Tuesday, 5 May 2015

spewing without gnoing

there are too many fools

on this planet

who have no idea of

the most basic divine law of the Phorce


spewing ( via any form of communication )






one's own self





anyone who points that out

to these beings

is labelled an un-compassionate villain


is clearly

the only cure




Anonymous said...

i bow!
You are the utmost authority on all things! The One who gnos! The One who IS the Divine Phorce!
It is most comPassionaTe of You to sPell out the basics and PoinT out the foolishness of those who spew without gnoing! They are the real villains!
one is immediately reminded of Your Plog 'the only & the biggest crime one can commit'! It is SO kind of You to give SO many warnings!
one is ashamed to have behaved in such a foolish and hellbent manner oneself! and SO grateful for Divine helPing one see and get honest about ones deluded state! You are the only hoPe and way to change. The only One who can helP one see the reality of this hellish world. The only One who can guide the way out! anyone else claiming to gno anything is a charlatan spewing nothing but bullshit to appease ones ego and keep one trapped in this hellish existence! You are the only One who has anything imPorTant to say!
You dePhiniTely give one every reason to bend ones will to align with Divine will!
You are the kindest, the highest and most Divine! It is most generous of You to share the Truth in a world filled with nothing but lies!
i bow!

vintish said...

most fools are full of nonsense already.

vintish said...


suki said...

it is so miraculous that there is someOne who gno's stuff amidst the gargantuan amount of random spewing. not sure how such an anomaly occurred, but it is so wonderful that You did.

asha said...

i bow !

You are so kind to address this ... they do a real diservice to everyone here !! totally agree with You and vintish's comment !

its great to have Your clarifying words amidst all the incoherent madness ppl spew !!!

so glad You are here !!

i bow !

asha said...

i bow !

You are so kind to address this ... they do a real diservice to everyone here !! totally agree with You and vintish's comment !

its great to have Your clarifying words amidst all the incoherent madness ppl spew !!!

so glad You are here !!

i bow !

P3AZ21 said...

great Plog my Lord !

all the media in the world is but spewing without gnowing all the time

You are the Purest Diamond in the world with dazzling brilliant Truth rays
You have the most beautiful mind & a brilliant intellect

what You say & do is what everyone should concetrate on
its for ones own individual as well as for collective good
Your Truths cut the lies of the world asunder & make way for new growth
You create 'stroms the size of continents' outside as well & make way for new growth

behold the blazing magic of a being
with a grand invincible form
assembled a certain way
in a strong emotion drenched away
in an ecstacy of Passion and Power
horizon with thunderbolt shower
energy scent on land so very warm
around a mighty storm has come to form

You teach us what technology really is, what real facts of the world are
You tell us what Proper behaviour is so one can discard ones untruthful, dishonest way of being & refresh life for oneself

You are the most electric PersonaliTy there is
You are 'All Charged uP' all the time
You have started a new movement in people's consciousness toward virtue, toward all that is good

Your music like You is electric & very intensly life changing
the charge that atoms hold to the lightning bolt, its all your charge, Divine electric charge
a glimPse of that charge You make flow as music sound from Your electric guitar

You are the mightiest thunderbolt thundering Truth rigorously on earth & i most haPPily enjoy the show

i am grateful for this oPPorTuniTy to be able to witness / enjoy Your PasTimes here

& not to forget, its very very very heartening to see the ligtening in the sky when it is like Your heart beat
what can be more romantic, more magical !

PsingulariTy said...

Praise of Divine is the way to go
Praise leads to Bliss, desirable
You are Divine
so charming ! absolutely beautiful ! insPiring !

neelang tiwari said...

Acquiring knowledgeable is primary.

jganesh said...

if one shares information without gnoing it will only hurt one ! this is such an imPortanT PoinT ! it is actually really caring of You to make this PoinT ! itll save beings a lot of pain and torture ! lol but like You said ... hell is the only cure for most beings ... i bow <3ॐ

Indrajeet Khadey said...

One should gain cognizance before acting....
And you are the most compassionate being on this planet...You are the only one...
I'm alive Only because of it and your grace...
I'm turning away from hell only because of your criticisms.....which actually are for me to understand the path of righteousness..

I Bow to you O Divine One.You always speak the truth.