Sunday, 19 January 2014

the happiness bug

i am told

that people use the word


so much these days


they are so unhappy

why not use the word 'ignorant'

instead of 'unhappy'


ignorance is the root cause of their unhappiness

unhappiness is the symptom

not the cause

and they seem to be caught up in the symptom only

and try to treat the symptom in various crazy ways

of course

without any result

some even say crazy/wicked stuff like

'smile and happiness will follow'

how ? why ?

your state will not change for better

but you will

get happy anyway

through a forced tense showing of teeth ?

instead of facing up to the fact

they are ignorant


try to conjure up

happiness out of thin air

using other people

they call family and friends

a tiring

unfruitful exercise

how long ...


vintish said...

I bow

suki seruchka said...

You provide all the gnowledge necessary for haPPiness !!! very sweet !

Amanda V said...

:D!!! lol. i bow.

amanda v said...

i bow at Your brilliant feet. you gnow the root cause of everything P. one is ever grateful to read and watch and experience Your Mastery. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

amanda v said...

i bow. one can not Praise Your Plogs enough! Their brilliance grows every time one reads them. Your ability to always see things as they are, call it out with the most sophisticated humor and solve the problem at its root with such grace and ease is stunning! You are the only One of Your Divine kind P! dhanyavad for Providing such Truly intelligent words to read! i bow.

P3AZ21 said...

its not far along anymore P
the haPPiness bug is seen in its right through Your Plogs

one can only be haPPy & start to be alive when one has established ProPer connection to Divine

when one has started on the PaTh to evolution by Praising Divine in all one does, one is raised in Power, in consciousness, in bliss, in every desirable thing or asPecT

one becomes different, whoever sTePs into Your world, here or hereafter
no matter what state they are in, they are cared for by You

if one can actually see the care & concern for existence through Your Plogs & other manifestations, one should be able to see that one is cared for when in Your world for sure & in a most beneficial way for the sPiriT/ sol

everyone everywhere needs to close down their books, turn down their TV, quit their socializing , stoP the grind or aim to sToP it as soon as one can... because all they seek with all those activities is never going to be theirs

they seek gnowledge
in the now its Truly only in Your Plogs & Your LotusOcean Manifestations that one Phinds it

they seek entertainment, its 'enter containment of the masses', one has to become Alive first to start living

they want to have Phun, bliss is Phun

You show us what haPPiness really is, what is existence itself

You are a True Guru
a real selfless, comPassionaTe benefactor

amanda said...

i bow!
You always see the root of everything P!
You always see the cause!
You are the only being who is Phree of ignorance!
the only One who is Truly happy!
the only way to Phind haPPiness is in Pursuing You!
serving You!
bowing to You!
DOing the Do!
You are the only fruitful PursuiT! everything and everyone else is empty.
You are the only One who can guide one to uProoT all that is evil and not true in one.
You are the only One who can guide one to rise above ones ignorant miserable state!
You are the inPhiniTe One! The True immortal! The One who lives Phorever in the highest realm there is! You are The wholy grail! You are the living PhounTain of youth. You are the Truth of Divine bliss and gnowledge.
You are the one to always bow down to!
i bow!

PsingulariTy said...

You are The haPPy One
You are The Blissful One
You are an insPiraTion

sarah anne said...

such a great PoinT about how ignorance is the root cause of unhappiness. succinct and beautiful.

neelang tiwari said...

i bow

amaya said...

Your Plogs are the real river Ganges..You write so is not the same after coming across Your revolutionary words..You are the real revolution ..You make so much sense..You are a beautiful being and a wonderful soul

sarah anne said...

such a great PoinT that ignorance is the cause of unhappiness.
You are the source of gnowledge and happiness.

amaya said...

this is such a beautiful and incredible Plog
each breath that one wasted without saying Your Praises is so so sad!
its unbearable even if seconds go by and one is not able to say Your Praises due to mental stuckness
and if hours go by without Praising You its the most horrible thing!
You are the most PraiseworThy
one has just got to be so unstuck that one does not miss a single second for Praising a being like You

ignorance is the root cause of their unhappiness
unhappiness is just a symptom
wow Your words are so soothing and wonderful
there is a cause for all this unhappiness and that's ignorance!
You have all the real knowledge and You know all about the real PracTices
You are truly and beautifully Vedic
You show one that there is a way out
Your consciousness is most beautiful
i bow

jganesh said...

You really help beings see the truth of their reality ! i bow respectfully !