Friday, 10 July 2015

the fear of ...



out of hell

the fear of hell

has to be more than

the fear of transformation



a pari said...

i bow ! what an unforgetable statement ! You are so logickal and You are so kind to show things for what they are so that this can be done !

i bow !

Anonymous said...

i bow!
Divine always has the most PracTical no nonsense approach!
It is SO kind for One who is without fear to guide one in utilizing fear approriately!
to learn to see one must fear hell more than the transformation it takes to get out of hell!
Your logic is infallible!
You Provide insight to helP one shift ones illogical minset.
You are only One in a PosiTIon to guide the way out!
i bow!

vintish said...

I bow

sarah anne said...

wow !!!!!!!!!!! You are so kind to help everyone stay focused on the PoinT. You are totally Profound and entirely brilliant.

pinx said...

that is yet another totally ePic, Profound & crucial teaching !!!
You are constantly making things as clear as can be !
You provide PracTical, accessible and applicable solutions on how to actually break out of this whole thing FOR REAL ! Your words are the wisdom of the One who can DO the DO !! unlike all those jokers out there !
even this P-log itself is designed in in a stairway-like form ! in the same way You provide all the steps that are required for beings to escape hell. the real stairway to heaven & beyond can be found in Your teachings !!
i bow !

pinx said...

You really hit the PoinT home so well !!! its such a great reminder as to what to be wary of !! to be wary and fearful of hell foremost and utmost !!
one has seen too much fear in oneself and others when it comes to transformation ! it is so great how You provide the solution to any quandary including this one !
one has also seen how beautifully You provide the means for real transformation to occur ! You gno what it takes to actually make it out of this plane !
You gno what it takes to actually escape hell.
You gno what it takes to reach higher realms, and what it takes to stay there.
You never spread falsehoods, lies, misnomers.
You never allow anyone to be in any kind of delusion/fantasy world.
we are so lucky that You are here ~ it is only through Your grace that any movement towards breaking out is even happening !
i bow !!

P3AZ21 said...

great Plog !
Praise of You will helP make the truth conscious in one

missmriggy said...

Truth Incarnate! The Supreme Expression! The only One who understands
the deep peril of our situation.

PsingulariTy said...

You are Raam
'ease, comfort and contentment' come with Praising You

Anonymous said...

i bow.
it has been really frightening for one to face the truth
that one is trapped in hell and has no idea how to get out.
that ones whole life and everyone in it is nothing but a lie and that one is completely helpless, lacking any real gnowledge.
that one has been afraid ones whole life and wasted most of it wasted in some form pretending not to be.
to watch oneself remain stuck in hellish paradigms, lies, and programming or paralyzed by fear or reacting to this fear in nonsensical muggle ways!
there could be nothing more frightening than remaining trapped in this hell forever!
What beings have done to this world is so shameful and terrifying and disgusting.
The ways they have raped and pillaged Divines world and gorge themselves on its resources!
the horrifying ways they cage and slaughter and farm Divines beautiful animals, beings which live in harmony with nature, beings which are higher than they are, higher beautiful Divine beings such as Cow, and that they deny there is anything wrong with the way they live!
everyone willingly serving evil! choosing to remain trapped in its spell.
turning Divine into religion or business!
everything about the anti Divine world they have built here is sick and wrong!
Divine is always comPleTely logical, PracTical and factual in Divines approach to everything!
You always gno what to do! Your actions are always right!
Divine makes it clear that it makes no sense at all to fear transformation! to fear real change! to fear surrendering fully to the only One who can save one! to the only One who can be trusted!
You are the only Pure being here! The One who gnos how to live and does so PerfecTly! The very real last gelfling!
it's just so amazing You came here P!
that You, the final Avatar are visiting here, where we all live in fear!
That nothing and no one here was or is capable of bringing You down!
that You share the Truth and beauty of who You are and why You have come through Your lyrics and sounds and Plogs and Philms and PicTures!
That You document and share the living ePic real life true story of how You are single handedly brining evil down!
It is You who never sucumbed to fear in any way throughout Your ePic life here!
You are the Truth that destorys all lies! The One with real Power!
The only One who gnows the way out!
the One to humbly follow.
i bow!

a Pari said...

i bow at the Blaring Beauty and Phun of Your Words and Way !! i bow .

neelang tiwari said...

Same thing can be used in different places for different results.

Anonymous said...

wow Your scriPTures are suPreme..i bow

Anonymous said...

You are such a beautiful being
so kind of You to share Your words of wisdom
Your words are so awesome
You are such an awesome teacher

leap into freedom said...

so True! aeioum ������

Vaishali Thaker said...

The statement has to be taken into accout like an order!! Beings need do so much of effort to improve their hellish states by doing PBS towards higher & divine!!

jganesh said...

the fear of hell has to be more than the fear of transformation ! Your words are so Profound and wise ! lol beings really do fear transformation but hell is definitely the real thing to fear ! i bow respectfully

Indrajeet Khadey said...

I Bow.

Leap into Freedom said...

Admission of ones true state with complete honesty is the way to evolve. Ones fear of hell can propel one to make right choices in order to transform & evolve!!! You provide the most direct and effective way to freedom & i bow to you. aeioum

ki vernee said...

Your words are Profound !

the fear of hell
has to be more than
the fear of transformation

i bow

ki vernee said...

Your words are Profound !

the fear of hell
has to be more than
the fear of transformation

i bow

veena iyengar said...

yes, very true..i bow..