Wednesday, 8 March 2017

discipline and fun

these days

the only

definition of fun




breaking of discipline


considered fun


in reality

it is

just akin to falling in a ditch

how fun is that ?

real Phun always

comes through


and all

rishis and deities and higher beings

are examples of that


and once the initial

aversion to discipline is

gotten over with

discipline is actually Phun



asha Pi arTi said...

WOW !! so true ... You make everything Phun !!

I bow

vintish said...

I bow

Si iris P said...

omG, that is such a great PoinT ! Your observations and analysis are so brilliant. 
Your ScriPTures have such dePTh and imPacT while being so witty & enjoyable ! it never ceases to amaze one how many layers of content every line of Your Plogs carry !

You really drive the point home - 'how much fun is that ?' - seriously ... !! so confronting and true ... it's shame-full, those futile illogical attempts at achieving fun thru breaking of discipline !

sooo sooo true - in this world only breaking of discipline is considered fun ! 

discipline is always portrayed as the end of all fun, often even life-threatening-to-lethal ... dozens of movies from hair to dead poets society to chocolate ads come to mind immediately ...

all the supposed 'fun' activities in muggledom have to do with breaking discipline, 'letting oneself go' ... the result is never real Phun, it always only leads to craziness, excess & exertion, contorted expressions, hangovers = downfall ... ! You've worded it in the most elegant and precisely true way - it's akin to falling in a ditch !

You are the Most Disciplined Being, and when one compares Your Pics, sounds & Philms with all the pics that muggles upload onto fb documenting their supposed 'fun', with the 'music' they create and with their facial expressions, it is very clear to see WHO has the real smile, WHO produces truly blissful, joyful & enjoyable sounds and WHOSE activities are truly interesting, uplifting, vibration-raising, in short: WHO has real Phun !

You are so kind to give this wholesome, most helPful wakeup call and to clarify once and for all what is the right, ProPer and logical thing to do ! You are the ultimate ExPerT on everything, including Phun ! 

You allow one access to so much Phun thru following Your precePTs, doing the disciPline You prescribe, thru the amazing oPurTunity for PBS arising from Your Presence here!!!

thru putting attention on Your sound & light one has the Privilege of exPeriencing a level of Phun which is completely, profoundly different from and off-the-charts vastly superior to everything else on this plane.

it is so immeasurably miraculously awe-inspiringly great that You are here and that Your amazing manifestations are accessible thru Your generous media !

forever grateful for Your greatest PresenTs/Presence !!!!!

i bow

neelang tiwari said...

One always dislikes change.

Change for betterment gives fun in all sense.

Unknown said...


Ujjwal Sharma said...

Your observations on our muggle world are quite accurate as you are the lord of the third eye.real Phun and Party can be seen in your beautiful Philms.
i bow to the divine PT avatar as you are the only one teaching the correct way of life as you are the guru of the world.

Suresh Ginger said...

Hi PT,
When I was kid,the pop corn was Rs.2 and now in theaters it seems to be Rs.500 more than 3 times the ticket. Not sure How this can be Fun? People are moving to malls for Fun and to get some A/C as outside its hot without trees. I feel its beyond people's control to move beyond the forces of kali yuga because they get awareness but difficult to swim opposite currents?

K N said...

Discipline is a difficult thing, but indeed without it there is no learning, no evolution!
Being disciplined is a cool thing not being indisciplined!
You are the PerfecT example of it! One can learn so much from you. You always insPire one to follow a Proper conduct, your words are full of truth and wisdom.
I bow at your beautiful feet!

missmriggy said...

so true.. the discipline of being a disciple of PT is Phun

Rashmi Chandrasekharan said...

Yes, true....We have ingrained the wrong and argue that is correct... We have to get out of the vicious cycle of wrong doing....

Only the enlightened, evolved soul and divine consciousness can guide us....

Thank you for showing us the way.... I bow...


ujjwal said...

Your observations of our muggle world are absolutely are the lord of the third eye and guru of the tell the problems and then give are the lord of the ring.when i first listened your voice on youtube i knew you are the avatar because it was very powerful and strong.
i bow to the divine PT avatar.