Monday, 19 September 2011

older & elder

even though most people

automatically ( & erroneously ) consider

older as elder

the fact is that

there is a big difference


older & elder

older just means more age

i.e more earth years in a physical form


el-ders are those

who have



turning serpent



and all the chakras flowering

so when they say respect the elders

it doesn't mean you respect

your parents and uncles and aunties

it means

that you

respect the

awakened beings


vintish said...

wow , so beautiful , you are the man of wisdom... I bow...

Yati Cloud said...

This is a great point to be made!

It's wonderful to see the proper qualifications stated of what it really means to be an elder, so the phrase "respect the elders" can be used in proper context.

asha said...

* bowing to Your omniscient words *

what an important liberating Plog !

easy to identify the fully flowering One now thanks to the internet's ample proof ... no one can make false claims or demand resPect anymore !

adimanav said...

superb words. lightning like revelations. and like you've shown, the handwritten 'el' does look exactly like kundalini, the two and a half coils of the serpent. amazing wisdom!

pinx said...

that is brilliant! what a great PoinT! it is so enlivening to read such truth! yes! respect the real 'el'ders - the awakened beings, that is the only thing that makes sense, age in physical years means nothing.

So grateful to get to read the words of a true elder!

amruta patil said...

In another epoch, perhaps peoples' aspirations naturally led them to being elders by the time they were older. Not anymore. Thank you for a crystal clear explanation.

PT - The Axis said...

amruta - in all epoch's this difference would exist. physical age was never a guideline for gnowledge. even with similar aspirations the outcome was never the same.

vintish said...

Beautiful response :)

xara said...

did the comment come what i wrote? i cant be shure so i ask twice. What does EL mean? it constantly is rolling in my head and comes out from my mouth when i sing with the words i dont know.... it feels to be an important word.
thank you for such a great blog and blabla, nice to meet you.
<3 saara

Shahid said...

A strange thing happened as I finished reading this particular blog 3 times. I heard a high pitched sound that came and went, came and went about 6 times only in my right ear. Hope this was some divine activation :)

Mummy bolay Shaadi karo,
Pappa bolay Paisay banaoo,
Bhai bolay kuch Kaam kar,
Duniya bolay humaray peechey peechey chal,
Par meri atma kahay, hataa
sawan ki ghatta, chalo Prabhu/
Bhagwan ka dil jeet lay.
Baki sab Bakwaas, Only BHAGWAN
bojaayay Pyaas.

Anonymous said...

i bow! Your Divine example of Truly living enlightenment is encouraging. one is so grateful to no longer have to debate the many olders one allowed into ones life who simply rambled on about empty concepts demanding respect due to age and so called position in social structures. The relief and joy to have phinally phound The Axis, The Avatar, the only One who Gnows, a Truly enlightened being... it is a constant unfolding that one is unable to articulate. i bow. Praises to P! dhanyavad P! Narayan! Narayan!

P3AZ21 said...

You are The Elder
the resPecTworthy
the Jyestha

You are Divine
so grand !

P3AZ21 said...

America ne 'armistice day' ko 'veterans day' bana diya
india ke log hi umra ko shanti se nahi jodte, poore darti ke log jodte hai !
umra se shanti milegi, vrid jan shantimayee hai !

shanti gyan se hai, umra se nahi, Aap yah dikate hai
Aap ke Plogs ati uttam granth hai !

ek dilchasp si baat hai, 11 11 11 ke din Aap ke nivas ke samne 'gulab' phul badal aaye te

Aap The Elder hain, PrashanT hamesha

asha P arTi said...

such a Beautyfull Plog ! so gratefull one does not have the obligation to olders only to elders ... and You are such a Beautyfull example of a Real Elder ! Living Legend ! i bow

amaya said...

You are the greatest Elder

neelang tiwari said...

i bow

Swati said...

Thank you so much Lord !

This Plog of yours is epic. It must be read by all indians to understand the difference between Age and Knowledge.

Any being can be elder with 'el' if one has kundalini working And all Chakras open.

And based on Past life karma soul can be Evolved also but people treat someone based on their Age rather knowledge.

You have cleared all confusion of people around. You are so Great.

You are one True example here who is Enlightened Supreme one, who got his kundalini raised at young age. You shared your life example with everyone.

By sharing so much Knowledge, you are actually sharing with the world what is it called 'el' raised. And what is it called real Knowledge and real Power, real ShakTi.

O ShivNarayan ! O Third Eye of Shiv ! ! bow myself in your LoTus feeT.

reshma nair said...

You are the only elder I have come across in my life and I bow to you because just like a Guru, you showed me the right way to approach the Divine.

Vaishnavi Dhumal said...

Wow... I am grateful to you for sharing such gnowledge with us... You're the only Elder Being here... Who has awakened his Kundalini and opened his 3rd Eye... You're the greatest and the besT,I praise you...I bow down to you Devine... I bow.

The Dasher said...

I dont resPecT olders... I am keen to resPecT elders like PT. aeioum