Wednesday, 18 January 2017


a lot of people ask

what's my purpose here ?

well the purpose of everyone ( repeat : everyone) here

has to be

getting out of the cycle of birth and death

and going to higher realms

how can it be anything else

unless one is okay with pain , hell and torture


is always

to evolve

and get away from



it doesn't

change from




unlike what all the fakey new agers say

'everyone has a different purpose, path etc '

all utter nonsense

aimed at trapping Beings in cycles of hellishness

everyone wants

happiness and Bliss


Purpose of being born here

is to achieve that through

Real learning &

Evolutionary actions




Karn'iKa Tri' PaThi said...

only by bowing to higher and divine can one learn of the true purpose of being on this ocean of existence. only You explain the Purpose of all existence so PerfecTly. In you Gurukul one learns of the mysteries of this multiverse. You are so kind in revealing and playing to us all sacred sounds from AkashGanga... <3 Bows to ShivNarayan

neelang tiwari said...

Divine directs everything towards betterment.

Roopa Jadhav said...

Purpose of being born here is to get out of the cycle of birth and death through Real learning & Evolutionary actions...

I bow to my dearest Teacher. Aeioum.

vintish said...

I bow

Shahid said...

The purpose is indeed to get out of cycles of birth and death. They should teach us all this right from our school days
but no one does. Only the Divine is gracious to reveal this openly.
Glory to the mighty PT Avatar. Jai Sri Narayan <3

Rashmi Chandrasekharan said...

We all seem to have been influenced by forces which want us to stay in pain.
Thank you for bringing us out of this wrong notion and showing the right way.

I bow to your gnowledge...


missmriggy said...

All Glories to PT, the Truth, the Light, the Good

Suresh Ginger said...

Hi PT Axis, Its really amazing the way you are presenting and the arts which you have expressed through music and images. Lotus Ocean, PT axis are like amazing words of expression of cosmic design and You have been my inspiration in decoding mythology and its like amazing when we are reading them after proper honor. The Serial and Movie Mythology have shamed the concepts I feel. It is making me worried on how people in kali yuga can understand Dharma. Mahabharata characters shown in serial are entertaining them and they dont understand that they need to follow the Dharma. It has become Entertainment and here and there they are feeling we must do good and are doing same mundane illegal activities thinking they are following Legal Law. I feel Your words are not entertaining to illegal people and hence ignorant cannot understand and I can feel you must have crossed that area of dealing with people. I tried to express few pure principles myself to people whom I know. They are telling like good one man and I dont know whether to laugh or cry!!! The extreme way they are dealing against nature and it seems they can no means understand nature principle as they may think nature means some trees. One person was like praising digitalization will make easy in India and that they can also go to temple one day when they are bored with credit cards?. Modern Meditation of relaxing is also making me think that they can relax one day after finishing their illegal activities. I find difficult with this people mindset or even to talk with anyone because my manam is also getting corrupted..I have understood that it is not possible to explain extreme concepts like "Geeta" to them as they are and their rigidity Body cannot comprehend them. I am using the word extreme concepts from their point of them. It took me to delusion that one must take challenge to explain them like Jesus(people will throwing stones or arrest socrates with poison) and also making me worried How I may want to contribute from my end as like speaking with them there is no use. I also thought to contribute my work towards nature and its teachings and felt there are like no people here-now to understand those arts straight away because there are already so much of arts which people if provided must have understood by now. With their confused manam they cannot even praise arts which I have understood. However I also have come to an understanding that one must not also not stop from their journey and with this principle I also would like to contribute my efforts for divine work and I need your blessings in guiding me as pure principles and with Ganesh Principle help me understand if there are errors and mistakes I "commit" in my Journey. - Yours "truely" Suresh

God`s Warrior said...

Oh great Avatar of this Yug, i deeply bow to your Divinity.
A question is floating in my mind since i have been following lotus-ocean,i have to let it out.I myself have being studying present world religions fora while and trying to figure them out,so to break out of this matrix.I found in my journey Taoist and Vedic teaching have depth and truth vedic being more advance mantra tantra yantra jyotish etc taoist being more primary 5 elements chi etc. Egyptian being out of my league i tried but couldn't decipher,but as you said its the third source of knowledge in the multiverse.
Then we come to theses one book religions who have been dominant in the present.As per your teaching they come to match what you said,one of them bow 5 times a day to the creator and praise it highly.But then turn around and start to slaughter cows and ready to slaughter whoever oppose their ideology /belief.Then the other two also go along as you said it is written in their holy text that this realm is a flat plain and heir God resides in the 7th plain.
So people who started this movements did they knew the law of the multiverse since it matches some of lotus ocean's teaching!How did these religion knew about the laws then goes totally opposite to it.Who are these people who have started he movements or is it just to trap us here by giving small portion of the truth! It would be great if you can reply oh Great Avatar.

Anubhuti Vyas said...

Purpose is only to learn what you say . You spread Truth through Plogs. The ultimate divine's word which will take us all out from this prison of hell. Purpose is to do what you say. Purpose is to follow your preachings by understanding it through Plogs.You are the avaTar who has come here to realise our true selves. You are our saviour.

bindu ravikumar said...

everything you say makes so much sense /\
so meaningful

Gaurav Pathak said...

The more I am trying to understand You,the more I am disliking, just.. just... everything from/of this world.
Sincerely seeking blessings and Divine shadow from You.

Ujjwal Sharma said...

i bow to the divine PT avatar for explaining to us the purpose of our lives

Unknown said...

Please forgive me o divine for not praising you enough,
For not understanding your true greatness
Please forgive this spirit,
And may my mind be able to actually comprehend the greatness of P I humbly bow with poper posture
My mind is not conscious enough to understand the greatness of P. You are beyond greatness and beyond everything. My heart fills with shame and guilt for my mistakes. My heart wants your acceptance. I desire closeness with Px

amaya said...

You simPlify things for one like no one else does..what a great Plog
Your words are medicine for a confused state that comes from not facing PhacTs
You tell one what the real PurPose of life is..You make it so clear..You words are so great and meaningful ..Your words are so Priceless ..Your words are so Precious
You are ones only roPe out of hell
i bow

Ibu Alvina said...

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sarah anne said...

only You can elucidate and simPlify the purpose of everyone in such a comPelling fashion.
Your clarity is inimitable.
You insPire hoPe for something better.

anubhuti vyas said...

I bow to you...higher and divine you are the true Evolved being..seer of seers..the one beyond time..

Jyothi S said...

This is absolutely True, somehow people are taught that they are born with so much karmic baggage that the idea of Moksha seems farther than the farthest to reach.

Hope everyone realize this and takes steps towards Liberation.
Thank you so much for clarifying this PT Ji.


reshma nair said...

Your truthful Plogs always gives clarity.

Vamsi Mohan said...

Your Thoughts are so brillianT with Pointed answer. I bow to ParmaTma _/\_

Vaishali Thaker said...

Wow.. getting out of the 3D matrix is onlh true purpose of everybody on this plane!!you are always so straightforward!! reading this itself gives the feeling of how ignorant we are about our life & how important it is to become a seeker.. i bow 🙏

KaalTrikaal said...

very true, when we r near the center of galaxy, near Aquarian age, things begin to reveal itself, how someone deliberately twist the meaning of everything so that we remain in darkness, when someone evolved being, avatars reveal true meaning of words, secret essence then it automatically unveil everything but make sure student must be ready to grasp when real Teacher Master appears. Thank u.

veena iyengar said...

So true..

jganesh said...

that was brilliantly said ! Your PerspecTive is definitely more sensible and revolutionary then any of the 1000's of new age blogs/videos/articles about beings purpose here ! everyone's Purpose here is to evolve ! this Plog would save everyone the stress and agony of searching for their purpose in the matrix ! the Purpose is to get out of the hellish matrix not stay in it ! wow ! Your words are truly golden ! beings liphe would change so quickly if they read Your golden logic and PerspecTives ! i bow respectfully <3ॐ

The Dasher said...

When divine talks- it speaks with confidence and it shows in words... there is no ifs and buts , its what it is ... People should stop speculating and accept the PhacT ... sooner or later everyone will realize the Power of the multiverse and PT himself... There is complete clarity when PT speaks as he actually gnows by being in nature ... Everyone including myself should try and get better at it instead of talking nonsense... aeioum....

The Dasher said...

Yes, Every being's purpose is to evolve themselves, gain real gnowledge and get out of this cycle of birth and death .... Everyone including myself should learn from PT and gain real gnowledge and apply them with discipline to get out of this cycle and birth and death and experience the new world of bliss and happiness which PT has shown on LotusOcean .... So beautiphully presented .. I bow to the great master himself PT...aeioum...

Devarsh Ambani said...

In love with this Plog!!!
Aeioum UnTo PT i Bow!!!

Devarsh Ambani said...

So Very True And Confidence Giving.
The High And Divine Is The GreaTesT.