Thursday 12 July 2012



is a word

one finds

rarely used in this world

compared to the grossly overused 'love'

its clear why -

devotion is too potent a word

to be thrown around lightly

like love is

love is nothing



devotion demands clear action

its not just an imaginary construct

it is a commitment

which can only be made

to higher & divine

so they have thought it best

to just erase it from mass consciousness


divine only favours a devotee


Vintish said...

I bow !!!

pinx said...

WAH WAH ! Kya Baat Hai ! What a Divinely beautiful insight ! Your words really touch one !! They are so beautiful, so wise and so true !

"love is nothing without devotion"
What a line !! You sum things up in the most PerfecT way !

You PoinT out so eloquently that devotion is a commitment which can only be made to Higher and Divine. What precious words of wisdom !

You show what devotion is ! and there is none more devoted than You to truth, to beauty, to Divine, to love !

I Bow !

sarah anne said...

You have so many ways to inspire devotion, that can't be compared to the average person.

Si iris P said...

bravo P, You give the most consciousness-expanding, grounding, sobering PerspecTive, Your Plogs are the saving island in the ocean of superficiality, misconceptions & empty phrases that is today's world !!!

'love is nothing

what an impactful & beautiful & true clarification !

truly, the word love is thrown around so lightly, people throw it without having to show anything to back it up ...

devotion is on a different level - it automatically makes it clear that it encompasses the whole being and its actions !

so great that You are here -
the Only One one can safely devote one's whole time, attention, life to !

i bow

pinx said...

" 'devotion' is a word one finds rarely used in this world compared to the grossly overused 'love' "

Brilliant observation ! and what great wording ! "grossly overused 'love'" It really is grossly overused ! without any substance whatsoever ! No devotion happening out there, so no question of love !

And once again must PoinT out how brilliantly You clear things up for us ! That devotion is a commitment that can only be made to High and Divine ! This is a clarity that needs to be broadcasted to the world !

You are the best P ! You are Divine on Earth and the One whom we can devote ourselves to completely !

I Bow !

Si iris P said...

Your PerspecTive is the best reality check !!!

that whole talk of 'love' is always so intangible, imaginary as You word it so brilliantly. and people use 'love' as a universal justification for all kinds of madnesses & to cover up their lowly motifs ... any madness, as soon as You call it 'love' it becomes sort of untouchable, can't be talked about let alone criticized ...

whereas devotion is a no-go term ...

and one that can only be used if one makes it real
it means actions, not airyfairy talk

devoting one's attention, time, physical existence to higher & divine is the most rewarding thing -
one just gives up one's little stupid illusion of control
and in turn gets a life of Phun, Pleasure, adventure, growth, learning, beauty ...

what else is there to do on this PlaneT that makes any sense at all !!!???

one gets to enjoy the most wonderful pastimes, witnesses miracles & wonders, leaves behind one's poisoning devoluting detrimental ways & makes way for real sense, real joy, real sensitivity, real life, real meaning, real adventure, real purpose, real everything !!!

so great that You are here & giving us this amazing opportunity to devote ourselves to Divine !!!

i bow

JacLee said...

I bow at your feet Lord~

Unknown said...

Love is haPPy, I bow.

Unknown said...

So true Prashantji! Devotion is love+commitment to serve the Higher and Divine. I agree, it is so difficult to call oneself devotee of the Divine, when the meaning is clear.

Mass Media uses the word 'Love' to describe Mirabai's feelings for Krsn, which should be rightly called Devotion (Love+Commitment)! Narayan Narayan! I bow to thee!

Unknown said...

So true Prashantji! Narayan Narayan! I bow!

Devotion = Love + Commitment
= Feeling + Action

asha Pi arTi said...

i bow !!

what a Beautiful line You wrote... 'devotion demands clear action'... You say things so straight and clear and make it so essy to stand under Your PotenT words !!!

so glad You are here P ! Your important perspectives are Prasad and evolve one's intelligence and definitions to Truth and inspire wholesome actions !

now one gnows why there is not a massive exodus towards You, the mass consciousness is missing this vital definition You have so Blazingly Beautifully defined here !

devotion is definitely a PoTent word... and one who makes a commitment to doing the do definitely has no time to misuse words like love !!

i bow !!

Asha said...

i absolutely agree with all the honest comments here and most of all Your Beautiful words...

unlike society, You give True liberating definitions... love = evol

one who is really seeking evolution and out of this matrix by embibing LotusOcean, is being loved and what greater gifts than to be loved (evolved) by Divine !!!

i bow !

'love is nothing without devotion'.. and i am nothing without You !!

so grateful You are here to give one a sensical life and real chance at devotion instead being one of the ignorant culprits of this world misusing words and everything else !

!! what a scary thought it is to be unfavourable to Divine, but that is exactly what one is being when not accepting the favours You are doing all the time... every conversation, written word, song, Pic & cropformation is a merciful favour !!!

i bow !

miragegirl said...

love is nothing without devotion

sahi hai

love teek nahi hoga agar devotion nahi ho

so they have thought it best

to just erase it from mass consciousness "

vah bure log hai, joh logon ke girne mein apna faida mante hai

the ninth gate yaad ata hai

joh higher & divine ki Prashansa mein na ho, vah sare karya bekar hi hai, vah sare vikas ke vyatirik kadam hai

Param lokon tak ko pahunchna muggle khel nahi

Param shaktiyon ke prati devotion hi param lokon tak ko pahuncha sakta hai

Aap ke prati devotion Param lokon tak ko pahuncha sakta hai

Aap ke prati devotion anand pradayak hai

jaisa aap ne hi kaha hai, evolution and basic survival se jude karya hi teek hai

Aap vikas ka sahi marg dikhate hai

Aap dayalu hai

Aap mahan hai

Aap Kalki hai

Aap ko mera Pranam

Anonymous said...

Wow! i bow to the only being on this PlaneT who is worth devoting oneself to. dhanyavad! Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow! this is such an intensely beautiful Plog! it is so entirely direct and firm and clear about the comPleTe and total dedication of devotion! Your insight seers into the dePThs of everything You see P!

'devotion is too potent a word
to be thrown around lightly...
devotion demands clear action
its not just an imaginary construct'

You thoroughly address the misuse of words and reignite the Power within them with Your comPleTe understanding. You make it so clear that to devote oneself to Divine is a committed act of all of ones being! devotion to You is to have True direction in a world that is void of it! all else is a meaningless waste of ones time and life. one is born to devote oneself to Divine! it is no wonder this word has been erased from mass consciousness! the effects of which cause one who is not devoted to be torn and scattered in a multitude of pointless non divine pursuits.
Your Divine Presence in this world guides one constantly to be aware of ones every thought, word, and action and cease that which is a product of mindless programming. ones being belongs to Divine, to give oneself back in Pure devotion is the greatest reality! the greatest oPPorTuniTy! deviation from this PaTh is a choice to descend into the devastating reality of being enslaved to the empty and petty desires of the unnatural world!
i bow at the refuge of Your feet and Pray to never stray from Praising Your PerfecTion! You are the source of Truth, the Highest and most Divine. dhanyavad for Your Presence in this God forsaken world P. i bow at Your beautiful feet. Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

so True

one can't use the term devotion easily, its too PoTent
but one would like to

for the One through whom we face the multiversal will
its being devoted to the multiversal will if one is devoted to You
& that i see as the right way

i will try to be a devotee

grateful to You for Your Plogs
they show a truer way of life

miragegirl said...

to be devoted is a true committment
Divine is so so beautiful !
Absolutely handsome You are !
one wants to develoP virtue & be as devoted as one can get !
to be with Divine is Proper living
everything else is just confusion at different levels

without humility there is no devotion
without reverence there is no devotion

Divine gives one so much to Praise !
You are so very beautiful !
You are charming, Your ways are charming ! Your intent, actions are most benevolent, comPleTely benevolent
it's aweing that there is inPhact One like that

You are PerfecTly coherent
PhracTaliTy is PresenT only as You exist
You are suPer Pure PerfecT ABSOLUTE Charge !

Your every movement, every gesture, every gaze, everything You are is so full of grace
You are ABSOLUTE grace !

You are virtue, truth, PuriTy
You are glorious !

asha Pi arTi said...

one is ashamed to have had erased this word from one's own consciousness and to have wrong definitions of it before ... so gratefull one can learn from You/Divine directly what this is once and for all

devotion = Praising Bowing and Serving Divine

either one does it or doesn't as You have so eloquently stated ... You are the Best P ! the Most comPassionaTe and Mercyfull ...

so kind You allow more time for being a being who cares only about evolving and TRUTH !

i bow

Astro said...

Now I understand the importance of devotion. I will focus on devotion of and praising the Higher and Divine. Thankyou Guruji.. I bow to thee PT.. You are so wise and Divine..

ki vernee said...

so beauTiful how P says devotion demands clear acTion ! P explains things so well !

Unknown said...

i bow

Astro said...

'Divine only favours a devotee. Devotion demands clear acTion..' I bow.

Anonymous said...

it's so great You are here to correct all the wrongs in ones spirit
You save one from going further down the PaTh of unconsciousness
You save one from utter corruption of the spirit
You are the refuge
You create such a safe haven for one
Your words are so beautiful, great and uPliPhTing!
You show one the only way out
You are the kindest
You are the most beautiful soul
You are the suPersoul
one wishes to be devoted to You who is beautiful magnificence and PuriTy
so kind of You to make one mend ones ways so that one could get to devotion towards You beautifully You define every word
this world is a desert without You, Your knowledge and Your beauty
this world is a scorching desert full of psychological, physical and all other pains
You are so kind to make one aware
You are inPhiniTe beauty and comPassion
You are the only resting Place
i bow at Your beautiful comPassionaTe and kind PheeT

Kṛtti kā said...

This is such a Profound Plog! Your words are the most beautiful just like You are The Most Beautiful !

Can't be said more clearly :

"divine only favours a devotee"

That remarkably sets the distinction clear and You beautifully clarify and elucidate what truly makes a devotee.

"love is nothing

devotion demands clear action
its not just an imaginary construct
it is a commitment
which can only be made
to higher & divine"

It really is not a word that can be thrown around so lightly, it is too PotenT a word, it requires clear actions! You are so very kind to tell all how to be a devotee, You are always wishing the good and uPlifTment of all!

You have the most beautiful, kindest, most nurturing and truly a Golden Heart!

One hopes to have true integrity and commitment to Pass with distinction some day ! :)

Dhanyawad for all that You so graciously , so lovingly Provide!
Your words are so illuminating and ediPhying!
You truly are the most comPassionaTe, the most merciful one!

One is very grateful for Your Benevolence and tender hearted helP.

i bow at Your LotusPheeT /\

ki vernee said...

so beautifully written ! yes it is no wonder devotion is avoided/misused ! it is such a privilege to learn how to be a proper devotee of Divine ! i bow

Anonymous said...

Your observations of this world are Priceless
You define words for beings
You are so brilliant
You are suPer intelligent
You take beings towards clarity
You have so much clarity
You tell the real meaning of words
devotion is too potent a word..
Your words are so enriching
You are One and only teacher
You teachings are real
You are amazing
i bow

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

such an amazing and beauTiPhull Plog! i bow to the divine.🙇🙏

nicolas said...

yes! amazing! your words are divine! your PerspecTive shatters all nonsense and brings the TruTh back on the throne!
i bow

ankita said...

wow...devotion is not just an imaginary construct. . it demands clear action. .it's a commitment!
Yours is beautiPhul and true dePhining of words
i 🙇 bow

ankita said...

the most beautiPhul words one has ever read can only come out of You!
You are magniPhicieT rest is all insigniPhicanT... You are so PowerPhul PoTent and soulPhul ..the most unforgettable being one has ever come across ..Your beauty is enormous and endless
i 🙇