Friday, 3 February 2012

what people are ...

a lot of people say

'i am like that'
'he/she is like that'

but there is no such thing

written in stone

the truth is

that people are

only like

what they think

they can get away with


pinx said...

Yes! Another superb PoinT !

It is so true ~ people are only like what they think they can get away with. And that is what is so brilliant about your dealings with others ~ You always bring out the best in people, primarily from your 'no nonsense' attitude, which is made clear at all points. It is a very inspiring way of being.

This is a most positive blog once again! It highlights how people can change for the better if dealt with properly. And one thing is certain You have brought such positive changes in those around You through your straightforward, clear, wise and unwavering Divine stance.

asha said...

Blazing P... always bringing out the truth in every situation ! thinking really is a problem !

it is really encouraging to gnow that one can change anything about oneself anytime :)

* bowing to Your words of truth and compassion *

vintish said...

" the truth is

that people are

only like

what they think "

cool (*_*) , Hail to you !

vintish said...

" the truth is

that people are

only like

what they think

they can get away with "

cool (*_*) - hail to you !

TwoHearts said...

Yes, as you always speak truth, you have exposed the exact path. I bow to your truth Lord Narayan~*

missmriggy said...

That's so True. Brilliant insight.. People are just a bunch of false ideals, false notions,false beliefs,false ego..Your post is utterly brilliant.. Nobody reduces fraud to ashes quicker than you..

sarah said...

so succinct, yet more brilliant than decades of sociological, psychoanalytical and behavioural research.

Anonymous said...

i bow in shame! Your words are entirely humbling P! such PotenT and comPassionaTe Truth! You see and gno ones nature! You are every reason for one to constantly and consciously endeavor with all of ones being to change and evolve for the better! to think one can get away with anything is the fastest and surest way down! totally idiotic! Your words are Divine Truth to hold onto and asPire to. i bow at Your PerfecT feet. dhanyavad for Your unwavering guidance and direction P! Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow!
There is nothing beyond the scoPe of P! nothing P cant see with PerfecT objectivity and clarity!
it is amazing the way You see how people and things really are and sPeak the truth and PoinT it out so matter of factly! only You can Provide the way for one to see the actual state of oneself and change!
You and Your words are the most Precious guide!
bowing to the only One in this world who is truly qualiPhied to sPeak to the reason of things!
the only source to learn from!
Your PerfecTion is insPiring!
i bow!

P3AZ21 said...

what a great Plog P
one never thinks about these things
You can show these Truths to us
because You are beyond any silliness in Your character
in fact You are PerfecT coherence, How stunning that is !
You are PerfecT intelligence
All the things that even might look minute are not so, they are evils that but wait to become monsterous & eat away a being

safety is what You Provide by helPing one bind these monsterous, kill them even

You are a real benefactor

grateful for Your Plogs that in comPassion You write so Truth sPreads in the world

sarah anne said...

Your beyond it all PerspecTives are so intriguing.

sarah anne said...

i bow to Your sPecTacular incisive wit !!!!!

sarah anne said...

only You have the gnowledge, honesty, and comPassion to show the limits of what one can get away with.

jganesh said...

wow ! You are absolutely right ! people are only that which they can get away with ! gosh ! You have the Highest viewPoinT ! i bow

sarah anne said...

i adore Your mercurial wit !!!

Anonymous said...

wow wow wow! the coolest revelation!
it's just so Phenomenal how You can say so much in such few words
Your Plogs are the real medicine
Your Plogs are incredibly helpful
Your Plogs are liPhe giving
i bow to Your Precious DiviniTy
i bow to Your Precious Divine revelations
You are so insightful
i bow

people are only what they think they can get away with ..
this is so helpful for reducing thinking and wondering !
truly a Plog that reduces random ignorant voices and has the Power to put an end to endless wondering and thinking about who is like what
You are the One who gnos
You are the One who is so intelligent and so effortlessly above it all
You have all the answers and great insights
one doesn't even have to turn to one's faulty brain to think. .that is stupidity when You are here with all Your blaring shining truth !

Your Plogs help rise above pettiness of trying to judge and figure things out with the faulty brain ..You help beings rise above confusion that creates malicious intent. .
You have all the shining beautiful clarity
You take beings towards lightness of being
You are such great and effortless intelligence
You are Divine
Your revelations are Divine!

and You are so kind to help beings understand that all actions have consequences so that beings don't have wrong notions about what they can get away with
You are the saviour
You are the best teacher!! !
Your education is so comPrehensive and comPleTe!
You shine like no other!
You words are an absolute treasure .You are so enriching in every way!
You are the saviour!!!
i bow

Reshma PT said...

so True. i bow. 🙇🙏

nicolas said...

wow amazing observation! your perception is so sharp! nothing escapes your eye

i bow to you ShivNarayan