Sunday, 28 October 2012

youth - yis or yes

most on this planet



what can be called as

muggle 'youth invincibility syndrome' - YIS

they are always far away from

YES - youth enquiry sense

when people reach that age

of 16/17

they get carried away by

a torrent of energy called youth

which they find themselves unable to cope with

its too intoxicating a drink for them

it makes them

heady, proud, non-listening

they all seem to gno what to do

without having any

real gnowledge at all

learning, humility

all seem like bad words

old age seems like something

which only happens to others

death does not even exist

it seems youth is what they are

born for again and again

but cannot really utilize anytime



vintish said...

Beautiful PöinT !!! ati sundara, ati sundaram ~ I bow Φ

vintish said...

Beautiful PöinT !!! ati sundara, ati sundaram ~ I bow Φ

vintish said...

Beautiful PöinT !!! ati sundara, ati sundaram ~ I bow Φ

vintish said...

Beautiful PöinT !!! ati sundara, ati sundaram ~ I bow Φ

vintish said...

yes , those youth have gone too sick that they can't even raise themselves , too many horrible people ... Today's pleasure is tomorrow's punishment "aaj ka maza , kal ki saza".

pinx said...

"muggle youth invincibility syndrome" ~ Brilliant !!! what a great term to describe it ! and as always Your wit is striking !

excellent observation about muggle nature ! Your words are truth ! Your words are Profound ! as always PerTinent wisdom and teaching to be found in Your eloquent lines ~ "it seems youth is what they are born for again and again but cannot really utilize anytime" ~ ePic & striking statement ! such keen insight and higher PerspecTive !

and how it can be seen how well You utilised Your youth ! You spent that time unlocking the keys to the Multiverse ! You spent that time working on Yourself ! awakening Your Kundalini ! opening Your third eye !! You used the energy of Youth wisely and constructively ! You saw there is no time to waste ! You weren't going to stop till You had found it all out ! what an excePTional being You are !

& due to Your grace and fine example You have inspired others to utilise the time of youth ! through Your education death is not some distant concept which ceases to exist - with You one learns to live every moment in preparation for that time.

and not only have You harnessed the energy of youth but You have prolonged it also ! You are truly an eternal Youth ! You havent aged a day since the day i first met You !

I Bow !

vintish said...

magnifique O.o

pinx said...

just saw Your cool new additions !

YIS - 'youth invincibility syndrome'

YES - 'youth enquiry sense'

brilliant !

love how the second is a very affirmative YES !

Youth Enquiry Sense ! YES ! that is what You have in abundance !

I Bow !

sreelatha said...

you are the most youthful ever-radiant PersonaliTy there is

if one is honest enough to see one can Phind clearly what the 'youth invincibility syndrome' can lead to in an example video in your " 'ignore' at your own risk " Plog as well

you give a clear indication of how the youthful energy can be used Properly for good

you are the most comPassionaTe

'YES - youth enquiry sense'

wow !

you really show how 'The sPiriT of Enqiry' is essential

and you have the best sarcasm ever !

its cute the way you say

"learning, humility

all seem like bad words"

that is a very dangerous situation !

and so they do get stuck in the cycle of birth and re-birth and not get to a better state

you are full of wisdom

your blazing truths are the most auspicious for the entire world

you are the best of the best

you are Kalki

you are ParamaTma

i bow

sarah said...
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Shahid said...

Lord PT,i see people changing around me all the time but glad to see you and your Blogs everyday.It is an Oasis for the tormented soul,a cool divine spa where one would rush to day in and out.

I bow to the Great,Majestic,Praiseworthy, Kundalini Awakened Lord on Earth now.
Jai Narayan!!!

missmriggy said...

Great point..Youth seem to be totally unaware.. and seem to have no spirit of Youth in any true sense.. following the mind numbing pattern of their predecessors, just in a more cocky way rather than rebelling against the strait jacket of the dumbing down regime they are slaves to.. On the other hand YOU ARE THE EPITOME OF ETERNAL YOUTH.. You are always fresh, engaging, attractive, vital, challenging the status quo of society and inspiring others in a quest for freedom.

sreelatha said...

joh sarir mein saktiya ati hai unka samman karna cahiye

taki sahi vikas ke marg par atal vaktiv bana ja sake

ParamaTma bahut dayalu hai

unhone free will sab ko diya hai

aur saktiyan bhi ati hai sab mein umr ke saath, par unka upagog ya durupayog se hi jeev ubarta ya girta hai

ParamaTma ki sache dyan mein, ParamaTma ki sache ghungan mein saktiya bhi utpan hoti hai joh ParamaTma ki daya hi hai

multiverse sakriya hai, log bas kaliyug mein ghasite ghasite jeete hai, voh darasal jeena bhi nahi hai

aaj ke navjavan khas kar bekar jeete hai

aap jo sach bol rahe hai, sare sunkar sudare to duniya jeene layak behtar banega

Aap mahan hai

Aap gyan ke data hai

Aap Purusotham hai

Aap Kalki hai

Aap Param Pujaneeya hai

Aap ko mera Pranam

asha said...

Heaven's words have rained down
PT is&has the MOST YOUTHFUL crown

& You are the only one who does describe
the drama to which all muggles prescribe

definitely wasted 30 years of my youth
no yes just yis-lack of experience is my proof

but rePenTing thru Praise is always an oPTion
no longer going to waste that gumPTion

what a Priviledge to read these words
that cut nonsense more than swords

Great PerspecTives come once in a Yug
and only from the Avatar-Divinely Huge

what a crazy cool coincidence ones alive now
while You are here on Earth-Divine's own Cow

what a joy to dance in Your Pow Wow
You are the only One to which i bow !

i bow i bow i bow !!!

Amanda V said...

Your PerspecTive is stunning. dhanyavad. i bow.

neelang tiwari said...

i bow

jganesh said...

You are absolutely right ! You are the most humble Being and have the most amazing learning attitude ! i bow !

Indrajeet Khadey said...

You are so amazing and awesome...
Because of you I came across new words...And because of you I got to understand the meaning of words...
You are the only you penetrate and reach out and gain the gnowledge..
You are perfect and your existence is so flawless....
So heavenly your being is.......
Abundance of gnowledge through yoou can converse for 10's of years and yet cannot be downloaded to any being on this planet..
You are a are a are are a are a are Divine...
all else is just a travesty....
Your beingness is living everyone else's is just a charade.

I Bow to you O Divine One