Thursday, 30 August 2012



a term so-called newagers

in the west

use for earth

but where did they learn it from

of course


but like always

they never let this origin be gnown

cow is normal called 'gaay' in bharat

and is called 'gaia' in a more loving way

only the vedic culture

had full notion of the fact

that 'gaay/gaia' is representative of

whole bhudevi (earth)

gaay is earth itself in fractal movable form

still long after stealing this term

and spreading worldwide image as

lovers of the earth

have these new-agers stopped

the wholesale

massacre of gaia

which happens everyday

in all the lands

that they reside in

have they done anything to

help & protect



thats how deep things go

when  it comes to the so-called west

no proper intent

just a fraud show



vintish said...

I bow & I bow *▬▬▬*

pinx said...

I Bow !!!

Tremendous and Magnificent is the way You deliver the Truth ! Your words are so striking, so touching, so moving !

You teach us what is what ! You bring to light the real matters of significance !

it is always so brilliant how You cut through all the nonsense and expose the insincerity and fraud show for what it is !

it is so great to read of the true origins of the word "gaia", and to read of the wisdom and gnowledge of the vedic culture ! Dhanyavad P for this precious teaching and PerspecTive ! You are the embodiment of all such wisdom and gnowledge !

You teach how to have proper resPecT for the cow and for bhudevi ! You are the most honourable human being ! You are a blessing to this Earth !

asha said...

* applause * !!!!! so Beautiful !

dhanyavad for this Plog ! You say what no one else says and the only one really standing for cows !!!

they really are just allowing these atrocities to take place all the time ! sooo cool how You bring that to light !

it is so great to have the real picture of the world thanks to You ... Your words are here to stay ! such blazing truths from the only One heralding a new age here !!

* i bow *

no one else here can use this word so comprehensively ! what a Beautiful root and meaning the word Gaia has... & so much love and affection is shown by You for bhudevi and cows :) ... always has been by the Avatar ! so cool to understand the reason !!

* i bow *

Shahid said...

Prabhu PT,i never thought about this..Fantastic how you have brought to our attention the true origin of the word Gaia.

sarah said...

Only Vedic culture could have been so compassionate and insightful enough, that is an outstanding point!

It is so true, hippie-fucks are USELESS. They have no problem at all with the meat industry/full scale genocide of cows, (they often eat cows themselves, but the vegetarian ones think the same way usually).
Then they get really worked up about much smaller scale experiments on mice/flies/etc, and think they are entitled to bomb science laboratories.

Hurting a rat is everything to the self proclaimed animal rights activists, but matricide should be overlooked. I have been accused of amorality on numerous occasions for failing to be impressed by their retarded posturing.

It is so compassionate to state this so clearly that even the most drugged out poser can read it and get a clue.

I bow

sreelatha said...

bahut sundar baatein bolte hai aap

revolution is revolving around P.
sirf is tarah se sahi sPark, sahi tarah se jeev mein kisi tarah ka bhi sPark upayog mein aata hai

Aap ki gyan bari baatein hai

Aap mahan hai

Aap bahut dayalu hai

Aap sache neta hai

Aap Kalki hai

Aap ParamaTma swaruP hai

Aap ko mera Pranam

amanda v said...

i bow! Your words are PeneTrating P! You convey the Truth in such a Powerfully visceral way that brings one to ones knees.

You share the True root and meaning of the word Gaia and convey the deep and reverent resPecT that Vedic culture holds for the being that 'is earth itself in fractal moveable form'

You expose how the western new agers gno nothing and use the bits and pieces they steal from Vedic culture to package and sell fake spirituality while they perpetuate the 'wholesale massacre of Gaia'. such appalling actions! Your statements are so undeniably and Powerful P!

it is only when one is confronted by the True Divine that one begins to see and understand what a real sPiriTual life is. You are the highest and most Divine. You are the absolute authority on all things related to this Earth and beyond. i bow at Your infallible feet!

neelang tiwari said...

i bow

sarah anne said...

You are the most sincere Being !!!!
You have infinite integrity !!!!
so grateful for the way You set the standard of how to be !!!!