Thursday, 9 July 2009


ignorance leads to excitation
from almost anything

the experience leads to boredom

boredom may lead to real gnowledge

real gnowledge leads to excitation
from the divine and divine only

this excitation is the only real bliss


stardolphin said...

cos what we're served up
by the media et al,
in terms of excitement, celebrity etc
isnt remotely exciting
cos it has no depth or meaning...
just a bland empty manufactured production line version of soulless excitement
that they created out of a bedrock of deliberately engineered boredom
then cynically contrived and controlled
to make money

nothing to do with the real
natural vibrant reality of pure spontaneous excitement

amanda v said...

i bow. dhanyavad P. You clarify fact from fiction in all things. i bow at Your Divine feet. Narayan! Narayan!

P3AZ21 said...

Yes my sweet sweet Lord it is !
i have been thinking (!) the PasT few days about what long PhuTure would be
i wish it to be one where i am connected to You

Phact is that Praise of You is what keePs liPhe sane
i wish to work hard & Praise You ProPerly, i wish to develoP virtue

You are the most beautiful ! You are charming !
You have PerfecT PieTy, You are the great ProTector, You are The Royal, The Elder, The Patriarch !
the scene in the PT sPeaks where You are on tower & the word PaTriach flashes on screen is such a aweing moment !
the grand umbrella of a Aparajith is always on You, has been from ages & always will be in PhuTure as well ! You are the Mahakaal !
all You say is for us to listen, You are the only absolute ResPecTable being there is !

PsingulariTy said...

wow ! what a great exPlanaTion of Bliss !
only the one who has exPerienced Bliss would exPlain so well
You are The Blissful One !

a pari said...

wow so BEautifully intelligent P ... its aweing how You spell it out for one ! this is more Precious than all the gold and diamonds, this is what one has run away from facing out of embarassment at one's ignorace, this is exactly what one needed to read and so grateful Your words are here to refer to as the life saver that You are !!

Your 'Beauty, Coherence and Information Density' humble and excite one like nothing out there could ... bc You are the only example of real bliss... You are the only ever lasting Real in life and death !! You inspire one like no one else can !!

*Your words are absolute Truth and Liberation*

i bow !

Science Spirituality said...

Wow just few golden words and truth being revealed here!!

neelang tiwari said...

i bow

jganesh said...

You are so right ! i bow !

Swati said...

Thank you to bring that excitation in my life, a real bliss.

Your coherence and Soul Supremacy can not be explained. You are first ray of Sun with all blessings and highest energy of Soul.

You existence define these words Bliss,Happiness,Beauty,Charm, Charisma, Character,Gentle, Sweet,Soft, Serene,
Auspicious, Blessings, Benevolent, Humanity, Selfless,Power,Will, Wisdom, Knowledge, Truth, Pleasure,Light,Divine,Mercy,Kind,Peace.

You are Lord of all existence.

O Lord ! Please shower your grace on me.

! bow my head in your Lotus Feet !!

sarah anne said...

You make real gnowledge so accessible.