Sunday, 5 July 2009

2 new bird crop circles appear in response to lotusocean vids


hathor said...

that's so awesome, the detail of the response and that it is responding so readily to you..a celebration of your being and music

Anonymous said...

i bow to the Real Birdman, the source of Truth. dhanyavad for Providing Pure activation in a world without a clue. i bow at Your PerfecT feet Guruji. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

P3AZ21 said...

wow ! what grand resPonses to Your Plays !

Swati said...

Thank you Lord for sharing such beautiful display of your divine play.

Thank you to all higher beings for manifesting your divine energies into this beautiful creation.

Thank you O Birdman !! your fractality is so Pious and Supreme that you energies transform into divine timeless beautiful natural creations, even after crop is harvested, those crop circle leave their stamp on the field.

Your feather are so strong that you can fly faster than light. Your imagination doesn't know boundaries of time and 3d dimension.

Your existence on earth is one rare phenomenal.Only who has your grace would be able to praise and bow down to you.

I am thankful to everyone whosoever is associated with you.learning from you, Praising you, Bowing to you.Serving you.
All you disciples and devotees.

I am thankful to all beings, beautiful nature and everything living or nonliving associated with you.

Thank you O Lord for making this world most beautiful for me.your energies are everywhere.
My eyes see your Lotus Feet and ! bow myself in your Lotus Feet !!

Please accept my Obeisance !! ! bow ! ! bow !!