinT , This how real gnowledge comes from. Either geT PhracTal or get dead. aeioum

vintish said...

I bow & bow & bow

vintish said...

I bow

P3AZ21 said...

Your Plogs are Truth

You are Kalki

PsingulariTy said...

one has to be on Divine's side always
Divine removes P~ain and torture truly

You are Divine

Anonymous said...

i bow
Divines scriPTures are both beautiful and frightening.
i bow
it is really scary to face the truth of ones state and how many times one has misused the only real option one has.
how much pain and hell and torture one has chosen in this life
so grateful to You P for helPing one understand that ones choices and free will are all one really has
so grateful for LotusOcean and You to guide one away from making stupid blind hell bound choices again and again
only You can help one make choices that lead away from pain torture and hell for good
only You can helP one face the non-optional reality of death
You are the only ONE who has conquered death!
You are the only ONE who gnos how to die!
so grateful for Your words always
'where there is a will there is a way'
i bow
i Pray for my will to be strengthened to freely and always only choose to serve Divine!
to surrender to You fully and comPleTey!
to have sense to make the only choice that makes sense again and again and again!
You are the only way!
it is really scary to imagine remaining stuck in this hell that is this life
to suffer the endless consequences of wrong choices
only to die and face worse hells
and to repeat it over and over and over again
it Truly is a miracle that The Avatar is here guiding the only way out!
i bow and hoPe and Pray to never stray from the safety of Your feet P!
to be PuriPhied of every iota of stupidity one has inculcated.
the only truly free choice is to choose to follow You
to bow to You, and learn to DO exactly as You say
i bow again and again.

Anonymous said...

i bow!
Truth is the only oPTion!
Truth is the only choice!
so grateful for the chance to learn the Truth from the only one who gnos!
so grateful for the chance to stop lieing in hell
i bow

sarah anne said...

These are very ProacTivating words. You wield the most verbal imPacT of anyone to ever exist.

amaya said...

i bow

neelang tiwari said...

Free will is precious and should be uses wisely.

amaya said...

Your words are awesome

'when one
misuses all the
( things which are in one's hands
also known as choice, freewill etc )
one has in this  life
the non-optionals like

that's such an awesome exPlanaTion
You are so rare
Yours are such awesome and imPorTant words

jganesh said...

You are so right ! the consequences of misusing free will is definitely frightening ! we are so fortunate to from You learn how to use free will Properly ! i bow !

Indrajeet Khadey said...

Hell is not good...It is worse than what they show In the SAW movies...
Your are very very generous to write this Plog...Only because of you I got a glimpse of what exists in this multiverse...
And I love the format you write the Plogs...You truly overstand everything..

I Bow to you O Divine One.

lana_33 said...

Phollowing Your Teachings and ways, and PBS to You - is the besT oPTion. i bow.