Monday, 7 May 2012

definitions of madness

there are too many

complicated definitions for madness

these days

guess made-up by

mad people themselves


simply is



in an activity

which is essentially

PoinTless *

being completely sure

of the PoinT

in PoinTlessness *

is complete madness

* definition of
pointless being
that which doesn't
lead to evolution & bliss


vintish said...

lol - I bow -

vintish said...

- The most powerful blog i ever seen - Im speechless - I bow -

vintish said...

- love your vani -

ShivaYaShive said...

so are the only one who is very particular of evolution n bliss at any cost.And you are ready to stretch your hands to any extent.For that everyone wud b ever grateful to u.Thats the PoinT:)You are the real axis to whom we can can hold on in any ups and downs of life that may lead to madness.You bring back the souls on their track of evolution n bliss.

ShivaYaShive said...

:)Had experienced n heard that highest divine is beyond all such points, where divine love is no more out of needs,but out of divine love/affection.Poornamadam Poornamidam,Poornasya Poornamaadharaya Poornameva vasishyate.More we evolve, more connectedness we experence with the creator n every part of his creation.Thats the real way of Sanyas where we feel everyone are one's own family or one's own part, no more an outsider.As far as madness, yes, in a world of nudist, one who enters with a cloth is regarded as mad n vice versa. so it is just a relative perception.evolution is beyond the perception of these five senses if it is apart from Darwin's theory.But u seem to b a best psychiatrist for psychiatrist like Sigmund Freud too:).

missmriggy said...

You have definitely gotten to the Point!!!!! about everybody's problem..

sarah said...

so true. one can actually feel the madness increasing exponentially after they become determined to do whatever it takes to not focus on PT. luckily nothing works.

P3AZ21 said...

what class is, what style is can be understood by the way You say Your Plogs
You are high class, in high style, so it is that Your Plogs are rock & roll Truths

Praise of You Divine is the way to go !
the charming, beautiful, rock & roll king !

neelang tiwari said...

i bow

amaya said...

You are the One who shows the way to real sanity
..such an awesome definition of madness
Pranam..i bow

amaya said...

wow that's an awesome definition of madness
only crazy people would object to this definition to create more craziness
You're very awesome
that's a better definition of pointless than the ox fraud dictionary
You are so very awesome

amaya said...

yes one pointless action after another
no one knows where they are going after death
one is just wasting away when one is doing one pointless action after the other
ones inherent non learning attitude keeps one trapped in a society where there are no answers and pointlessness is encouraged

everyone pretends to have answers
it's such a fraud atmosphere and no one even realises it
it takes Your suPerior intelligence to make one see the obvious

You bring the good news that freedom is Possible
You can take one beyond the rainbows far away to a Place where none of the mental and emotional distress exists..where none of the nonsense of earth exists..where none of the mess one creates for oneself exists..
You show one how to follow the multiversal laws to make it Possible
You show one how one can rise to the heavens
You show one how to have PaTience
You are the most beautiful suPersoul
the memory of Your soulful beauty is so wonderful
Your beauty is so wonderful to remember
it's so great that there is so much to say about You
You are the only source of sanity
You teach one a sane and wholistic way of living
You show one how to not get lost
whatever can be said about You is still less
i bow

jganesh said...

You are the most sane Being ! You are always so logical and do meaningful actions ! the chesire cat was right in saying 'were all mad here' muggle madness ! i bow

sarah anne said...

this is so ePic !!!
You are so clear about what there is a PoinT to do, and what there is no PoinT to do.
only You can guide the way.