Tuesday, 24 December 2013


it should be




for all



care about one's future



one finds not many really do

some just think about immediate future

but thinking is different from caring

which is an action-oriented term


caring of many

just extends to insurances and such

really caring about future

actually extends from






vintish said...

I bow

pinx said...

"really caring about future

actually extends from




from now to eternity !
wooooohh ! what an ePic PoinT ! yes thats showing REAL care for the future !

another mind blowing P-specTive that as always sets the record straight !

Your words offer sheer annihilation to all vagrant pettiness !

I Bow !

suki seruchka said...

You are amazingly PracTical . Straight to the PoinT . I bow .

Anonymous said...

wow! i bow.

P3AZ21 said...

caring is a PoTent term

Praise of Divine helPs build a better PhuTure
Praise of Divinities who are in/ from a higher realm is a Proper way of liPhe

Your Plogs Pave a better PhuTure for one

You are benevolent

You are sPeaker of Truth
You are uPholder of Truth
You are Kalki

PsingulariTy said...

You are saneT
showing rights ways of being
You gno everything. You are beautiful !

sarah anne said...

Such a great PoinT that caring is an action oriented term, Your brilliance is infinitely multi-faceted !

neelang tiwari said...

i bow

Anonymous said...

You write beautifully..
'thinking is different from caring which is an action-oriented term'
You're so right...thinking about future is so different from caring about future which can prod one to develop ProPer future PersPecTive and then take ProPer actions
Your Plogs are awesome..You make so much sense
i bow

sarah anne said...

"but thinking is different from caring

which is an action-oriented term"

You have the most suavely stated infinitely helPful exPosiTions

jganesh said...

gosh ! that is is true ! "thinking is different from caring" ! wow ! You truly teach beings how to care about their future and not stay in the realm of thinking ! i bow

Indrajeet Khadey said...
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Vaishali Thaker said...

This is so true!! only a higher being like you can think of birth, death & beyond... the lower beings on this plane can maximum think of planning for some worldly indulgence that also is just an estimation!! :D Thoughts are so whimsical, they just come & go!! its so true that really caring about ones phuture & just thinking about it are 2 totally different things!! Your words throw so much of light on reality, once again you beautifully point out the importance of action, phuture centric actions, your words make one realize the seriousness one should have to evolve, you are so practical in your approach, you take one out of the dreamworld & make them work for the betterment, you are the axis around which everything spins, you are the divine incarnation which is driving the senses of the beings on this plane.. i bow 🙏

Indrajeet Khadey said...

A being should only do actions by carefully considering its consequences...
A being should try to get out of the 3-D matrix to higher vibrational realms where bliss and only happiness exists..
Only you are the leader of this world who led beings to gno the reality of this world..You are the Kalki Avatar who saved me...Who showed me the right path...And I choose to bow and follow your ways....
Only you can liberate me..

I Bow to you O Divine One.

Reshma PT said...

i bow to you P.🙇🙏

veena iyengar said...

wow..that's amazing..
I bow..

nicolas said...

Wow this is beauTiPhul! This is a great P log! Your superiority is timeless
You are so great and gnowledgable!

i bow to you, all gnowing one