Sunday, 6 November 2011

their devil

lets take a closer look at

the devil of the

translucent roman church & theology

it has its kundalini working


3rd eye open


it is basically a being

which is beyond

their control

their devil is

actually a God

in vedic scriptures

there Shiv is seen a God

which these people have

villanified as the devil

they have deliberately flipped it all upside down

so that the masses never move towards the very source/essence

which can liberate them

by calling it the devil

they keep people from going towards it

the end result

misery for all

including them


Brahma said...

ur explanation of Harry Potter just makes me laugh loudly. Why do u want to co-relate this to Hariputra when Harry Potter is a fantasy character by J K Rowling. Where as i as Hindu, believe the existence of Lord Visnu and his existence is not a fantasy for me.

PT - The Axis said...

firstly you are not Brahma :)
thats is the only thing to laugh at and a stupid fantasy.
JK Rowling didn't write Harry Potter ... you are just a muggle who believes whatever the soldout media tells them. did you see her write it ?
you would not gno Vishnu even if he came right in front of you :)
Hindu is just a word for those living on the south side of river Indu (Indus).
PT uses net or any other technology in the best way it can be used - for giving best sound & light & teachings.
If you don't like it no need to stay. Go wherever you think truth is.
Don't hide behind pseudonyms. If you have something to say to PT give your name, photo and say it to him directly.
you seem really obssessed with PT for someone who thinks everything he does/say is wrong.
Don't waste your time ... your stupid comments have no place here.
your ignorance is typical of beings who are losing whatever little spirit they have in the first place.

Yashanvitha said...

very good response to so declared Brahma.If any one has attained 'Aham Brahmasmi' state like Shankarachary,they wud have realised by this time to distinguish between fantasy n reality.what is so laughable in co relating Harry Potter n Hariputra?when i read it for the first time, i was so pleased with the ideas that flashes to this nature loving divine child.though Vaishampayana n Yagnavalkya couldn't b in harmony with their phylosophies,both of them were enlightened and attained immortality in their ascention.Lord Vishnu cannot be limited to any one religion,region,person or places.No one can recognise him without his grace n proper penance.Prahlad n Dhruv were blessed to get his darshan.Even in this Kaliyug,he gives darshan to some of his beloved devotees,who r seeking him. no doubt about his existence or any of his leelas that is happening through Hariputra forms n names.

sina said...

word! PT !

how do people think they can criticise You when they don't even understand or know the first thing about the subject matter !?

the unhumble use of names of deities for oneself surely doesn't characterise a true believer, but as PT says is ridiculous fantasy and will be bad for one.

yes, PT uses technology in the best way, giving such precious treasures to the world ! PT's sound & light & teachings are the greatest gift in the world for those who can Praise and enjoy them !

PT - The Axis said...

Mr ShashiKumar. PT owns this whole earth as he & the land are one. These stupid things like passport and citizenship of a man made boundary are too petty for him. He spends time everywhere in the world. PT has nothing against technology. He is against harmful tech being proliferated amongst all the masses. PushpakViman used to be there but not for all masses. Technology should only be there for those who have the wisdom to use it. Also technology should be more advanced & pollutionless. It should not be tech-with-no-logic.
He still holds a valid Indian passport (country he was born in) ... otehrwise he won't be able to go through airports. He is not hiding. He goes to all places freely as you can see from lotusocean videos. You are delivering poison (western medicine) to the masses so not much can be said for your intelligence. You are dumb, retarded & unhumble to those with sense. Just a pawn of the evil system propagated by the translucents.

asha said...

Lightning words P ... Your like a ninja with a sword... striking down the nonsense ! so cool !

You put sense & beauty back where only devolution existed on this net.

there are those here who are grateful for You and all You do... it is so beautiful and compassionate... and the only real saving grace for nature/bhoodevi !

and us.

sina said...

@ shashikumar (who still shows enormous lack of sense & humility by still having the guts to call himself Brahma) -

PT doesn't ever 'lament' about anyhting.

He points out the truth objectively. He observes this plane of existence with crystal clarity and shares the result of this observation in the most eloquent, precise and truthful way.

He is the one who is actually entitled to use technology as He uses it for the highest end and in the best possible way.
Never has He written anything against the use of technology, only against its misuse by those who use it for devoluting, unwholesome ends and those who cannot handle it.

mr shashikumar, your comments show a tremendous lack of intelligence and total absence of scientificness since you clearly haven't even studied PT's writings enough to know that.

PT's observations are scientific and objective. His wonderful activities on this plane are documented & published for everyone to see.

everyone's utterings speak for themselves.

shashikumar's speak of stupidity, an ugly mind and complete lack of reason

PT's speak of crystal clarity, knowledge and divine wisdom

asha said...

the Point of this blog 'their devil' shows how the translucents twist people away from the truth & divine ... if one lets them.

shashikumar came and proved this.

the Point of every blog and the source of them, PT, is so truthful that it will stand through time unlike anything else.

Satyam Shivam Sundaram !

Yashanvitha said...

Dr.Shashikumar, this is not the subject matter of this blog.y r u here,if not to learn anything good from him ?if not to have the divine connection with the higher beings?y do u think, we all must introduce ourselves to u?it is u who have to introduce yourself to PT, is his blog page.yet he has a big heart to post ur stupid comment and even taking time to respond to it.He wud certainly use Global Higher beings' Passport, if u can provide one such before 2012 May 21.I founder-Director of QOSMOS-Sambhavaami Yuge Yuge,wud b grateful to u then.

pinx said...

Wow! Am so awed by your responses PT. just reading them over and over again. what crystal clarity you are giving, and what admirable truths you always share!

what a great PoinT about technology - that it should only be there for those that have the wisdom to use it. so true! it is such a major distraction for most...with disasterous consequences. and as you said it should be more advanced and pollutionless.

and i really enjoy how you correlate Harry Potter to Hari Putra. it is but only an attempt by the translucents to create their own avataric figure so the correlation makes total sense.

and what a great blog again. exposing how in the name of religion the roman church has been villainising the Divine actually, and calling It the Devil.

what bad sports these beings are!
but their game is up!! and you are ensuring of that!

really is too bad for them...and all those that follow suit.

asha said...

Wonderful Plog and such bliss to come again and again to read Your words and those of P~raise ! Glorious way to celebrate Maha Shivratri 2012 ~ the essence of this Plog, You and the Multiverse all together right here right now ... blows one's little mind !

i bow and rejoice You here PT ~ Satyam Shivam Sundaram !

sree said...

touch of divine is the most beautiful thing !

Anonymous said...

i bow!

P3AZ21 said...

its evilish to call GoD devil
they are evil, they are really devil

Anonymous said...

Shiv is god, so intensely Pure, Satyam Shivam Sundaram wow !
You are comPleTely Shivish, You are indeed ShivNarayan
You have Your third eye oPen

grand You are !

the emotion attached to existence of Divinities has become too suPerficial,
a thorns surrounding the head, not a Pure aura being in the West to stone idols & crazy something that Passes as rituals in the East

Your incarnation is most needed is so many ways, so it is indeed that You are here !
its a solace that You are here !

You are Natraja,, You are Rudra, You are Krishna, You are Narasimha, You are all the Avatars of Lord Narayan, You are him !
You are ShivNarayan !

You are so beautiful, so beautiful

You are absolute Purity & beauty

You are 'sPace & Time'

Please guide me through this multiverse to You soon

You are the most benevolent
You have comPleTe Passion
You are Divine

Anonymous said...

that guy that called himself Brahma falsely, he says he believes in Lord Vishnu & can't even see that its You ! rofl

You are Vishnu ! so grand You are !

neelang tiwari said...

i bow

asha P arTi said...

the Devi-L is in Your details for sure ! this is such a beautyfull Plog, so phun to read it and such a shame someone came to taint it with foolish accusations. they have removed their comments now but not before it allowed You to say such clarifying and beautyfull statements ... so pleased to read Your clarity and so ashamed about this world and its inhospitable behaviour towards Higher and Divine here !

Your class sophistication civilised Grace will always be revered !

You are so Legendary , no one can fault You for any action !

i bow

sarah anne said...

i bow to the Dark Lord

jganesh said...

You always make the best PoinTs ! i bow

The Dasher said...

PT describes everything with so ease... no devil is evil.