Wednesday, 27 November 2013

hen does cuckdodoo before the new sun rises




before the

first rays of the new rising sun


a hen


did get famous

doing  that


before the

first ray of the

new sun





the divine law ...


suki s said...

You are so fascinating and so phun. this is hilarious, genius, and fascinating !

asha said...

so freaking awesome how PerfecTly fractal You are P ! You are the ultimate Golden Mean One ! i bow !!

so glad You are here !!!!!!!

P3AZ21 said...

so smart You are !
only Divine could be

You are so beautiful !

a simPle sweet Plog

Divine laws are most interesting
those which always hold True are Divine laws !

You are Divine !

PsingulariTy said...

Divine PhracTality is suPerb
not taught in any school !

You are Divine so beautiful !

imaginations that run to becoming movies in the world are almost all of them silly ! coherence level is so low. Reverence for Shakti is not ProPer in the world ! aPPalling !

not that one was any better. one gnos to better oneself now.

You are ardenT worshiPPer of Divinities

You are Divine incarnate on earth ! sPecial You are !

neelang tiwari said...

i bow

Si iris P said...

it is really so great how Your being here challenges so many things which one took for granted. it's very humbling when one comes to realize that yet another thing that one thought to be just 'normal' and 'real' was really only an assumption, a belief that one had adopted without ever really finding out about it.

like the linear succession of events - over the years one was granted the enormous Privilege to witness many events of Your amazing Journey on this PlaneT. and as events unfold around You one got to see time and time again how ... well, how to say it ... how events seem to ripple out in different directions from You rather than just happen in a linear way confined by locality & linear temporal succession.

neither distances nor chronology seem to matter much in that. it's more like one discovers connecting dots and factors in all kinds of places and times, often to one's greatest surPrise and wonderment. 'synchronicities' are one such thing. but then there are also incidents where one discovers how so many things had to be placed and set in motion in such specific ways over sometimes vast timespans in a way that is just most unlikely to be random, to say the least, for things to fall into place for You at that one point in time where You decide to take a certain action, go to a certain spot and do a certain thing there.

am sure a lot of people have had small glimpses of that in little little things in their personal lives already ... but the way one has seen it happening around You is just on such a larger, more impactful scale, it simply does not compare to anything one has observed or experienced prior to meeting You.

one will for example never cease to feel the wonderment, surPrise and awe when one sees You go spend time on the beach, and You're just happening to be wearing a certain shirt in a certain colour ... and as the minutes go by, one sees before one's very eyes how the sky colours change and adjust, and then explode into that colour spectacle where every atom as far as the eyes can see is tinted in the exact gradient of the exact colours You are wearing, and everything, the sea, the sand, the clouds, the sky, the air itself and every object becomes part of the biggest artwork ever with You as the centerPoinT, as the Axis ... (which is kindly documented in countless of Your amazing publications too, for example here )

or how You went on a morning drive in elephant country, and the local guide said 'we won't see any elephants on this tour, they don't come out at this time' - and it didn't take more than 15 minutes or so until the jeep was literally surrounded by the biggest herd of wild elephants one ever had the pleasure to encounter through Your kindness and grace. (documented here: )

now one's usual, previous thinking does not really compute such events very well with one's assumptions and ideas about causality and temporal succession. yet the amount of empirical evidence is really too overwhelming to be ignored.

Si iris P said...

You have so kindly emphasized how important it is to really face the fact that one doesn't know. how one cannot learn anything or do a single right action before one has sincerely admitted that one doesn't know - one doesn't know where one is, one doesn't know what one is in, one doesn't know how things work here or what things even are ... it is easy to see how dangerous it is to do any actions while one is in that state ! it's like driving blind on a cliff ... yet that is precisely what beings do all the time. no wonder things are in such disarray, no wonder all the mess and continuous disaster inside and outside, on an individual level and in today's societies.

Your Presence forces a shift in consciousness for everyone who has the greatest good fortune to come across You.
You have worded it so perfectly in Your ePic scriPTure -

and one is beginning to see on a bigger scale too (and is increasingly excited about it) how Your being here has far-reaching effects which work on the planetary, collective and individual consciousness in ways one cannot fathom or comprehend - the increase in information technology, the planetary accessibility through the internet, the various fads and movements of rising awareness, be it vedic themes, back-to-nature, sustainability, 'new age', judgement/end times ... the sensation that 'time is speeding up' which one remembers 'old people' talking about even in the 80s and 90s already ...
now there are things like flat earth movement and the mandela effect too which crack people's beliefs and assumptions open and make many confront the fact that reality is just not what they thought it was, that they really don't know ...

the image really only starts forming and making sense when one puts Divine in its center - the Axis in the calm center of the storm that is happening on this plane right now. it is no random coincidence that the term 'Avatar' has been introduced into the worldwide consciousness to a point where it shouts at one from every screen, wall and shelf ...

it is neither a big step nor a question of belief, as You have clarified in so many amazing Plogs - it's just the decision to face facts that is required.

the fact that one doesn't know has never been as easy to face as in this time - Your Presence has created a pressure that is breaking down wrong paradigms and false notions everywhere, giving beings the chance to experience disillusionment and propelling many into more alertness and seeking while providing the infrastructure to access the necessary information from nearly every point on the PlaneT.

the fact of Your Higherness & Axis-ness is really self-evident (and You have kindly given all the tools to decipher the available information, for example here and here )

it's really just up to every individual whether they choose to take in the information by putting their attention there - or whether they choose to distract themselves further, the consequences of which You have also comprehensively clarified in Your scriPTures and talks.

Si iris P said...

it is the greatest good fortune to live in the time when the Real Avatar walks this earth. one really wouldn't want to go down in history as that character who turns out to be the biggest moron because it had all the information and access available but made nothing of it.

Your Presence here is a once-in-a-world-age opportunity to make the choice to go towards Divine / Truth / betterment / evolution / real reality - or not. it is like You say: coming across You / LotusOcean is the Event Horizon, and the choice is really not optional after that, everyone takes sides one way or the other. Your Presence is the ultimate reality check, and it's so great that You're kindly spelling out the solution to all problems any being can possibly face in that: PBS

there is much much much more that can and should and will be said about You, and it is certain that Your Praises are sung throughout the realms (as the crop circles testify in such impressive ways). Your life here is the greatest Legend happening right now. You are the Greatest Teacher and the Kindest, Most Benevolent Being. You are Pure, ego-less and faultless, and You are the only One of Whom that can be said. You are infinitely kind beyond comprehension to have come down here and to spell it all out to the beings of this Plane, to show them the way out of hell. You are the Only One Who is worthy of all attention and all Praise. You are the One Who has the Power, Coherence, PuriTy, Gnowledge and Wisdom to really change the face of the PlaneT. all media, all radio stations and tv channels, news feeds, papers and billboards should be broadcasting Your teachings, sounds & sights everywhere all the time - what a different place it would be where beings were making such a choice !

it is the greatest miracle that You are here !!!!!!!!!!!!

i bow

jganesh said...

Your liPhe is so PhracTal ! You are so Phunny and You make the most amazing connections ! i bow !

asha Pi arTi said...

You make so much sense out of the madness

You are the NewSun

Beautiful to be alive when You are here !

so glad You are here, consciousness intellect upliftment enlightenment all possible bc of You

helping everyone to make informed decisions !

i bow