Monday, 30 December 2013

the fact


have a habit

of projecting their

notions and part-gnowledge




in reality

they don't gno a

single fact

worth gnoing

a real fact

is one

which helps

get one out of hell


break out of the 3-d matrix

if only

they could admit

they dont really gno any fact

they could at least begin

on the PaTh of learning



vintish said...

I bow

pinx said...

You are the Ultimate facts facer !

and this is the Ultimate clarification about what constitutes a REAL fact !

I Bow !

Faith Kumari said...

This is the real fact to break out of the 3d matrix.It requires Humility and an attitude of sega bhaav to be able to face this fine fact.

missmriggy said...

Beautiful Wisdom!!!!

Amanda V said...

one is so grateful to gno one can trust everyword share to be pure Fact. dhanyavad for your generosity in showing and explaining the Truth to those who are seeking. i bow.

suki s said...

You are the exact opposite of petty muggles, You focus on real facts always. zero tolerance for nonsense. So impressive.

P3AZ21 said...

Phacts that are worth gnoing You are Providing through Your Plogs
Your Truth ScriPTure is a great comPlilaTion
it helPs one now & would in PhuTure too

You are Kalki, killer of evil & Provider of Truth in the PresenT world age
Your actions are suited for the coming Age of Aquarius
You are a True Martian

PsingulariTy said...

You are the saneT
bringing back sanity into our lives

neelang tiwari said...

i bow

sarah anne said...

so cool how You teach to be honest !!!
it is so helPful and the first steP to more !!!

amaya said...

You cover all the facets of PhacTs
Your words are so enriching
You're such a great teacher
Your teachings are incredible
Your words are Phenomenal
You make learning so much Phun
You have a legendary way of PuTTing Your PoinTs across
i bow

jganesh said...

love how You always stick to the facts ! and You brilliantly PoinTed out " that they dont gno a single fact *worth gnoing* ! You gno all facts that are worth gnoing ! i bow respectfully !

Indrajeet Khadey said...

I don't gno anything at all...
Anything related to the multiverse and necessary for evolving ...I've learned by listening to your con-versations....
Only you can have an Opinion...

I Bow to you The Only One Who Is A Brahman.

Vaishali Thaker said...

your facts are so unbiased, so clear, direct & straightforward, free of any diplomatic or political words!! your word is the final word, your facts have long lasting effect on mind, whatever you speak is the only fact, you are a complete knower, you see the unseen with your 3rd eye, you are the guru of the world, the master of all, the true judge to give the divine judgement.. i bow 🙏