Friday, 15 December 2017

politically correct ?

dishonesty has


new name

these days

'politically correct'

it makes dishonesty

seem okay or even right

when the word 'correct' is used

what is PoliTical or PTical





and deliberate lies ?


neelang tiwari said...

things have a way of showing themselves out...
even if the intention is otherwise

vintish said...

I bow

Swati said...

O P ! ! bow to You !! ! am so grateful to You for Your Presence !!

true...Poli-tics is another name for 'ethnics of PolluTed minds' People if don't have ability to figure out their own ethics they start PolluTing all, being at center for Power !!

fake creating illusion ~ for a better tomorrow and develoPmenT while there is no develoPmenT...
by being so dishonest that they are stuPid suffering from limited PercePTion of their own and PolluTing beings,mother earth and environment...

fake leaders, fake dreams ~ no feasibility check for the term ~
'better tomorrow'or'DeveloPmenT'.

O PT~The Axis ! !bow my head at Your Lotus PheeT for being in the Power~ 'PoliTics'~ PT ethics of PBS !!

O SuPreme Soul ! ! bow my head at Your Lotus PheeT !!

missmriggy said...

I never knew what real honesty was until i heard you speak,saw how you live and read your writings!!! you are the ePiTome of honesty and that is the Purest display of Truth and correctness there is...

sarah anne said...

it is politically incorrect to not bow down to morons who genuinely believe they are higher beings in spite of their shocking stupidity.
it is such a treat to be allowed to only bow to the most brilliant man on the PlaneT.
You are the much needed saviour.
i bow.

asha Pi arTi said...

Your correctness is so humorous and phun !

It's so great to have Your eloquent and honest example here shining amidst the chaos and untruths.

You PoinT out a common problem with so much depth and intelligence that it could only come from the PT Axis Itself 🙏 and You always provide the solution too :) such integrity !!

I bow 🙏

Christopher Meissner said...
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Param Trishna said...

This is honesty. These words have much power. O brave one... thank you for the expression.