Saturday, 7 March 2015



these days



a medium

for something useful









vintish said...

I bow

amanda v said...

i bow.
its so brilliant the way You Perceive words P and PoinT out how mad todays so called media is!
You are the True medium!
bowing to Your comPleTe Divinity!

suki s said...

Your gnowledge is so extensive and complete. You are so humorous and cool, and the most brilliant educator of all time

pinx said...

LOL ! that is so brilliant ~ no matter how many times i read it once i reach the punch line it always gets me laughing out loud ! You are the eternally witty One !

pinx said...

and so insightful too. You have made a great connection between the word media and medium !

it really should be a 'medium' for something useful !! Your amazing ePisodes would be the right place to start !!!

P3AZ21 said...

very sweetly said !

mad media i don't need
really, when one switches on TV or watches Youtube, if it is other than Your Manifestations, it does feel like one is going mad, one can't bear it for long

unlike LotusOcean where when one comes back to Plogs or vids or P casa, things just get better & better

media of today sPreads lies, evil

You are Truth embodied, showing & sPreading Truth

i have a clear choice of whom to take in

PsingulariTy said...

wow ! how brilliant You are !

You are The Enlightened One
You are oh so beautiful !

A Parekh said...

i bow

lol that is so true so witty and Phunny

You have the Best sense of humour its so refreshingly Honest !! i bow

neelang tiwari said...

Media can be used for good or for bad.

leap into freedom said...

Absolute PhacT!!! aPPrecaTion for being the bringer of gnowledge that breaks the spell of confusion. aeioum������