Sunday, 2 November 2008


there is general thinking/consensus
all over the planet
that not eating animal flesh is
so the so-called vegetarians
have no qualms about having non-veg partners
even in nature
the herbivores & carnivores don't mate
horses don't mate with lions,
elephants don't mate with cats & so forth
but homo sapiens seemingly can overide all natural law &

discomfort/awkwardness of nonsensical situations
they also freely go to discotheques, raves, trance parties, festivals
in the blessed comfort of gnoing that they
are vegetarians & thus against slaughterhouses &
animal cruelty & so forth
the simple fact that the techno music
they are enjoying is no different from
slaughterhouse machine sounds doesn't
cross their mind
also most of the
vocal music they hear is nothing
but the agonized cries of dying animals
channeled through homo sapien mouths
there is no realization that
vegetarianism is a whole way of life
not just a food choice
the whole gambit of meat, alchohol,
borgness, corpiness, non-veg company,
non-veg sounds has to be given up
together before one truly becomes a
the incomplete compartmentalized form of
vegetarianism is neither lasting
nor does it bring all the benefits associated
with vegetarianism
veg food + nonveg life = speedy disintegration


TwoHearts said...

Showing me the way of becoming a vegetarian is the greatest and kindest act any One has ever offered to me in my entire life, and i am not young person. To offer someone the way out of suffering is the ultimate kindness, and that is what you have done. i bow in eternal gratitude.

sree said...

Only you who is perfectly coherent can show us truth for what it is

we are fortunate for being able to read your scriptures

pinx said...

This is a must read for all those who consider themselves "vegetarian"! Very striking and imPacTful words ! You always write the absolute truth ! So eloquently have You pointed out that vegetariansim is actually a whole way of life ! this is a beautiful and evocative statement !!! and everything You have outlined makes total sense !! "vegetarianism veg food + nonveg life = speedy disintegration" brilliant summation !! You are crystal clarity incarnate !

Due to Your grace i am following the vegetarian way of life ! i am eternally grateful to You for changing my life ! You are the One who lives by His words ! You are the ultimate & most sincere Vegetarian ! You are an example to us all !

I Bow !

Anonymous said...

i bow. Your grace is ever exPansive P. Your simple and Profound Truth offers Pure joy when followed. ones gratitude for You unfolds with every fresh breath of air one takes. one is forever grateful for Your boundless gnowledge and comPassion. You are the only reason one is no longer lost in a sea of confusion about what to fuel ones body and mind with. You have Phreed one of countless self destructive desires one was burdened with. You are the Ultimate saving grace and deserving of infinite Praise. i bow at Your Divine feet. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow!
Divines every word is mindblowing and decimates lie after lie!!! the PoTency grows every time one reads Divines Plogs! there is no other who can see the Truth with such PeneTrating insight and scriPT it so eloquently.
it becomes so logical that vegetarianism is 'not just a food choice'! that it is a way of life that does not include that or those which arent vegetarian!
'the whole gambit of meat, alchohol,
borgness, corpiness, non-veg company,
non-veg sounds has to be given up
together before one truly becomes a
You are the ePiTome of one who lives PerfecTly! the suPreme examPle to be Praised!
i bow!

P3AZ21 said...

a charged land Provides herbs that sweeten the meal

Your Plog herbs are deeP in the ocean of internet
if one has resPecT for the waters of ocean, for Pacific~PrashanT, one can Phind them
they Provide sweet rejuvenation for the sPiriT/sols

Anonymous said...

That's a very profound intensity you have shown. Only a pure being could have seen

You live a vegetarian lifestyle. You are a pure vegetarian following vegetarism as should be.

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Twice Born, The Real Brahmin !
the only One we gno of.

A Parekh said...

veg + non-veg life = speedy disintegration

WOW !! that is the most brilliant summary ever !!

You are so so so so so kind to post this ... this is the
single most clarifying treatise on vegetarianism !!!!

so gratefull one has been able to live a real vegetarian
life with You P !! !!!

i bow

Science Spirituality said...

Looks like animals have better intelligence level than human. You always present a different picture by your views and showing what exactly is going on in the world..

Kiah Infinite said...

Wow P is definitely all knowing and all powerful!

Ajay Kapoor said...

This has been a great read, the last line is a very impactful summary. Thank you for showing me the path to vegetarism it has truly changed me.

neelang tiwari said...

i bow to the Divine.
i bow to the Peaceful.

jganesh said...

"vegetarianism is a whole way of life" - what a beautiful and logical point ! You are the most gnowledgeable Being !

aastha pudasainee said...


Swati said...

Thankyou so much my Lord for another rare gem from Pocean of eternal truth...

Churning is happening with your arrival on the earth... Cosmic consciousness and cosmic truth.. I feel so rich so blessed and so grateful that I am able to collect gems of your divine kindness and compassion.

Kripya mera shashtang Pranaam Sweekar Kare!!

Swati said...

Thankyou so much for your all efforts to write such a beautiful Plog and sharing with us,helping and giving an opportunity to fools and brat like me to come out of this whole nonsense happening around.

I am so grateful to you,How would I be able to do anything for you. How would I be able to serve you. Do I even deserve that place to serve you.Do I even deserve to sit in front of you.

I don't want to waste my life anymore.
My soul will always be trapped even if I die without serving you because the moment I saw you this wish has been arised to serve you.
I could not focus on anything or anyone in this whole world other than Bhagwan "SHIV".
Obviously, He is God,He is divine,He is almighty,He is Omniscient, Omnipresent. He is the only Truth. 'Paramsatya'.

But how to follow that path what he asked to follow ? What is that right path?
Does helping others make sense or just singing like Meera for Shri Krishn will serve the purpose. How to get out of this dirty world around.

So much confusion,People who talk about and worship Shiv and Krishn, even they are not following the path showed by them. They have just covered themself under the so called man made laws,culture,fake name fame of knowledge and love. I feel suffocation here. It disturb my mental peace to see the utter nonsense happening around and somehow I also fell prey of this.

Because I was so unfortunate and stupid as you were here and I was busy serving so called irrelevant relationship around.

I admonish myself for being so fool and just want to punish myself for all the sin I have been doing since so many years unknowingly and I will punish myself hard for that. You may like to suggest. I am ok to go for any Penance.

Today when I saw you, I see that divinity inside you that Truth 'Satyam Shivam Sundaram' that Knowledge which can only come out of someone who himself came out of divine.
You are PT that axis that Pole The Avatar.
Spending whole life uplifting this 'Bhoomandal'.Bringing that 'Ganga' of knowledge down on earth as done by 'Bhagirathi' to free the trapped spirit from here. You can invoke all 'Panchbhuta' those energies through your sound and divine light inside you. You are that living embodimentment of wholeness. You are one.
I haven't seen anyone on this Earth so Divine so Pure so Compassionate and this stream of Compassion and limitless love is continuous and selfless Obviously, you are one divine energy of ShivNarayan.

One would be demon to not see Divine Play.

I surrender myself into your feet. O my Lord.
Every Pore of my body, mind and consciousness is yours.
Please show me your feet to sleep into eternal joy.

!bow to you my lord.!bow to you.

asha Pi arTi said...

it is so wonderful to read this again, Your words are Pure Truth !
You are the PerfecT example of real vegetarianism
You are the absolute embodiment of Truth and Beauty
You make elitism so much more appealing and fashionable than socialising or meating with muggles ...

it is so embarassing that one did not gno about this before You, that it was not passed forward through the generations as it should have been ...

what was lost is now being found through Your Grace !!! so grateful You are here and Your words can be heeded �� i bow

Gita S said...

I am grateful to you that the misconception about being a vegetarian has been cleared here on this blog..

Wish the same news could be throughout the world !!

veena iyengar said...

I am learning things from a fresh perspective..and totally agree with you..

undecided said...

I bow. It's so true how contradictory the vegetarian life style is. And while they promote the fact that they are vegetarian and "healthy living" for the sake of their own inflation of ego, that is another false sense of gnoing. They won't eat meat, but they fill their stomachs with alcohol and drugs in order to be able to enjoy a trance concert (if it was proper music, one wouldn't need the influence of such materials in order to listen!!!). PT is here to set the record straight. aeioum

Vaishali Thaker said...

True! vegetarians dont gno that its not only by mouth but by all the open gates of body, they need to be purely vegetarian! what goes inside matters a lot for what comes out.. as inside so outside..
This is really very serious thing for the one willing to evolve..
i bow to the guru, the rishi who is here to educate all the beings of this plane by giving example of his own liphe 🙏

रेshma said...

I bow 🙏😇

lana_33 said...

such a wonderfull Plog!

"vegetarianism is a whole way of life
not just a food choice"

really a great PoinT! am so gratefull to be learning about veg food and veg life under Your guidance! You are Truly the ultimate guide ~ All gnoing about every asPecT of human liPhe ~ You are so wholistic, and You are so kind to helP beings evolve and become more wholistic as well!

Your music is such a blessing ~ the most Pure and blissfull sounds ~ Truly vegetarian in their nature! it is Truly a Privilege to have access to Divine Teachings and Divine sounds! i bow!

Manu said...

Vegetarianism is a Way of liPhe!!
Woh!! You Provide the best Guidance!!

Divine Guru PT,everything You have stated makes PerfecT was so lost and gratePhul to You for this full fledged beautiPhul exPlanation!!
Our body..the city of nine gates..should be taken care of as per the vegetarian way of liPhe..You have so aPTly given the directions that its's not just what goes in the mouth alone that matters but a wholistic aPProach has to be adoPTed..
You awaken sense and sensibility in one!!!

You truly are the only One who gnos about the Vedic way of living..You are wholistically a vegetarian..You are the only one who is Purely Satwik in today's day and age..inPhacT Your PuriTy is above and beyond being satwik!!You are so Higher and Divine🙏

It is so generous of You to create such an abundance of Your Divine sound and light so that beings can indulge in that and not the toxic muggle content!!
You really offer rePhuge in every way Possible!!
You are so beautiPhully rePhined from head to toe..inside out..such a remarkable elegant PersonaliTy!!

I bow Divine PT🙏🙏

kṛtti kā said...

You Provide everything to lead a vegetarian life! From what to eat, to what to read, to what to speak, to whom to see, to whom to listen to, to what to do... Just everything.

Your Pure way of liPhe is what one asPires to follow! You are a beautyBeaut BeautyPhull being!

i bow /\

kṛtti kā said...

You change lives of all beings including one for the ultimate good! You are the best PhorTune for any being in the existence! one would have remained in deeper mental n physical hells had one not come across You and found a way out of one's non vegetarian life!
i bow /\

Reshma said...