Monday, 18 June 2012

real student


when the



the 3-d matrix

one's own state

& mad society of the present

gets more than

one's ego

is one ready to

be a real student

it doesn't happen

from being forced into so-called schools

wearing the school uniforms

entering buildings called universities

it happens from

an urgent realization

something has to be done


Asha said...

Yes Your absolutely right !!

* Bowing to the real teacher *

vintish said...

- I bow to you my king -

Shahid said...

PT Logs are Superb and very very Original.
I bow to you my Dearest Lord Narayan...

pinx said...

am Totally awed by the words of a Real Teacher !!!

Readng Your words is always so inspiring, enlightening, compelling and clarifying ! You are so eloquent and articulate ! You have provided the most absolute definition of the parameters by which one becomes a real student !

I Bow to You for this precious wisdom !

Dr Rama Prasd said...

Instead people do 'whatever you say' to gurus and get robbed off everything...

Dr Rama Prasd said...

Instead people do "whatever you say" to their "gurus" and get robbed off everything...

P3AZ21 said...

well said P
a great Plog !

one does need to have urgency to get out of here

Juliana * said...


neelang tiwari said...

i bow