Tuesday, 22 March 2016


beings here



the basis



( at least they think they can )

not on

the basis


whats the PoinT ?

what will be the consequence ?



vintish said...

I bow

amanda said...

i bow
it is really amazing the way You PhuncTion P!
You are the only ONE who CAN Truly PhuncTion!
Your words and actions always convey suPreme sense, logic and PracTicality!

it's really embarrassing to realize how many times one stupidly functions on the muggle 'I can' basis without the care, concern and consideration of
'what's the PoinT' and 'what will be the consequence'

Your words are scriPTures live by and imPlemenT!
to sPeak and Praise constantly!
SO grateful for the chance You Provide in every moment for one to stop being a moron.
i bow

neelang tiwari said...

Action should be done by predicting reaction, not influenced by ability.

sarah anne said...

only You have zero desire to do PoinTless actions
only You can deduce what to do and not do
so great to give so much logical guidance

sarah anne said...

You are the only source of clear logic !!!!
so grateful for Your examPle !!!!

reshma nair said...

Every action has a consequence- the phact which Indians love to ignore.😀 i bow. Aeioum pt.

Vaishali Thaker said...

Doing without thinking & than escaping, not taking responsibility, is the major hellish thing happening in kaliyug... you are the saviour, giver of true knowledge, you always speak facts & make one understand where does one stand!! i bow 🙏☺️