Tuesday, 30 May 2017



an Egyptian term for the

Divine Feminine Goddess




it has been








beings here

so easily


because of

their non-learning













neelang tiwari said...

People can make anything of anything.

vintish said...

Divine has the highesT class !

vintish said...

I bow

adimanav said...

Victory to goddess isis.! Victory to PT! Victory to osiris! Victory to the truth!

A Parekh said...

⭐️ i bow deeply moved by Your Passion about Truth and true comPassion to explain this so BeautyFully !
muggles are manipulated by the staged nonsense done by fear monger-ers here
Your Grace comPassion generosity Patience and priceless Presence here are so liberating !
You express both Divine Pheminine and Divine Masculine so PerfecTly !
You are the best of everything and one is so fortunate to learn from an Avatar !

i bow 🙏 ⭐️

missmriggy said...

An Honest Voice is the rarest gem in the world, and all the multiverses and you are it.

Jyothi S said...

Bow to the Divine Feminine Goddess ISIS, and PT Ji, for sharing the TRUTHS.

Swati said...

Thank you so much Lord.

Your words are Strong and most Powerful like any Divine Arrow to Pierce through and cut all illusions of Outside Social layers of fake identity and illusions of mental and emotional blockages.

Thank you for your Divine Presence Lord. Thankyou for motivating all Females who really believe in their femininity, would surely be thankful to you. For your Sweetest Gesture and Divine Attitude to revive all lost Shakti Principles.

Thankyou Lord for your immense Grace and Compassion.

! bow to you my Lord in your Lotus Feet !!

Swati said...

O Time wheel Holder ! O Bearer of Sudarshan Chakra !!
You can see through any time, HisTory is no more MysTery with Your Presence.

You share amazing Principles to learn. I bow to You O Higher and Divine for Your beautiful Perspectives.

You always syncretise all Higher energies and share the reality of their exisTence with us with Your exceptional wit.

How beautifully You defined Divine feminine Principle which is so hard for anyone to understand.

! bow to You.

reshma nair said...

Pt is Pure Truth. 😇🙏

Manu said...

Respected Divine PT,
You have the Pharthest-reaching vision!!!
We see much,observe little and perceive very less...the manipulation happens in plain sight and yet one can't decode it the way You do...as You are Higher and Divine🌟
You alone can Protect and revive the Divine Pheminine Goddess Principle...
All Power and Glory to You PT🙏
In the hope of awakening the Divine Pheminine within me,with humility,I Bow to You..aeioum🙏💗

Vaishali Thaker said...

Hiding the real meaning of such sacred divine principle is such an evil act!! You bring all the lost gnoledge to the surface, you beautifully discriminate between right & wrong, your gnoledge about each & everything is so clear & perfect, you perceive everything so well, divine feminity can only be explained by the one who has experienced it, you are the repository of all the timeless infinite gnoledge, so witty, powerful & humorous you are, your phacts are very eye opening & makes one realize that one is totally lost & needs someone to redirect on original path, you are the director of ones life.. i bow 🙏

jganesh said...

its scary what happens when beings have a non-learning attitude ! with the snap of a finger the Divine Goddess became associated with a 'terrorist' group ... the disconnection from the Higher is unnerving ! if You were not here ... it would take a looong time for beings to seek the Higher ! Your Presence here is really appreciated ! i bow respectfully

The Dasher said...

Wrong manipulation of words is a bad karm... Gratitude towards PT for uncovering the fraud going on since years ... Most amazing and life changing experience is what LotusOcean brings in ones life -all thanks to PT and his amazing journey... Much love and devotion towards PT ...

veena iyengar said...

I bow..aeioum..