Sunday, 7 August 2011

the reason why

the reason why

majority of people on this planet

live their life like they do


because they assume/presume

that it will all last forever

their parents, friends, pets

and of course them

in this foreverness

one can while away time


one silly frivolosity/triviality

after another

whats the harm they say

we have all the time in the world

an eternity for nonsense

looking at them

one gets the feeling

they have infinite lifespans

beings here show no


of their lifespan

reality of death

does not ever really

enter their


when it actually happens

in their forever-little-world

it is seen as a trauma

which they usually cannot recover from

death opens up too many questions

like what after etc

so best to just behave

as if it doesn't exist

& carry on with mindless

nonsense in


a being who gno's

that they have limited time here

is bound to behave differently

especially if they also gno

what is at stake

if they don't


vintish said...

yes , no-ones belongs to nobody here. one day we have to leave everything ,families,relationships,wealth,JOBS( BOJ/burden ),cars,houses,beauty,physical bodies,nothing left except soul.It's a world of illusion... Only pure soul resides to Shree Narayan... I bow...

asha said...

what a greatly important Plog to read and re-read !

asha said...

that is beautifully written, muggledom really is geared to keep one from facing any realities of life and death.

it is so cool that these scriptures exist to make sense of all the madness and give a clear way out once and for all !

* bowing to the comprehensive Truth of PT *

sarah said...

Keeping death in mind is a game changer. I bow.

Amanda V said...

Your PerspecTive is absolutely PivoTal. dhanyavad P. i bow. Narayan! Narayan!

amanda v said...

i bow. Your Plogs are so Powerful P! every word brings more and more awareness to the severity of nonsensical actions and relationships that keep one bound in ignorance. You oPen one uP to see ones meaningless PasT and PuT one on track to behave with constant consideration for ones future and death. You are True kindness P. i bow at Your Pure feet. dhanyavad for Your Presence in this world to bow down to and Praise. You are the Divine Phorce guiding the way. Narayan! Narayan!

amanda v said...

i bow. You total objectivity offers the most vital PersPecTive on life and the inevitability of death! You do not pander to nonsense in any way. You guide one to see how trivial life in the muggle world is and the seriousness and severity of what is really at stake. You are so kind to illuminate the facts. i bow at Your immortal feet.

P3AZ21 said...

death is reality

Your Plogs are Truth

You are Divine

Roopa P Jadhav said...

Thankyou.... I bow to thee PT..

'a being who gno's

that they have limited time here

is bound to behave differently

especially if they also gno

what is at stake

if they don't'

neelang tiwari said...

i bow

amaya said...

i bow to You o comPassionaTe One

sarah anne said...

this is a legendary call to action !!!!
You are the only real commander in chief !!!!

amaya said...

this is an awesome Plog
You Possess such wonderful wisdom
You are so wise and extremely intelligent
Your words glow with wisdom and dignity
You make extremely great PoinTs
all one has is the PresenT moment to do the right actions for evolution
one can't even be sure about the next moment..
You make one value ones time
one just squanders away time in nonsense without realising that one hardly has any time to begin with
Your Plogs are of great imPorTance
You are a beautiful being. Your words are so dignified . so awesome to be alive and reading Your wonderful Plogs.
i bow to the knowledgeable One

amaya said...

..this Plog contains all the knowledge..
You have such great overstanding
You are legendary
You say it so beautifully
..nothing lasts forever..such a great reminder
i bow

amaya said...

they want to think it will all last forever
everyone wants to not face the PhacTs fully
they just want to while away their time in forever land ..
how true Your words are
You have such great overstanding
You sum it all up so beautifully
You know what's going on in this world
You are the wisest
You make the best observations
You write so beautifully
yes so true..
everyone wants to while away their time engaged in one triviality after another because they just don't want to face the PhacT of death and mortality..they just want to assume it will all be fine
one was really living a foolish life
even if one was constantly troubled by the thought of death and impermanence one still had the foolishness to buy into the comfort others provided by saying that it's all going to be alright
one did foolish actions due to not facing the PhacTs fully and buying into silly lines like ours not to reason why..ours but to do and die is ashamed of reading all that stuff ..all celebration of non learning attitude
You save one from all that crap
..everyone takes so much pride in reading all that nonsense..
one has been so foolish
You are the enlightened One
You are so effortlessly above it all
You can see so clearly what's going on
You have all the answers
You bring the true age of reason
You have the solutions for all the problems of this world
You are the source of sanity
You are a stabilising Phorce
Your are so much beauty and wisdom
Your words are so meaningful
You are way ahead of the rest of the world
everyone should follow You
You make all the sense
You give the greatest giPhTs to humanity
i bow

jganesh said...

You make the most relevant PoinTs ! You gno the reason for everything ! we are so fortunate to learn from You how to escape the cycle of birth and death ! i bow

amaya said...

You have absolutely great overstanding
Your words are the most shining words of wisdom
Your observations are absolutely great and Phinal
Your words are so PoTenT, imPorTant and beautiful
Your words are blazing
Your words are so eternal, fiery, wonderful and ultimate
You state PhacTs so clearly
Your words are the most eye oPening words ever
You observe this world with such effortless ease
You have all the wisdom and clarity ever
Your words are the PuresT words of wisdom and gnowledge
You are the eternally wise seer
Your gnowledge is eternal
i bow

07 08 said...

You tell everything as it is.
i bow