Monday, 21 September 2015

a kid is not a child


world is

full of





child to be




amanda said...

i bow.
one is reminded of Divines 4 pronged approach Plog.
really makes one want to be teachable like a child.
to be a child of GoD, a child of Divine.
not like a foolish kidder.
P is the only ParenT.
The only One here who gnos.
The only One here who sees.
The Only One who can really raise one.
You are Divine! You are the only One who truly raised Yourself!
it is SO beautiful to see PhoTos of Divine as a child!
Pure, innocent, gnowledgable, wise,
as You have always been
as You are now
as You will always be
it is You who has always seen this Place for what it is.
It is You who were never detered or led astray from Truth!
You are the only One here who came to this PlaneT of Your own volition.
Your incarnation here is the most amazing and ProPhecied event.
You are the One all have been waiting for!
it is frightening that so many kids choose to ignore You.
That they choose not to Pay attention to the One who it all revolves around!
The One who is the center of everything!
You are the world! You are the entire universe, multiverse, omniverse!
it all belongs to You!
SO grateful You are here P!
one is so lost and confused without You.
one longs to be Your child,
to become and remain close to You
to always revolve around You.
i bow.

sarah anne said...

Your innocence, PuriTy, and maturity are so unique and Precious. You are such a treasure. so fascinating to watch how the ageing process occurs in both ends of the spectrum. it is also fascinating to see how someOne so innocent commands infinite resPecT.

P3AZ21 said...

a world of kids, unseen by all
crazy world it is, hell all can say
then a lotus bloomed, a soulful call
towards being a child, a new shine way

a nature child in the world of aPes
all regards to Him, to all He does
whizzing across enchanted lands
now and ever, the caPTain PT of highlands

a pari said...

i bow... Your observations are so intelligent !!

' i have come to doubt
all that i once held as true
i stand alone without beliefs
the only truth I know is You...'

You are the real PeTerpan... so kind of You to rekindle the wonderment learning attitude... sane sensical simple and sincere innocence of a child... in those that really pay attention !

i bow !

vintish said...

indianism shishupal

vintish said...

I bow

missmriggy said...

PT is only perfect being in this world.

neelang tiwari said...

Every word is unique.

Roopa P Jadhav said...

I bow..