Tuesday, 12 April 2016

proof ?!

so many here

ask for a proof






they are



right now



amanda said...

i bow
it is SO kind of Divine to PoinT it out for even the blind to see!
it is so amazing that there is ONE here who gnos and sPeaks the Truth!

it is such an amazing and comPassionaTe miracle that You chose to come to this hell!

You are the only ONE who gnos what this Place is, what it is all about and how to break out!
it is the greatest fortune to come across Divine, to be given the chance to bow down and Pay attention and work toward the only real goal and opportunity of a billion lifetimes!
i bow

vintish said...

I bow

APari said...

such a great PoinT ... You always clarify everything as no one else can ! so gratefull one can learn from You directly Beautyfull One ! i bow

APari said...

i bow

such a ridiculous refusal to see reality

pain is hell

Your words are so refreshing and uplifting !

i bow

Roopa P Jadhav said...

True. Its really sad. Ignorance is the biggest hell. I bow to thee PT.

sarah anne said...

You are the most miraculous heavenly Being !!!!

neelang tiwari said...

All proofs are out in open.

APari said...

it always takes You to PoinT out the obvious ! i bow

sarah anne said...

ones whole life was basically proof of hell. only You provide the rational PerspecTive that getting out of it for real is smarter and more logical than suicide.

amaya said...

this is such an absurd world
one is in hell and You show one a way out
You reveal the absurdity of this world
without You one wouldn't get a chance to get out of hell
one would be lost due to ones own dumbness
one would go from one fraud to another due to insincerity and imagine one is getting out of hell and getting enlightened when one is going deeper and deeper into the hellishness and just not facing PhacTs
You are the only saviour
its so great to be here and actually get to Praise the PraiseworThy so great to get a chance to overcome ones evil tendencies and sickness to be able to do the only right and natural thing
You save one from lifetimes of unnaturalness
You are the greatest

You are beyond Phenomenal
i bow

amaya said...

so true
one is in hell right now and only You help beings escaPe hell
You are so kind to give refuge
You are so kind to help beings rise above their own hellishness
You are so comPassionaTe
You are so kind to be here
You are the saviour
You are so kind to show the way out of ones own craziness that keeps one here
i bow