Monday, 16 February 2015




a -lie - cutter


to be alive

one has

to cut down




suki s said...

i love how You approach the anti-muggle concePT of 'honesty regarding one's state ' in a huge array of ways. this etymological version is very inspiring !!!

it is so clear why You are pure electric aliveness and everyone else is in varying degrees of near death. You are so helpful and PracTical.

vintish said...


vintish said...

Dhanya hai aap - I bow

vintish said...

I bow

Anonymous said...

i bow! this is such a brilliant dePhiniTion P!
it is no wonder that the One who is comPleTe Truth is so Phully alive!

to be alive

one has

to cut down



to turn to You, to Divine, to LotusOcean, is to face the Truth of ones state and see all the ways one lies and experience the very real death trap lies are! it is You who insPire one to get real! it is You who have cut through all lies, who lives the Truth constantly and share it in the most compelling ways.
one is moved to listen to 'all you want to hear is lies' as the truth of Your words sink deePer into ones consciousness.
i bow to the One who exPoses all lies.

Shahid said...

Now i gnow what alive really means.

Glory to the mighty, all P-owerful Shiv-Narayan <3

vintish said...

Only P can makes one alive

pinx said...

aaah P You are the best !

You always 'keep it real'

this is the best definition for alive there ever could be ! and the best advice on how to become it !

P3AZ21 said...

How You understand emotion in words
How sorted & extensive Your coherence
its almost a trifle considering Your Granduer & acts
but can be seen in the way You explain the word itself

life without You is a lie
in Praise of You i wish to disengage that lie

i wish for Your image in my mind
Your words & sounds ringing in my head
Your touch, Your feel to be around ...

& to be connected to You ever
to move closer to You by becoming better

sweetest, most beautiful one
i cant wait too long to come close to You
i am too anxious, there is so less time to imProve
in wanting to come close to You soon

but knowing all ones foolishness & emotions, thoughts ... i am not sure how many lessons more i need to be ready for You

all i can do is Praise You

i ...

PsingulariTy said...

wow ! You are Truth !
You are Divine

A Parekh said...

i bow
Beautyfull defintion P

You make it all so visually clear

i bow

sarah anne said...

You are the most truthful honest Being. You have so much clarity. You are so illuminating and cool.

neelang tiwari said...

Living is being honest.

sarah anne said...

wow ! such a good definition !

K N said...

Wow! You redePhine and exPlain the ProfundiTy behind every word so ProficienTly!

Only you are comPleTely alive , you gnow and live by the absolute truth!
Rest need to cut down on so many gnown and ungnown lies to start living. :)

Your Plogs are so clarifying so enlightening! Your Plogs/lotusOcean is the channel to face the lies , understand and learn the truth and maybe then resuscitate one's consciousness fully!

You are the true Guru , to find a Guru is the greatest fortune one can have, only a Guru can teach and guide one on the PaTh to liberation and beyond.
You are the best and an invaluable giPhT beings have here! What a great great oPPorTuniTy to learn from the divine Avatar himself!

I bow at your beautiful all-gnowing feet!

sarah anne said...

only You can think and oPeraTe on this level.

Vaishali Thaker said...

So basic thing to know, beings on this plane are so fallen down to hell that even such a basic thing needs to be taught!! the divine is so generous to point out all the silliest mistakes & show the true path!! only you are the one who is alive on this planet, rest all just think that they are alive but are not.. only you can truely define what life is all about & how to serve its purpose... i bow 🙏

jganesh said...

oooh wow ! You broke that down so beautifully ! by that definition there are a lot of dead people walking lol ! one is so fortunate to learn from You how to be alive or cut down on lies ! i bow <3ॐ

Indrajeet Khadey said...

Lying about one's situation will only make it worse....
Accepting one's state and obeying Divine THE ONLY WAY OUT..

I Bow.

The Dasher said...

wow so beautiphully explained by PT .... a lie should be cut down to be more truthful .... Very grateful for PT's gnowledge and the work and penance he has done for so many years.... aeioum.....