Monday, 31 December 2012


there are many here

who are



in front of higher & divine

they just plonk themselves

infront of it

and expect

a wide variety of things

sometimes not gnoing themselves

what they are really expecting

funny bit about

all this expectancy

is that they do not

expect to be

doing anything themselves

they are expecting

higher & divine to praise them

instead of it being

the other way around

they also do not expect to serve

they expect to be served

by higher & divine

without service or praise


vintish said...

Narayan Narayan !!!

vintish said...

sambahve guruve namah !!!

vintish said...

You're the father of all beauty ~ mantra pushpanjali samarpayami ~

vintish said...

Aap antaryami hai !!!

vintish said...

Jai ho *_*

Shingo Kudo said...

i bow

pinx said...

what a brilliantly insightful articulation about people's attitude towards the Higher & Divine !

"they just plonk themselves

infront of it

and expect

a wide variety of things"

such eloquent wording ! the word "plonk" is such a great choice & adds Your signature Divinely humorous touch to another one of Your Profound statements !

You have the best powers of observation and always reveal the state of affairs unequivocally !
what a terrible attitude beings have ! really inspires one to never be like that !

its really no wonder the world is in the state it is in !

this notion of expectancy is deadly ! so very harmful and impractical ! it is so great how You always reinforce how much the onus is always on one's self to do the correct actions, and to never expect anything from anyone, let alone the Higher and Divine !

You have provided so many amazing teachings ! Your P-logs are the Ultimate "scriPTures for the now" !

I Bow !

pinx said...

it bothers me to see the world in the state its in
i then recall how they all ignore who makes it spin

it starts to make sense in this tense why things are in such disarray
so many are born and it seems they have sworn Divine they will not obey

there is but one clear route to shoot one's way out of this mess
and due to His grace the path and the pace required He'll always address

so it is with much glee and all certainty that one can bow at His
feet !
how precious a gift to learn how to shift away from hell to His beat !

asha said...

i bow ! i bow ! love how You always write the way You speak ... plonk... lol !

its a shameful thing to do this plonking and it looks awful when one sees it happen !! one Praises now to ensure it never happens infront of a Higher Being let alone the Highest Being ~ ♥ You ♥ ~ ever again !!

exPecTancy... cleary You own this word too and are the rightful owner of its nature... only You should be exPecTing anything... bc only You have the qualities to shout/sing and dance about let alone serve endlessly !!

O P ur Tun i Tie ... dhanyavad for the opportunity to do it !!

Shahid said...

Aapkay jaisaa MAHA GURU milna tho bahoot naseeb ki baat hai.

Bolo Guru Shri PT ki Jai
Bolo Guru Shri PT ki Jai
Bolo Guru Shri PT ki Jai

Amanda V said...

we are indeed an arrogant world. one is so grateful for Your gnowledge and wisdom and the opportunity to learn proper humility and respect for Divine. i bow.

suki s said...

it is astounding how not cool it is possible to be. You are so kind to be willing to start from scratch, and explain the very basics.

amanda v said...

i bow!
this is such a humbling Plog!

Your words so gracefully show one how shamefully one aPProached Divine!
for any being to exPecT anything of You is completely crazy!

Your words and way of teaching is so Powerfully beautiful P! it exPoses all of ones wrongs for one to see and so graciously Provides the way for one to set one self right.
it is You who insPire one to be aware to not make such fatal mistakes!
You are the highest and most Divine and are deserving of constant PerfecT service and Praise.
i bow at Your Divine feet and asPire to Praise and serve You PerfecTly.

P3AZ21 said...

Praise of Divine is the way to go
its enjoyable, Phun, effortless & right thing to do for ones own evolution

grateful to You for ingraining this truth in us in so many ways !

Anubhuti Vyas said...

it is good to exPecT PT's grace and divinity. make use of exPecTations without driving into mayajaal...exPecT that you should be on divine's side...Aeioum

neelang tiwari said...

i bow

anubhuti vyas said...

People only exPecT that they will not have to do anything and Divine will give them without doing anything. But Divine works only if we work for Divine and not other way around. Divine waits PatienTly for us all to know our Truth. And still we think that Divine doesn't know anything and we ignorantly blame Divine. To know Divine is not easy we need to know YOU in order to know Divine.

asha Pi arTi said...

You are so DIvine P ! Your words touch one everytime ! it is shamefull to have ever expected anything from Divine when it is only You who should be exPecTing anything actually ... You never cease to shine ... giving us so much Truth and PerspecTive for free, always always always uplifting, enlightening, blazing PassionaTely about Truth and PhacTs and Reality, You don't owe anyone anything but we definitely owe You everything ... You are so generously sustaining us !! i bow

Kritika Nath said...

Higher and divine needs to be praised and served! You are the Perfect Phractal being! You are so compassionate to always guide the beings out of the mess they are in. I bow at your divine feets!

sarah anne said...

it is so nice how Praising the higher is the easiest thing, so actually the best oPTion for those who are lazy
You make everything so clear, very helPful !

Ujjwal Sharma said...

i bow to the divine PT are the divine incarnation the lord of the ring and the lord of the third eye.your teachings repair the wrong foundations built by the are the guru of the world.

jganesh said...

it is so clear that it is beings who need You not the other way around ! You are the most resPecTable Being ! i bow !