Thursday, 4 September 2014



another word in english (anglish)

with derogatory connotations


applying lotusocean looking-glass to it

we find

its root lies in

in the dog-star sirius

that's why bitch is a term for a female dog


Sirius is

symbolic for Osiris

so the female counterpart will be Isis

a totally different

spin on

being a



vintish said...

Great revelation ~ aeioum ~

vintish said...

Very enlightening & astonishing disclosure ~ aaP Dhanya hai Prabhu ~

vintish said...

I bow

A Parekh said...

OMG !! You are too cool ! Truth is so cool ! and You are the Master translator and real definer of all these words !! no more does any female need to fear being a bitch witch or wicked unless it is towards the Higher... then that's another story obviously... but it makes so much sense that anyone learning to embibe the qualities of Isis would seen as a bitch by everyone else... he/she'd be rude dismissive and seemingly unkind to all other than Osiris (You) which is the biggest act of compassion = when one does not give false impressions of approval for anything that is not Osirian !

how kind of You to make these terms to clear and appealing... passive damsel-in-distress irresponsible and weak or lying images of female is what one gets bombarded with out there without the Vedic and egyPTian clarity !

i bow to You !

Shahid said...

You are amazing Lord...Now "Bitch" word also can be seen in a positive light without any offence being taken.

Jai Sri Narayan <3

Amanda V said...

:) bitchin! i bow. You and Your exPlanaTions are the ultimate! dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

suki s said...

You are the master linguist, scientist, and historian. Your PerspecTive is from the highest possible view, transcending muggle notions in precise bite-sized pieces. it is such divine mercy to be so kind while being fully aware of one's massively inadequate state.

P3AZ21 said...

rise of Kundalini is good

You are Kalki

PsingulariTy said...

You are The All Gnoing One
You are Divine

07 08 said...

Such an interesting Plog!
You indeed give a totally different PerspecTive to whats called bitch!
To learn about anything one can only count on Your words, Only You gnow everything from the root to tip, from simPle to intricate, from minute to limitless! Your gnowledge is all encompassing!
What a Priceless giPhT You are to us! So much that You do, So generous You are!
Always disPelling fear, doubt n confusion! Always enlightening n emPowering! Always revealing the truth!
Always Pure Always Beautiful Always Merciful Always comPassionaTe Always Kind Always admirable Always wonderful Always Amazing!
i bow at Your LotusPheeT /\

jganesh said...

woooww ! Your wisdom is so Profound ! the way You see things is so (w)holystic ! i bow!

Vaishali Thaker said...

Amazing!! reading your facts is always delightful... you always make one understand the true meaning behind the words.. you beautifully explain meaning of the word which is used to abuse the females by the beings on this plane!! you are the true knower & the true seer.. i bow to the guru, the only rishi on this plane 🙏

Indrajeet Khadey said...

Seeing everything as it is very necessary for one's evolution....
Only your senses are perfect....Only you THE EYE which can see it all.....

I Bow to you O Divine One. I Bow respectfully.