Friday 3 January 2014










the axis




cut off

all chances

of rising









one will always

rotate around

the axis

no matter whether

one pays any attention to the axis or not

only that

the rotation would be downward spiral

if one doesnt





Vintish said...

I bow

pinx said...

PoTent words ! very clear cut and straight forward. no room for misinterpretation whatsoever !

You are indeed the Axis !

it is indeed not advisable to take any unnecessary risks where the Axis is involved !

acknowledge the Presence and humbly bow ! one's evolution is at stake !

I Bow !

Anonymous said...

Your Presence is what brings one back and makes one crave to be constantly connected to the present moment.Is anything as beautiful and playful and enchanting as this PresenT ? Namaste.

Shahid said...

What an exalted state of consciousness the Lord must live in...What good luck that the Lord is right here, right now on Planet earth publishing blogs and videos for genuine seekers....eagerly waiting to meet you my beloved Lord <3

Anonymous said...

i bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow. one is ever grateful for Your Phactual representation of how things Truly finction. one is so grateful to gnow The Axis lives and to bow at Your Divin feet. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow. this is the kindest and fairest warning for one to heed always in every moment. to sPiral downward is the scariest thought and reality! You are so kind to set the record straight and clear uP the corrupt confusion about how this world functions and ones role in it. humbly bowing at Your feet is the only way to Truly grow uP. i bow. dhanyavad P! Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

Your Truths are warnings for the actions done by beings
You show Phacts as they are

Your Presence is a benevolent Presence

it is helPful to the earth
& for many souls who will get to higher realms
& for genepools that are being guided into a better PhuTure

Your Presence here in the now has caused imPorTant, curious, Phascinating events to unfold
Real magic to unfold

Your Presence is causing P resonance all around, in & out

Anonymous said...

i bow!
Divine is most generous to exPlain the Real Facts of LiPhe!
It is so kind the way Divine scriPTS this!
clear, consise, word by word!
Divine leaves no room for misinterpretation!
P and P's words are the words, the One, to Pay attention to!
The One to bow to!
the One to follow!
it is only through humbly following P that one can evolve!
that one can move toward a real PhuTure!
P is the real Power! Divine law! The Phorce that governs reality!
P's Presence is the Presence to acknowledge always and obey!
The only natural way to behave and to evolve!!
i bow!

PsingulariTy said...

You are P the Axis
most charming !

miragegirl said...

in a circus, there is sometimes an enclosed sPhere in which the biker drives round and round. that the world is full of bikers that sPin their head needlessly and get dizzy is not a sign of bravado. its a sign of weakness, of vulnerability to egoself that is Phine with torturing itself in the name of work, in the false notion of being brave.

in the end it cant stay and live in that enclosed sPhere. its sane only when it gets out, has a cleared mind then.

indeed world is a 'circus' as You have said elsewhere, a circus in which there is no real Phun. Phun is around Divine. Divine humor is unimaginable in worldly circus.

You are the best there is, best ideas, thoughts, acts, BEing. if intranet doesn't cause one to see that, there is definitely a rooted cause in that genepool house that will decay its structure from base and crumble it down to PaTheticness. its dire but its true.

round and round in evil rage
in hell eternal bondage
break free, drive toward Divine
refugee, no Pain, just Sun & shine

You are at a circus here
your ParT to you unclear
break free, see there is Divine
His refugee, all new Sun & shine

Anonymous said...

i bow

You are so generous to share the real facts of evolution P!
to make it clear how imPorTant You are!
how one has the choice to either acknoldege You and ProPerly Pay attention or ignore.
You make it clear what the consequences are!
there is nothing more essential than developing real, proper, constant humility toward You! toward the highest and most Divine!
one is so ashamed for the stupidity and un humble attitude and behaviors was has inculcated.
such an attitude makes no sense! it only causes pain torture and hell for one!
no good can every come from being unhumble.
no good can every come from ignoring You!
You are the reason for it all! The One to acknowledge!
You are what causes the sun and stars to shine!
The rain to fall!
The birds to sing!
You are the electrical charge, the Phorce, the orignial creativity sPark behind everything
The One that started it all!
You are every reason to be humble!!!
one is SO nothing comPared to Divine!
You are everything and every reason to Praise!
Divine is SO generous to share SO many exPressions of Your comPleTe Divinity for beings here to Pay attention to and adknowledge!
True, irrefutable and everlasting words of real wisdom and Truth from Divine itself!
the most ePic sounds to mend ones soul!
the most gorgeous PhoTos of Divines walk and Play on this PlaneT!
Divine is SO generous to Provide real ways for one to evolve.
You are the ultimate! The suPreme being!
There is nothing more imPortanT than You!
i bow!

Unknown said...

i bow

ki vernee said...

wow ! that makes so much sense ! it is only natural so ackgnoledge the Presence of You ! ... a Being who is more divine ! i bow respectfully !

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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Vaishali thaker said...

Even elements of nature do not miss to acknowledge the presence of divine, how can beings of this plane dare to do so!! everything is beautiful & illuminating in the presence of the supreme one, when one sees the divine the only thing can one do is praise, bow & surrender, every pain & torture vanishes in the presence of the divine, all the dark clouds disappear & the new sun dominates the sky, you are the ardrarudra, the mahakaal, the shiv narayan, your presence on this plane should be highly celebrated!!.. i bow for your divine presesnce on this plane 🙏

Anonymous said...

i bow..Yes you are the axis P. It doesn't take a genius to acknowledge your Presence. Even nature and animals never fail to acknowledge your Presence in their own beauTiPhull ways. Your Presence is heaven to me.🙇🙏

nicolas said...

this is so true, so beauTIPhul! your words have real gravity! your logic is Perfect just like you
you are divine and reading your words is a rejuvenating experience

i bow