Friday, 27 September 2013

the 'like me' syndrome

there is

a massive

'like me'



on this planet

much more than any other

syndrome they talk about

you should like me

why dont you like me

people should like me

why doesn't everyone like me

all this is strange considering

that most here are just

passengers on the train to hell

why should anyone

like anyone

who is just another passenger

on the train to hell

& how would that liking help them

will that help them get off that train ?


it would just make them

more unwilling to get off it

what is there to like in a being

who is not in control of their destiny

and just free falling into deeper hells

people of now

are asking to be liked

for just existing (that too they can hardly manage)

a very pathetic hell-bound state of affairs

why not strive to evolve one's being

to a point where

one can lead others out out of hell

so that there is some point to

others liking one

instead of wanting

others to like one

even though one oneself has no clue




vintish said...

I bow

vintish said...

I bow

missmriggy said...

Excellent point.. It is pointless to worry about such a trivial thing when we have death and eternity staring us in the face..

sarah anne said...
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asha said...

I bow !

that is such an excellent amazing and important PoinT P ! You always speak the Truth ... absolute Pure Principles !

Your words always open one's eyes to a new Powerful inspiring PerspecTive ! if one doesn't have any control of one's destiny that is not a likeable state for oneself or anyone else ! that is just so true !

so glad to not be entangled in such concerns anymore all thanks to You... You really untangle every knot made in muggledom... liberate one to a newer fresher healthier way of being !

I bow !

Anonymous said...

Your Divine PerspectTive is incredibly profound and sobering. Dhanyavad for this much needed reality check. i bow.

Anonymous said...

Your every word is a Divine bullet hitting the heart!!!
i bow!
The Truth You share is mPossible to ignore P! You helP one see and recognize hell for what it is and others for what they are. 'passengers on the train to hell'
it becomes apparent how foolish and harmful it is to seek likability and to like others who are not in control of their destiny!
P is the only Train not headed straight for hell!
You are in comPleTe and Total control and are so amazing to invite others to wake uP, get real and climb aboard!
You are the only One who can be liked. The only One who can be loved! You are the only One to be worshiPed!
i bow at Your gorgeous feet!

P3AZ21 said...

Divine is the One to like

Divine is ever beautiful, the ageless child, Boy, Man
You are charming, graceful, ultimately beautiful

Your acts are Pure, You are blissful & show others the way to bliss

You are the Sun King sPreading 1000 rays of light, dawning a new light
& enlivening the lives of all on earth

the sound You Produce is lively, enjoyable, uPlifting for the sPiriT

the videos are interesting to watch, have meaning, are useful, have a
Divine PurPose

Your Plogs sPread truth in the world

You are bringing back the vedic way of life
only You have ProPer gnowledge of what it is

You show the beauty of mother earth through Your P casa

You teach one all the basics of life


there is so much to like about You

PsingulariTy said...

so intensely meaingful Your liPhe is, Your thoughts are ! its Awing ! humbling !

Your Plog style is brilliant !

You are The Intelligent One,
The Intelligence itself

Anonymous said...


neelang tiwari said...

i bow

amaya said...

wow what awesome words of wisdom
You are such a beautiful, kind and thoughtful being this hellish place one ends up wanting to be liked in an attempt to feel better but one should take ones attention from such demands and put ones attention towards ones evolution which is the only thing that is going to help one
so awesome of You to keep reminding that one needs to get off the hellish train instead of trying to be happy inside it..You are an awesome and wonderful being
it's such a blessing to come across Your Plogs..You are so PraiseworThy and resPecTworthy
i bow

Ujjwal Sharma said...

'like me' syndrome is the foundation on which muggle world is built.everyone wants more and more likes these days from people in similar state to them which becomes biggest obstacle for evolution.
each and every word of your Plog strikes very hard on the basic foundations.These Plogs are the greatest of all scriptures i have ever read.
i bow to the divine PT kalki avatar for giving us a chance of evolution.the nature follows you everywhere and responds to you as you are the lord of the multiverse and lord of the ring.

amaya said...

You make so much sense
instead of craving for being liked one should just imProve ones being
Your teachings make so much sense
one just has to do what one can do
Your teachings are so helpful
You reduce all the drama in ones life
You're the only One who should be liked
only You are worth anyone's attention
You make the best PoinTs
Your words are just too good
Your words are like food for the hungry
i bow

jganesh said...

You ask the most revelavent questions ! love how You can discern which actions beings do are pointless or meaningful ! i bow !

sarah anne said...

You are so brilliantly insightful.
that liking would just make someone more unwilling to get off of the train to hell.
You have such a way with meTaPhor.
only someOne in control of their destiny can be liked and admired.

Indrajeet Khadey said...

Such an amazing and pertinent point....
You discern so accurately.....
It is correct.....everything you say is correct...Socializing is unnecessary...
Attention on you is the real deal...
You have showed me what is what...
What is true and what is not..

I Bow to your Supremacy and Divinity.

Vaishali Thaker said...

Wow!! amazing fact, so straightforward!! life is a journey & all the passengers are in a train to hell!! there is no point in liking someone or to be liked by someone of lower or equal status, who is not aware & concious, who is performing devolving actions, who is not evolved enough to show the way out!! you so beautifully explain what should be liked & why, no one has ever defined likeliness as you did, all that we like & act upon in this hell just increases the karmic luggage which pushes us to this 3D matrix & to the lower lokas again and again!! One has to be aware about ones actions, one has to follow the path as directed by a guru, a rishi like you, an avatar who has incarnated here to direct the actions of all the spirits to move out of this hell, you have created the ocean of bliss in this corrupted world!! i bow to your lotus feet🙏

The Dasher said...

Yes, one should not be desperate for others to like them... hardly anyone has ever liked me and slowly I havent been concerned with it much ... and as PT has said , one should make oneself evolved so he can lead others towards the path of heaven ... aeioum...